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Sep 26 2018
Sep 26

Today, Agiledrop celebrates exactly 5 years from its official incorporation, so the company is in a festive mood. Obviously, we had a cake to celebrate the birthday, and we also organized a championship in Mario Kart on the PlayStation. For this article, we wanted to look at the past and tell the story about how it all started.

The founding team

It all started in 2008 when Iztok used Drupal for the first time. He immediately fell in love with Drupal as software and the community. In 2010, he attended his first DrupalCon. The result of the conference were new clients from all around the world. If he had not been visiting that event, maybe there would be no Agiledrop as it is today.

During this time, in 2009, Marko founded a company that was specialised in converting PSD design into HTML code and worked primarily for digital agencies. Marko had the vision to grow the company and he saw an opportunity in Drupal, where there was a huge demand for front-end developers.

In 2011, Iztok and Marko joined forces in projects, where Marko covered the front-end, while Iztok was developing back-end. In 2012, Agiledrop became a brand (or simply a website), under which they worked with some other developers. And finally, on 26. 9. 2013 the company AGILEDROP d.o.o. was officially registered.

By 2014, the company counted 6 full-time developers. Boštjan joined the founding team. As they say, three types of entrepreneurs are needed for a good start-up: Hipster, Hacker and Hustler. As it has been established through cooperation, Iztok excels in communication with clients, Marko in financial, administrative and management operations, and Boštjan in leading the development. Since each of them was covering one of these important areas, they were able to fulfil the vision to create a company, in which they wanted to work. After about two years, they formally distributed these roles, thus creating the structure of the company's leadership, as it remains to this day. Marko is the Managing director, Iztok is the Commercial director, and Boštjan is the Development director.

There were also changes in the business model. Initially, AGILEDROP offered complete website design and development and ran the projects from the beginning to the end. They soon realized that they were best known for Drupal development, which convinced them to focus solely on this stage of the website production. The decision proved to be correct, as the business model increased their competitive edge in the market. As they say, it's better to work one thing perfectly than to do all of them well.

The team in Ljubljana office The team in Maribor office

The demand for AGILEDROP services has grown from year to year, and the team also rapidly grew. Other non-development roles appeared in the company, like salespeople, talent manager and office manager. Today our team totals 33 people.

We look proudly on the past and look forward to the future.   

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