Feb 03 2016
Feb 03

As of 1:23pm GMT on Febuary 3rd 2016 there are no dependencies in the Drupal 8.1.x git branch.


There was no reason to have them there. It makes the repository bigger, and therefore takes longer to download. No one else does it.

What does it mean?

Not much really.

If you download Drupal via the zip file or tarball then the drupal.org packager will run composer so the dependencies will be there for you.

If you submit a Drupal core patch on drupal.org then DrupalCi testbot will run composer install.

It’s only if you clone Drupal 8.1.x or higher directly from git, you will need to run composer install in the Drupal root directory

Top tip: composer install --prefer-source --no-interaction can often be quicker.

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