May 12 2008
May 12

Install ImageAPI before upgrading to ImageCache 2.x!!

I'm finally comfortable enough with my Image* namespace to have official releases of the 2.x series of ImageField and ImageCache + ImageAPI...

I'd like to extend thanks to everyone who has filed issues and submitted patches, especially Drewish and Quicksketch.

Now that my 2.x's are out I can start on the 6.x ports. ImageAPI already has a working port in HEAD, but needs some bug fixes ported from 5.x-1.x. There is a patch for ImageCache pending in it's queue and it should be a trivial port.

ImageField will be the first to see an official release, since it will be needed to test the ImageCache port.

I will be developing a core compatible file api for imagefield and filefield to consolidate specialized functions used by both to maintain path correctness, implement hook_file, and hide a few messages from some of the chattier core file functions.

This will delay D6 ImageField development a little. Since CCK is still at alpha I don't see it delaying and official ImageField release. I will also probably be getting back to the CCK issue queue so I can get my D6 ports out and stable. /me waves to KarenS and Yched.

--outta the weeds

Apr 02 2008
Apr 02

ImageMagick support has been a release blocker on this module for me. My attempts at using the Imagick extension failed, and I finally broke down and wrote the imageapi_imagemagick module, and it needs testing.

If you have a working imagecache 2.x installation or use imagecache 1.x with imagemagick I would appreciate some testing. I suggest using imagecache HEAD with the imageAPI 1.0 RC 2.

Once I get stable 2.x releases of my image* modules out the door I can start on 6.x ports.

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