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Sep 26 2016
Sep 26

The Drupal open source project only exists because of code contributions by tens of thousands of developers and Drupal focused companies around the world. In his recent post, project founder Dries Buytaert blogged that “The Drupal community has a shared responsibility to build Drupal and that those who get more from Drupal should consider giving more”.

Australia’s contribution to Drupal code is significantly underrepresented, with PreviousNext the only Australian company in the Top 100 contributors listed on Drupal.org’s global marketplace. DrupalSouth represents the best opportunity for a wider pool of Australian Drupal developers to change this status by participating in DrupalSouth's official Code Sprint, being held on Wednesday, 26th October.

Sponsored by PreviousNext, some of Drupal 8’s most prolific code contributors will be on hand to help you make your dent in the Drupal universe on Wednesday October 26.


So we can make sure we have enough capacity to understand what level of experience you have, we require you to pre-register your attendance via the registration form.

Venue & Schedule

The Code Sprint will be held on Level 2 in DrupalSouth’s conference venue. Directions will be available in the foyer on the day.

The Code Sprint will be held on Wednesday October 26 and officially start at 10am, finishing no later than 5:30pm.

What is a Sprint?

A sprint is an opportunity to get together with other like-minded people and work together on something that interests you. It can be Drupal core issue, a contrib module you want to port, writing documentation, writing tests. Whatever scratches your itch!

Sprints are not just for developers. Bug reporters, QA testers, and documentation editors are all able to contribute. If you want to get involved, then you are welcome to join in.


While co-sprinters at Drupal events are usually always happy to help, the sprint is not a Drupal training event.

There will be a mix of experience levels, and if you are new to Drupal, there will be people at the event who can get you started. The best way to get involved is to find a group of people who all want to work on the same thing, and to help each other.


We recommend following the Drupalcon guide on getting set up before the sprint. https://events.drupal.org/neworleans2016/mentored-core-sprint#setup
You will need to bring your own laptop, snacks, drinks etc.

What will we be Sprinting on?

The PreviousNext team are involved in a number of core and contrib projects for Drupal 8, including:

  • Default Content
  • Media Entity Browser
  • LDAP
  • Contact Storage
  • Title

Feel free to suggest other projects you’re keen to work on when you register.

DrupalSouth Code Sprint
Nov 19 2014
Nov 19
kattekrab's picture

Please please peeple to submitses your sessionss!!??!!

Speakers get a free ticket.

Also - spread the word. Thanx.

Especially keen to see some more sitebuilding talks - stuff aimed at beginners, and also stories and case studies from people and organisations USING drupal to achieve their goals.

Come on folks, this is OUR conference, roll your sleeves up and help us get the word out so we get a bunch of great sessions to choose from to build a brilliant program.

Maybe ping a client or two and encourage them to do a case study? Maybe reach out to a jquery or symfony specialist and encourage them to come share what they know?

Work with project managers and designers who "get" Drupal? Get them to come and share their expertise?

It doesn't even have to be about Drupal itself. We are part of a wider web, content strategy, user experience, business development - we all rely on these things too.

Final push. Four days. Let's do it!

Thanks everyone.

jpourzal's picture


Nov 13 2014
Nov 13

I think you briefly touched on it two or three ways without mentioning it specifically, but to go along with the communication and understanding that sometimes what you say might offend someone else because of the language barrier, something they say might offend you because of that same barrier, without them even knowing they've done it. Keep in mind that Google Translate doesn't always produce acceptable results, and don't retaliate to someone's coment mindlessly.

Nov 22 2010
Nov 22

DrupalDownunder is just 2 months away and is expected to be a sell-out event, with Dries Buytaert (the Drupal project lead and founder) presenting a keynote and attending.

The keynote speakers are:

DrupalDownunder is on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January 2011. Registrations are now open at drupaldownunder.org/registration. The earlybird price is $132 AUD.

I am really looking forward to DrupalDownunder, meeting more of the Australian Drupal community and visiting Brisbane. I have already registered, booked flights and a room at the Central Summit. I am looking for a room-mate. Contact me.

Apr 12 2010
Apr 12

DrupalSouth attendees pointing at Angela 'webchick' Byron (Drupal 7 core committer) in the center

DrupalSouth Wellington 2010 was a booming success! And that would be an understatement. 100 Drupallers from NZ, Australia, North America and Europe came together for 2 Wellington-wet days in a brewery and couldn't stop talking about Drupal!

Here is DrupalSouth by the numbers;

  • 1: Code sprints
  • 2: Tracks (simultaneous sessions)
  • 2: Duration in days
  • 2: Lunches provided
  • 2: Organisers
  • 2: Attendees from parliament (Green party)
  • 3: Keynote speakers from North America (Liz Henry, Emma Jane Hogbin & Angela Byron)
  • 3: Platinum Sponsors
  • 3: DrupliBeanBags
  • 4: Attendees from the IRD
  • 5: Gold sponsors
  • 5: Percent of attendees from Hawkes bay
  • 5: Months to organise
  • 6: Companies involved in the wireless internet
  • 6: Wireless access points
  • 7: Value of each bar token in NZ dollars
  • 8: Silver Sponsors
  • 9: Varieties of beer brewed on-site
  • 10: Start time on Saturday
  • 11: Thousands of dollars turned over in event production
  • 15: Attendees from NZ government agencies (IRD, Greens, NZ Police, various ministries, etc.)
  • 16: Sponsors
  • 16: Percent of attendees from Australia
  • 16: Percent of attendees from Christchurch
  • 18: Age of youngest attendee
  • 20: MBs of synchronous bandwidth
  • 21: Percent of attendees from Auckland
  • 26: Speakers
  • 28: Attendees who also attended LCA the week before
  • 29: Sessions
  • 30: Percent of female attendees
  • 32: Percent of attendees from Wellington region
  • 36: A3 sheets of printed sponsor logos
  • 60: Registration cost
  • 64: Cost of food and snacks per attendee
  • 100: Registrations sold
  • 220: Bar tokens printed

Some of my personal highlights were;

Thank you to;

Read other's post-DrupalSouth write-ups at;

Sep 14 2009
Sep 14
DrupalSouth logo: The DrupliKiwiFruitFollowing in the success of DrupalSouth Christchurch November 2008, DrupalSouth Wellington January 2010 is in it's planning stages. It will be close to LCA Wellington 2010 both in time and location, and will feature excellent overseas and home-grown speakers & attendees, such as; Please take this one-minute survey to help us better determine suitable dates and other logistics. To get updates, subscribe to the NZ Drupal group, follow @DrupalSouth on twitter and get involved!
Jun 29 2009
Jun 29
Penguins Crossing; LCA Wellington 2010 logoLinux Conference Australasia (aka LCA, linux.conf.au) will be in Wellington 18-23 January 2010 – 6 and a half months from now. This presents opportunities for the NZ Drupal community to;
  1. Promote Drupal in the wider FLOSS community (which is good for business)
  2. Run a DrupalCamp/Conference; which allows attendees to combine expenses if attending LCA, and organizers to share venue, admin, financial and other resources with LCA.
  3. Just hang out and drink & talk Drupal! Or perhaps (talk) and (drink drupal)!? :)
  1. Promote Drupal

    With the government moving away from Microsoft products and towards Open Source, and (hopefully) a FLOSS-friendly Patents Act in NZ, it is a very critical time to be making folk aware of Drupal and how it can empower them and their organisation/s.

    This is good for the Drupal marketplace, and good for anyone providing Drupal services in NZ – probably you!? (Conferences like this are also great places to grow your own business network directly!)

    Saturday 23 January is Open Day at LCA and is probably a good opportunity to set up a Drupal stand or similar. We would be able to use the Drupal banner from DrupalSouth for this.

  2. Run a DrupalCamp/Conference

    LCA is taking proposals for miniconfs during, before or after LCA. Given the prominence of Drupal in both the web and FLOSS communities it's likely a well–organised and well-written proposal would be accepted.

    Alternatively, we could organize our own DrupalCamp or mini-conference outside of LCA proper. Though LCA-miniconfs make admin easier and minimize the overhead of organizing a DrupalCamp or miniconf.

    Perhaps such an event could be DrupalSouth 2?

  3. Hang out and talk Drupal!

    With or without the above (or other Drupal events), it'd be great to meetup with other Drupalers and talk Drupal in the bars. Who else is planning on or thinking about attending?

I'm very keen to be involved in any/all of the above, but won't have enough bandwidth to be a driving force behind organizing anything big while living in Thailand (from September). I'm loosely planning on being back and living in NZ (maybe Wellington) in time for LCA. This is a cross-post from groups.drupal.org/new-zealand. Please discuss it there.
Sep 18 2008
Sep 18

Together with some friends and colleagues we have been working hard to organise, finalize and publish details of what will be the two most important days for Drupal in New Zealand:

DrupalSouth: The New Zealand Drupal Event for 2008

DrupalSouth logo: The DrupliKiwiFruit DrupalSouth is the New Zealand Drupal Event for 2008. DrupalSouth will bring NZ's Drupal community together for the first nation-wide Drupal event and the first ever Drupal camp in NZ.

DrupalSouth runs for two days in the first weekend of November, starting at 9:30 am on Saturday 1st November and concluding at 6 pm on Sunday 2nd November 2008. The morning of each day will be filled with presentations, while the afternoons will be open to less formal talks, discussions, demonstrations, tutorials and hacking.

I will be presenting on Google Maps in Drupal; The Hub Map, in which I will showcase the Hub Map, and talk about implementing Google maps mashups in Drupal.

Many of the speakers are well-established Drupal and Open-Source community contributers like Dan "dman", Brenda "Shiny" Wallace, Marek Kuziel (Open ID, Python, Postgres) and myself. Others have won NZOSS awards for their contributions to Open Source, like Joshua Campbell and Dave Lane.

The awesome line up of presenters will present on a variety of topics, such as How Drupal stacks up in enterprise, and OpenID and Drupal to name just a couple.

DrupalSouth presents a great opportunity for attendees to learn new and interesting Drupal skills, techniques and resources, network face to face with industry leaders and Drupal professionals, companies and users, engage new clients, employees and contractors, discover how others are using Drupal or promote their own company or services.

If you do anything with Drupal, you oughta be there!

DrupalSouth is great value at $50 NZD and includes catered lunch on both Sunday and Saturday and drinks on Saturday night. You can register for DrupalSouth at DrupalSouth.net.nz/conference.

DrupalSouth is sponsored by some great Drupal companies from New Zealand and abroad, including CivicActions whom I work for; Signify, Catalyst IT, Egressive, Encode and Evolved Development.

Find out more about DrupalSouth at DrupalSouth.net.nz.

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