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Apr 05 2018
Apr 05
April 5th, 2018

DrupalCon Nashville has lifted the veil on sessions at this year’s event and we’re thrilled to be a part of it! Our Web Chefs will be giving talks, facilitating the Business Summit, and running BOFs, so keep an eye out for our green jackets. We’re always happy to have a conversation!

Michal Minecki
Director of Technology at Four Kitchens

Patrick Coffey
Senior JavaScript Engineer at Four Kitchens

Recently there have been strides in web-based VR which enable producers to publish VR experiences via the web. Four Kitchens has been keeping an eye on these technologies and we want to share our experiences building real WebVR applications.

Joel Travieso
Senior Drupal Engineer at Four Kitchens

Any amount of automation is worth it, as long as it is effective. From simple things like manipulating pull request labels and ticket statuses, or using your CI engine to build your changelogs, to strategic operations like removing obsolete Pantheon environments or ensuring you always pick the right database for your build, little chunks of automation can substantially improve your workflow.

Adam Erickson
Senior Drupal Engineer

Jeff Tomlinson

Drupal’s core search can only take you so far. In this session, we will talk about what it takes to ramp up the search functionality of your site by using Search API and Solr. We can achieve this with the addition of a few modules, configuration adjustments, and the set-up of a view. We will take you from with getting a plan in place all the way through to monitoring your site’s search usage and looking for ways to make improvements.

Randy Oest
Senior Designer and Frontend Engineer

With the growing shift towards a decoupled future a company’s presence is going to be represented by an ever-expanding collection of websites, apps, and talking speakers.

Maintaining design and tone consistency across those channels will be challenging but if done right, it can allow you to enter markets more quickly while keeping the style and tone of your company aligned.

Business Summit

Elia Albarran
Director of Operations

Elia will be co-leading the Business Summit, gathering and confirming speakers, giving feedback on the programming and schedule and emceeing the event.

Trasi Judd
Director of Support and Continuous Improvement

Trasi is speaking at the Summit with one of our South American partners, Alejandro Oses from Rootstack, on how to have a good partnership with near-shore vendors.

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Jul 25 2012
Jul 25

Lullabot Director of Education Addison Berry, Senior Drupal Architect Karen Stevenson, Senior Developer and Lead Trainer Joe Shindelar and Developer Brock Boland will be presenting at DrupalCon Munich which will be on August 20-24, 2012.

Addi will be talking about "The State of Drupal Community Education" which will talk about the community efforts around education.

Karen will be presenting "There Might (Not) Be A Module For That" that will help with finding modules to solve your problems and when it might be time to roll your own solution.

Joe will present "Introduction to Drupal: What I Wish Someone Told Me in the Beginning" which will talk about important topics that can help those who are just getting their feet wet with Drupal.

Brock will be teaming up with Karyn Cassio, Paul Johnson and Addi on "To Beer Or Not To Beer? Making meetups work." It's going to be a great discussion on how to grow your local meetups.

Jul 25 2012
Jul 25

Lullabot Senior Developer and Lead Trainer Joe Shindelar will be speaking at DrupalCamp Wisconsin on July 28, 2012. He'll be talking about the Form API and how to use it well on your Drupal sites.

Jul 25 2012
Jul 25

Lullabot Senior Developer Blake Hall will be speaking at DrupalCamp Wisconsin on July 28, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin. He'll be talking about using the Features module to capture configuration changes in a Drupal site database.

Jul 12 2012
Jul 12

Lullabot Creative Director, Jared Ponchot, will be keynoting at Design for Drupal in Boston, Massachusetts on July 15, 2012. He'll be talking about how to design for content management systems effectively.

Jul 12 2012
Jul 12

Lullabot Senior Drupal Architect Karen Stevenson will be presenting at the Midwest Drupal Developer Summit in Madison, Wisconsin on July 26, 2012. She'll be talking about the possibility of the Date module being introduced into core. On Saturday, July 28, 2012, Karen will be presenting again on the possibility of there not being a module for everything.

She'll also be holding "Date in Eight" sprints and everyone is invited to participate.

Jul 10 2012
Jul 10

Lullabot Senior Developer, Eric Duran, will be speaking at NYC Camp 2012 in New York on July 21, 2012. He'll be teaming up with Steven Merrill of Phase2 Technology to talk about testing your Drupal site with CasperJS.

Jul 10 2012
Jul 10

Lullabot Senior Drupal Architect, Karen Stevenson, will be presenting at NYC Camp in New York City on July 21, 2012. In Drupal it's become so popular to say "There's a module for that" but, what if there isn't? Karen will talk about when and how to roll your own solution and much more.

She'll also be holding "Date in Eight" sprints and everyone is invited to participate.

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