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Jun 11 2012
Jun 11

In the interest of further increasing the velocity of Drupal 8, I am giving Angela "webchick" Byron commit rights to the Drupal 6.x and Drupal 8.x branch. Angela was already a Drupal 7 core co-maintainer, but with this new appointment she is also a Drupal 6 and Drupal 8 co-maintainer. This appointment is primarily to help with Drupal 8's development, and does not automatically extend itself to Drupal 9.

In her new role, Angie will do what she does best: supporting the other core maintainers and core developers with general core patch reviews and commits in order to ensure better throughput of the patch queue.

The following chart explains the relationship between all of the people with core commit rights in graphical form:

Core committers

Please join me in welcoming Angela to her new role!

May 21 2012
May 21

I selected Angela "webchick" Byron as my co-maintainer for Drupal 7 back in DrupalCon Szeged in August 2008. Since then, together we shepherded efforts of 1,000 core contributors to create Drupal 7, got the release out the door in January of last year, and worked hard thereafter to stabilize Drupal 7, to the point that the number of Drupal 7 sites eclipsed the number of Drupal 6 sites earlier this year.

However, Angela's level of responsibility in the community has grown significantly in the past 3.5 years, and she wears many hats, from Drupal Association board member to code sprint planner to Drupal.org coordinator to evangelist to general community cat herder. We both felt that it was time to transition the role of Drupal 7 core co-maintainer off of her plate, in order to give her more time to focus on her other community roles.

When thinking about replacements for Angela, David Rothstein was at the top of my list. David was a key contributor to Drupal 7 and heavily involved in a wide range of issues throughout the code base. He was also on the Drupal Gardens team, developing against Drupal 7 while it was still in active development, and so has a very thorough and deep understanding of Drupal 7's internals. David is extremely conscientious and thorough in his reviews, and is incredibly calm and respectful in his communication style.

I'm thrilled to say that David accepted the invitation to join the core co-maintainer team, and will have time to work on managing Drupal 7 releases through community time provided by his current employer, Advomatic. David will not be committing to the Drupal 8 branch, but will be focused on guaranteeing the quality of Drupal 7.

Please join me in welcoming David to the core maintainer team!

Feb 23 2012
Feb 23

As the Documentation Team lead, Jennifer "jhodgdon" Hodgdon has done a fantastic job of not only keeping Drupal core's API documentation high-quality and consistent, but also of on-boarding new Drupal core contributors through the "Novice" issue queue.

Since documentation improvement patches are always welcome, and since they are unlikely to break other parts of the system, I'm happy to announce the promotion of Jennifer as a Drupal core co-maintainer for version 7 and 8. Her responsibility will be solely around documentation and code style patches, plus occasional help on "emergency" commits such as a required rollback of an accidental patch commit in order to get our automated test suite passing again.

The hope is that delegating responsibility for documentation and code style patches to Jennifer will help increase the velocity of Drupal 8 development. Not only will documentation changes go in faster, it also allows catch, webchick and myself to focus our time on bigger patches.

Welcome to the core committer team, Jennifer! :-)

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