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Oct 12 2007
Oct 12

This weekend T-DOSE takes place in Eindhoven, NL. This will be my first T-DOSE, but I expect it to be much like FOSDEM and FrOSCon, although maybe smaller and less developer-oriented than FOSDEM and probably more English-oriented than FrOSCon.

We will have a CentOS booth there, and Daniel de Kok will give a presentation about CentOS and virtualization. CentOS now has lots of possibilities from Qemu and OpenVZ, to Xen and KVM. I wonder if lguest will be discussed and how well it integrates in CentOS.

Also scheduled is a Drupal talk by Bert Boerland. I have seen that name a few times now and it would be nice to add a face to the name.

I will be doing my Dstat presentation to spread the word about Dstat. After 4 years of Dstat development, it was time to get out and let people know what you can do with it. (mental note: remove some slides or talk faster)

If you are nearby Eindhoven, or willing to go the distance, come to T-DOSE. The schedule is very divers and the people are friendly, as always :-)

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