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Feb 22 2021
Feb 22

If you’re part of the Drupal community, you know that contribution is a great way to expand your skills and hands-on experience, make connections in the community, and make Drupal better.

Sometimes the barrier to making code contributions feels high. But in fact, non-code contributions are equally important. If you’re passionate about marketing and communications, and looking to contribute through writing, design, translation, or leading and managing marketing efforts, the Promote Drupal Initiative is recruiting for several positions.

The Promote Drupal initiative exists to:

  • Create content and marketing materials targeted to decision-makers who are considering adopting Drupal

  • Use events to drive the expansion of Drupal adoption and the Drupal community

  • Create social media content and campaigns to position Drupal as a thought leader

At the moment, we’re recruiting for several positions, including DrupalCon

  • DrupalCon Marketing and Outreach Committee Member - You want to support the success of DrupalCon through outreach to both potential and returning attendees.    

  • 20th Birthday Committee Member - You want to highlight the 20 years of achievements and success of the Drupal project and community throughout 2021

  • Drupal Ambassador - You are looking for opportunities to promote Drupal in other communities and at conferences outside the bubble.    

  • Drupal Initiative Marketing Lead - You are passionate about Drupal’s innovation and want to highlight the work of the project initiatives.    

  • Drupal Social Media Team Member - You want to improve Drupal’s social media presence on an on-going basis.    

  • Drupal Evaluator Marketing Team Member - You want to improve Drupal’s onboarding experience for evaluators.    

You can review the details of these opportunities and fill in our recruitment form to help match you with the right position.

The wide-ranging benefits of contributing to Promote Drupal include:

  • Official contribution credits

  • Expansion of marketing skills and open source audience awareness to leverage in other marketing positions

  • Position you and your organization as a Drupal and open source thought leader at the center of one of the world’s largest and most-successful open source projects

  • Expansion of your network of open source and technology leaders in the Drupal community

  • Hands-on experience marketing virtual conferences and insight into attendee personas

  • Joy of creating positive community engagement

  • Enjoy recognition for your service (exposure for both your personal brand and your company/organization)

If you’re interested in getting involved, fill in our recruitment form to help match you with the right position.

Contact me on the #promoteDrupal channel on Drupal Slack or directly message me at @pixelite.

Aug 10 2020
Aug 10

The Promote Drupal initiative is looking for input from decision makers who play a role in selecting the content management system (CMS) or digital experience platform of choice for their organization. We want to better understand the pain points and the key decision criteria evaluators use in selecting a content management system.

We’ve put together a survey that you can share with your network. We encourage you to invite Drupal end-users as well as any contacts who have selected a different technology for their website. We’ll share the results with the community in the form of an anonymized report, and use the feedback to improve marketing materials for Drupal.

Here’s a quick message you can use to promote the survey to your contacts:

Fill out this quick survey from the Promote Drupal Initiative to tell us how you select which technology platform for your website.

The survey only takes 5 minutes, and you might learn a thing or two about your own decision-making criteria in the process. Whether or not you’ve decided to build your website with Drupal, your input would be incredibly valuable.

Why Are We Doing This?

The survey feedback will greatly facilitate the work of the Promote Drupal initiative. It will help us create more relevant resources and on-boarding materials for those evaluating Drupal.

Every voice matters! We want to get the perspective of evaluators who are looking at Drupal from technical and marketing perspectives and are able to provide honest and actionable insights. We would love to hear from as broad an audience as possible so that we can make the evaluation process more accessible to decision makers with expertise in different areas.

What is Promote Drupal?

The Promote Drupal initiative creates branding and marketing materials to spread the word about Drupal, drawing on the expertise of agencies and Drupal users around the world. If you would like to contribute to the Promote Drupal initiative in any way, you can check out some of our past projects (e.g. the pitch deck with over 70 Drupal case studies).

You can publish a case study, help with translating materials, or help us design resources. The best way to start, is to join the #promotedrupal channel on slack.drupal.org and get the conversation going there.

Nov 05 2019
Nov 05

The Drupal Pitch deck has been created, as part of the Promote Drupal initiative, to support and strengthen the position of those in sales roles who present Drupal to decision makers and buyers. We want to help elevate Drupal via agencies, co-ops, and independents. It is an initiative I have led, in close partnership with Suzanne Dergacheva and Ricardo Amaro and involving over 100 contributors.

The Drupal Pitch Deck slides

Born out of a meeting of European Drupal leaders in Darmstadt. In just 12 months ago The Drupal Pitch Deck has come a long way. Version 2.0 of the deck is available now, contains 108 slides in all, and 73 case studies representing the best Drupal projects from agencies across the globe

It was fantastic to see the project featured during introductions ahead of the DriesNote and Suzanne Dergacheva present The story of how the pitch deck came to be at the Drupal Initiatives Keynote at DrupalCon Amsterdam. Seeing non code contributions from so many people being celebrated on this global stage was a real highpoint of the conference for me.

Call for content remains open, you can Add Your Slide Here. With the latest and greatest Drupal projects celebrated at the International Splash Awards we are calling all agencies to submit their incredible new case studies.

In preparation for DrupalCon the team at CTI Digital worked to deliver a solution which allowed all deck content to be transferred into Drupal 8. Integrated to Lingotek at translation management system which enables us to start the internationalisation of the pitch deck. Special thanks must go to Richard Roberts at Lingotek who worked tirelessly over the week of DrupalCon on boarding community translators.

Now that we have systems in place we are actively inviting people to volunteer to translate slides into their language here.

Stages of development

Call for front end developers

All but stage 7 is complete now. We are keen to attract front end developers to join the effort to produce the presentation layer, a Drupal theme. What we have in mind is detailed here

Promote Drupal Pitch Deck Version 2.0 released

During the Birds of a Feather “Bof” meeting we released Version 2.0 of the Pitch Deck which you can download now.

Pitch Deck BoF

Photo: Alex Moreno

Contribution day

Non code contributions to Drupal is a theme close to my heart. So I was delighted to see 2 tables full of people translating and creating new content at the Contribution Day.

Contribution day table

Not only this, some of the team were first time contributions and only registered on Drupal.org for 3 weeks. For me this is what success looks like.

Issue queue recognising non code contributions

In addition to translation we saw several subject experts drafting new slides providing supporting evidence as to why Drupal is a prime choice in Higher Education and for Government.

New slides

We still need volunteers in far greater numbers to achieve the translation into 16 languages which is underway. Right now we are calling for people speaking English and the following languages to volunteer.

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Farsi (Persian)
  • French
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Turkish

In conclusion the Pitch Deck Initiative has achieved far more than we could ever have imagined on that day in Darmstadt last year. With the right support from community members we will soon deliver decks in 19 languages. It really is down to you! It’s an ideal opportunity to contribute your skills in bite size chunks. As you’ve already seen there are plenty of ways to join our movement.

On behalf of Ricardo, Suzanne and myself many thanks to all who have participated. We look forward to meeting you too, everyone is welcome!

Aug 12 2019
Aug 12

Banner graphic with the names of lots of languages

I'm delighted to report that much progress has been made since my last post about Pitch Deck Internationalisation just 2 weeks ago. Because of this we are moving to the next phase, translation itself.

Teams at CTI Digital and Lingotek are nearing completion of environments allowing translators to work on multilingual Drupal Pitch Deck content.

From early September we will open these tools for community volunteers to participate in a Global Translation Sprint. Right now we are calling for linguists within the community to make themselves known.

Screenshot of the pitch deck, looking at a slide about UX Magazine

What are we looking for?

Do you have a few hours available in September to participate in the Translation Sprint? We’d love to hear from you via this form before 26th August.

What will I be doing?

  1. Attend a 30 minute webcast to understand how to translate in Lingotek
  2. To be effective we are looking for translators who have available a number of hours during September at their convenience
  3. All translation can be completed remotely and iteratively from the convenience of your home or office (remote)
  4. You will be translating Case Study slides such as the one shown below
  5. We will issue you with specific tasks based on your indicated time availability

Not only will you be contributing to a key strategic initiative of the Drupal project, all participants will be acknowledged via contribution credits. This is an ideal opportunity to contribute to Drupal without code.

Volunteer now!

Please provide your details via this form before 26th August to be eligible to participate. And thank you!

Got questions?

If you have any questions please contact Paul Johnson.

Jul 25 2019
Jul 25

Recently, a dedicated group of volunteers launched the first version of a Drupal pitch deck. It features case studies of Drupal success stories from around the globe, grouped by use case. And slides about the benefits and key differentiators, to help decision makers answer the question “Why should we use Drupal?” It pulls from some of the content of the Drupal promo video presented at DrupalCon Seattle.

The goal is to have marketing materials that agencies can use to pitch Drupal. But I’ve also used materials from this deck to put together slides at Drupal events (picking out university case studies for a higher ed summit, and presenting the opening slides to kick off a Drupal summit).

International participation is part of the Drupal’s Values & Principles, and part of the success of this pitch deck project will be its use around the globe. To achieve that, we want to make as much of the material available in as many languages as possible. And that’s where we need help. Not just from volunteers who want to localize the material into different languages. But also from volunteers who want to set up a system that will allow us to create the translations. Our goal is to maintain the slide deck content in a sustainable way, that promotes contribution and permits translation into multiple languages.

We’ve put together some ideas for a system that would use a Drupal website to manage the versioned content and translations for the slides. Lingotek, a cloud-based translation services provider, has generously provided a free instance of their translation management tool to facilitate translation at scale by volunteers, and to generate slide decks on the front-end we are planning to explore existing frameworks like Reveal.js, together with Views. Here are some details of the proposal and a diagram of what this could look like.


translation process diagram

We (the pitch deck team: Paul Johnson, Suzanne Dergacheva, and Ricardo Amaro) are open to ideas about how to do this and what the architecture should be. We want to make sure that the solution is inclusive, accessible, and easy to maintain. We are also looking for volunteers to help implement this. The above plan would require Drupal site building and front-end development work. And, eventually, translations.

Here’s a link to the idea on Drupal.org. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can jump in and comment on the issue, reach out to us individually, or jump into the #promotedrupal channel on Drupal Slack or join our regular promote Drupal meetings.

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