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Jan 14 2021
Jan 14

Drupal Birthday Cake

Today, on Drupal's 20th birthday, we are kicking off celebrations that will last throughout 2021. Together, let’s celebrate 20 years of Drupal and our Community - the inspired makers that keep Drupal innovative. 

As part of this 20-year milestone, we celebrate our community of more than 100,000 contributors who made Drupal what it is today,” says Heather Rocker, executive director of the Drupal Association. “Success at this scale is possible because the Drupal community exemplifies the values of open source and proves that innovation is sustained by healthy communities.”

To kick things off, we have a few ways for you to get involved:

  • Promote the official Press Release of Drupal's 20th birthday to your local tech media
  • Submit your Drupal birthday celebration to Community Events 
  • Post a selfie of your celebration on Celebrate Drupal
  • Submit Drupal milestones to the 20 Years of Drupal History timeline
  • Share your excitement and what you’re doing to celebrate on social media - and be sure to add the hashtag #CelebrateDrupal
  • Participate in our 'Drupal Doodle' event - where we're looking for celebratory banners to feature on Drupal.org
  • Propose content for DrupalCon North America 2021 that showcase the ambitious digital experiences you’ve created with Drupal
  • Register for DrupalCon

With so much to celebrate, today's activities are only the beginning. Keep an eye on this blog, the @drupalassoc on Twitter, and Drupal Association on Linked In for more activities throughout 2021. 

Dec 18 2020
Dec 18

Posted on behalf of One Shoe and Exove

What is the vision of Drupal business leaders all around the world on Drupal in 2020? For the fifth year in a row Drupal agencies One Shoe and Exove, together with the Drupal Association, investigated how Drupal company leaders experience the current Drupal business ecosystem. Of course, the year 2020 is marked by the effects of the coronavirus but there’s much more to say about doing Drupal business.

Characteristics of the participants

This year, 83 people participated in the Drupal Business Survey. Out of all the participants, nearly 70 % had a CEO/CTO/COO role in their company. Other roles represented in this survey are mainly founders (15.7%), and Directors (7,2%). 


A majority of the Drupal centric businesses that participated in the survey are located in Europe (49,5%). The rest is located in:

  • North America (33%)
  • South America (3,7%)
  • Asia (12,8%) 
  • Africa (3,7%)

Almost half of the respondents were digital agencies, 20,5% software companies and 18,1% consulting agencies. As we can see from the graph below, most of the respondents are small to midsize companies. The majority of the companies that participated in the survey have been in business for over 8 years. Nearly 40% of all the respondents have been in business for over 14 years. 

We could therefore say that the opinions and experiences of people in this survey are based on years of experience with Drupal business!

Company size
Covid-19 impacts Drupal businesses in various ways

As this year comes to a close, we can only conclude that 2020 turned out differently than expected. It brought company leaders new challenges and opportunities. Generally, we can conclude (for now) that the impact of COVID-19 may be less than initially anticipated and entrepreneurs keep doing excellent Drupal business.

In the survey we asked Drupal agency leaders about their challenges and successes of this year. Many participants cited the coronavirus and its consequences as their top challenge: 

Greatest Challenges

15% of the respondents named 'Covid-19 in general' as the main challenge without further explanation. To provide more detailed information, we have broken down the answers that provide better insight into the impact of the coronavirus on businesses:

  • Covid-19 affecting client projects (13%)

In some cases, the coronavirus outbreak has had an impact on clients and their projects. One leader tells us in the survey: “[Our biggest challenge this year was] covid and seeing a couple of our sectors getting hammered. Seeing projects put on the shelf, cancelled, etc“ But it does not always lead to this. Another participant tells: “We experience uncertainty around some client's future budgets. This has not resulted in any major reductions though.”

  • Covid-19 forces remote working (10%)

Working remotely is, and remains, a major challenge for a lot of companies. “Moving to 100% remote after the pandemic [was the biggest challenge]”. Someone else mentions “remote selling” specifically as a challenge. 

  • Covid-19 affecting (mental) health of employees (8.8%)

It won’t be surprising that another big challenge was “Staff falling ill with covid and/or having children at home so staff is pressured and unable to work”. It’s worth mentioning, though, that many company leaders indicate that covid-19 has a great impact on the mental well-being of their staff but at the same time they are very proud of their team. “We have kept our team together during the covid storm” says one leader in response to the question what their greatest success of the last 12 months is. Another one said: “[Our greatest success is] Outstanding leadership from the senior technical team members (non-exec level).” “Maintaining high morale and supportive culture” someone else adds. 

Many Drupal businesses do thrive in 2020

Doing Drupal business in 2020 is not only about facing challenges - not at all. 
Many participants told us their companies thrived even despite (or due to) the effects of the coronavirus. 

Greatest successes

20% of the answers when asked about greatest success are about thriving despite Covid-19:
“We make it through the COVID months relatively well financially after pivoting to clients who luckily benefited from COVID (increased business).” Another agency leader adds: “[Our greatest success is] navigating my company successfully through a world pandemic with results that exceed the pre-covid prognosis!”.

The pandemic as a catalyst for investments in digital

What’s the success factor of these kinds of Drupal companies? Based on people’s comments, it seems there is a rapid digital adoption driven by covid-19: “[We see] increased demand due to companies going more digital during the pandemic”. Another one tells: “We launched a covid-19 site for a major healthcare client.” And: “We've won our biggest Drupal contract ever. We successfully launched our largest ever project despite coinciding with the early days of lockdown. We are educating our clients that the pandemic should be seen as a catalyst for investment in digital.”  

Another big success is launching successful Drupal projects (20%), such as: “We launched a big popular Drupal site (8.x) for German Government with integration (backend) of services” and “We have been building bigger and more complex websites with Drupal.” 

These findings correlate directly with the answers to the questions about the project pipeline, deal size, and win rate.

Pipeline Development

In the graph above you can see that Drupal project deal size has grown more in comparison with project pipeline or win rates. One business leader explains why: “We choose clients more carefully, because of that average deal size has grown significantly. On the other hand due to the more aggressive competitors sales, we have lost quite many large deals.” What this shift could mean for the future according to one respondent? “The traditional smaller scale Drupal projects are dwindling, of less value. The future is in large scale projects where Drupal is a component of a larger architecture.” Another one mentions the public sector as a profitable one: “Drupal has been "in vogue" in our market right now, especially in the public sector. We see a lot more RFQs compared to last year, and a lot of them are quite sizable.”

The project deal size growth is a very positive indicator and well in line with the Drupal’s growth to the enterprise market. As a part of the sales cost is always fixed and not dependent on the size of the deal, this will lead to bigger margins that will help the companies to develop themselves further.

Expectations for growth from 2021 onwards

The outlook for 2021 and onwards looks positive based on the survey answers. Despite the situation with COVID-19, almost half of the companies expect their business and on-going project situation to improve in the near future.

Only around 20% of the companies expect the situation to weaken in the forthcoming months, and only a fraction of them significantly. This resonates well with the earlier findings of the pandemia accelerating the need for digital services. Drupal being a versatile and flexible platform is gettings its fair share of the positive market development.

Business Impact

Profitable Drupal industries

So, Drupal business is still doing quite well. But in which industries? Each year the Drupal Business Survey asks respondents in which industries their company operates. This is the top 10 of 2020:

Top ten industries

The most popular industry for Drupal projects is the same as in 2019: the Educational sector. With 61,4% this is the sector with the most Drupal projects. It should be noted that “Education” was added to the survey in 2019 and thus 2017 and 2018 show it blank. This is followed by Charities & Non-Profit (55.4%) and Government & Public Administration (50.6%). 

However, if you compare all the industries over the years, the number of Drupal projects in the Charities & Non Profit decreased significantly. This also counts for the Arts & Culture industry. The Drupal platform is evolving towards the higher end of the spectrum with each release adding new sophisticated features. This causes the project sizes to grow which explains the drop in industries that cannot invest heavily on digital platforms. Also, Arts & Culture has been hit by coronavirus this year.

Top ten industries

Reasons for clients to choose Drupal, or not

Why is Drupal so often chosen for digital projects? When clients have previously worked with Drupal, they often choose the framework again (60% of the answers). It showcases the fact that Drupal is a good tool for solving their business problems.

It also appears that the consultancy role of the agency is significant in determining the client's choice of technology. In more than half of the answers given in the survey, the client follows the advice of the agency for choosing Drupal. Other major selling points for Drupal are its open source character, flexibility and security. 

Reasons for choosing Drupal
The main reasons for clients not choosing Drupal are consistent with last year's survey - the same underlying issues still remain today. Main reasons for potential clients choosing other platforms instead of Drupal are: 

  1. Price. For example, prices can increase significantly because Drupal is used at the higher end of the CMS spectrum, and thus development is time consuming and therefore expensive. As one respondent said “Drupal practitioners can handle more complex problems, so they're more expensive”.
  2. Complexity. Wordpress is seen as more user friendly and easier to approach. 
  3. Familiarity. Potential clients don’t seem to know much about Drupal which makes it harder to sell.

Knowing why potential clients are choosing other platforms is key in further developing Drupal and meeting client needs. Reviewing the existing target audience and marketing Drupal for the right audiences, might be things to consider to tackle these obstacles.


One thing is certain: companies - both Drupal agencies and clients - have to adjust their strategy because of covid-19. But looking at the answers given in this study, it appears that Drupal projects are getting bigger and Drupal businesses are growing - provided they operate in the right industries and succeed in working remote. Or, as a Drupal agency leader puts it, "Despite the covid epidemic, we have managed to work together and increase transparency in the business - we are now in many ways better than March." And who knows, the effects of covid-19 may as well accelerate the demand for digital projects.

Oct 13 2020
Oct 13

The Drupal Association would like to congratulate our newest elected board member:

Pedro Cambra.

Pedro Cambra FernandezPedro Cambra is a Drupal developer and consultant with extensive experience working with Drupal projects. He has worked in many different industries, including large organisations such as United Nations, non-for-profits such as Cancer Research UK or Médecins Sans Frontières and he also has a strong background working with large E-commerce integrations.

He currently works at Cambrico, a small Drupal shop he co-founded.

Pedro contributes to the Drupal project and community with a number of popular contributed modules and has helped organise events in Spain, Japan and the UK. He has been involved in the organisation of several Drupalcons and, in 2012, Pedro was elected by the Drupal community as director for the Drupal Association for two year term.

We are all looking forward to working with you, Pedro.

Thank you to all 2020 candidates

On behalf of all the staff and board of the Drupal Association, and I’m sure the rest of the Drupal community, I would like to thank all of those people who stood for election this year. It truly is a big commitment to contribution and one to be applauded. We wish you well for 2020 and hope to see you back in 2021!

Detailed Voting Results

There were 10 candidates in contention for the single vacancy among the two elected seats on the Board.

920 voters cast their ballots out of a pool of 3209 eligible voters (28.7%).

Under Approval Voting, each voter can give a vote to one or more candidates. The final total of votes was as follows:

I’m sure we will all want to send our congratulations!

What’s next

The new term of the Drupal Association board starts November 1st. In the coming weeks, we will publish an update from the board with information introducing the 2020-2021 directors, updates for 2021 including strategic goals, and opportunities for the community to connect with the Board.  

Sep 15 2020
Sep 15

voting banner image of a ballot box

Elections for the next At-Large member of the Drupal Association Board have now reached the voting phase. Voting will take place from now, 15 September, until 30 September at 10 am PDT.

Drupal Association Individual members should check their email inboxes over the next couple of days for their voting slip arriving.

In the meantime, voters should read the candidate’s info pages, watch the “Candidate Chat” videos, and consider which of the candidates will help the Drupal Association most effectively fulfil its mission.


As detailed previously, we will be using Helios Voting this year and the voting process looks like this:

  1. Open the voting slip email that was sent to the primary email address defined in your drupal.org profile
    The email will arrive from [email protected] - check your spam folder if you cannot see it, though it will take some hours to send voting slips to each of the 3200+ eligible voters!
  2. Read the instructions there to register your vote
  3. Again, you should receive an email from Helios Voting, confirming the correct registration of your vote
  4. Await the results!

We would like to thank all of our candidates this year for their participation and wish them all the very best of luck!

Have questions? Please contact me: Rachel Lawson.

Aug 10 2020
Aug 10

Time to vote

It is that time of year again where the Drupal Association Board looks to fill the At-Large member seat that becomes available every year.

This year, we send our thanks to Suzanne Dergecheva, who will be stepping down as At-Large board member after serving her two years. Last year, we elected Leslie Glynn to the board, who has one more year to serve - and we are sure will be happy to welcome the next person onto the board!

Important Dates

Nominations open: 10 August 2020

Nominations close: 27 August 2020

"Meet the Candidates" begins: 28 August 2020

"Meet the Candidates" ends: 13 September 2020

Voting opens: 15 September 2020

Voting closes: 30 September 2020

Announcement of winner: 30 October 2020

What does the Drupal Association Board do?

The Board of Directors of the Drupal Association are responsible for financial oversight and setting the strategic direction for serving the Drupal Association’s mission, which we achieve through Drupal.org and DrupalCon. Our mission is: “Drupal powers the best of the Web. The Drupal Association unites a global open source community to build, secure, and promote Drupal.”

Who can run?

There are no restrictions on who can run, other than you must be a member of the Drupal Association.

How do I run?

Candidates are highly encouraged to:

  1. Watch the latest Community Update Video

    [embedded content]

  2. Read about the board and elections, including the video about the elections this year
    [embedded content]
  3. Read the Board Member Agreement

Then visit the Election 2020: Dates & Candidates page to self-nominate. The first step is to fill in a form, nominating yourself. Drupal Association staff will create you a candidate page and make you the author so you can continue to add content here during the election and answer any question posed by the electorate as comments on the page.

Who can vote?

For 2020 and moving forward, all individual members of the Drupal Association may vote in the election.

If you are not currently a member, please ensure you have renewed your membership before voting opens, on 14 September.

How do I vote?

The Drupal Association Board Elections are moving to the free and open source Helios Voting service for 2020 and beyond. All Drupal Association individual members will receive their unique voting links via email, sent to the primary email address in their Drupal.org profile, when voting opens. Follow the instructions in that email to vote.

Elected board member special responsibilities

As detailed in a previous blog post, the elected members of the Drupal Association Board have a further responsibility that makes their understanding of issues related to diversity & inclusion even more important; they provide a review panel for our Community Working Group. This is a huge important role in our global community.

What should I do now?

Self-nomination is open! Please do read further:

Then consider if the person who should be standing for election is you. (It probably is!)

Jun 18 2020
Jun 18

Rahul Dewan sent us this story, documenting how the Drupal India Association was formed, and we wanted to reproduce it here to help it reach the greatest audience. As you will read, the Drupal India Association has significantly helped the Drupal community in India work together to grow the community and joins 28 other local associations around the world. The Drupal India Association is a great example of this, and we’re thrilled to see the momentum behind the community there. 

The formation of a formal ‘Drupal India Association’

For several years, a conversation about the need to form an India-centric Drupal Association has been doing rounds among Drupal business owners. However, this idea finally found conviction and the necessary determination to push it through, when Shyamala Rajaram signed-off from her position on the Board of the Drupal Association after completing her two-year term.

Shyamala’s voice and tone over the phone call one morning, was so full of enthusiasm and energy that inspite of all my skepticism and reservations of ‘why do we need a legal entity to do all the good work we want to do?’, melted away. “We Indians can make so much more impact in the world of Drupal!”, she said. Almost immediately, under Shyamala’s leadership, was laid the foundation of the ‘Drupal India Association’ (DIA) just before the Drupal Camp Delhi in June 2019.

In my experience, it’s the inertia and if i may, a bit of analysis-paralysis, which holds us back from making a determined push to make things happen. Then started the process of forming a board, enrolling all the business owners and key community members to form a formal board. 

The following companies came forward to contribute seed money of Rs.21,00,000 (approx $30,000) to form a kitty: 

  1. Ameex Technologies
  2. Axelerant Technologies 
  3. Innoraft Solutions
  4. Open Sense Labs 
  5. QED42
  6. Srijan Technologies
  7. Unimity Solutions 

The ambition of contribution and influence

By the time Drupal Camp Pune happened in September 2019, what we finally had in place was a functional yet loose governing body — with pretty much every leader from across six cities in India. Inspite of the informality of the board we starting collaborating exceptionally well. On the sidelines of the Pune Camp we stated our ambition of creating a sphere of influence in the entire Indian Ocean Rim, and agreed to not only limit our influence to India.

Board meeting in Pune.  

All of the members present were patting ourselves about the high number of contributions that India makes to Drupal. Dipen Chaudhary, the pioneer of the Drupal community in India and our board member, busted our little bubble by reminding the group that it was a classic of ‘quantity of quality’ and that contributions coming from India were much lower in the rung while all the heavy lifting such as contributions to the Drupal Core were made by the west, Americans in particular. 

Meanwhile, with Prasad’s help we were able to get initiatives like offering discounted Acquia Certifications at every camp. 

Our ‘Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goal’ (BHAG)

After the Chennai Board Meeting

On the sidelines of the Drupal Camp Chennai in December 2019 Shyamala invited—Shri Ramraj the founder of Sify and an advisor and board member of some of the largest Indian IT service companies. We took turns in sharing what we think was inspiring us to come together. Not impressed, Ramaraj prodded us to think of some big goals. He said that coming together is easy, but staying together requires a North Star, and nudged us to think of some big ambitious goals. 

Dipen’s reality check of the Indian contributions had been bothering me since our meeting in Pune. Drupal 9 was on the cards. For us, it wasn’t hard to put two-and-two together and suggest an audacious goal of becoming the largest contributor to Drupal 9 by June 2020 when D9 releases. A lot of anxious looks and pin-drop silence later, a consensus was reached— that we are going to go after this goal. 

Personally, true to the Indian tradition, i felt like touching Ramraj’s feet, truly living by the Indian tradition of showing respect to Gurus or teachers.

Enter ‘COVID-19’ 

Under Mukesh’s leadership Drupal Camp Kolkata planned for March 2020 was in full swing. All the funds being raised were for the first time were being raised under the aegis of Drupal India Association. Excitement levels were high. 

And then came the Covid crash. Drupal Camp Kolkata was cancelled. All the money from the various sponsors of the camp returned. Down but not out! 

Not letting the ball drop

Fortnightly recurring calls and Shyamala showing up on them each & every time, ensured that the group did not fall back into inertia. Our event calendar for Drupal Camps, Meetups, Contribution days agreed to in Chennai, ensured that our activities and also North Star goal remained in sight. 

A social promo prepared for excitement of release of Drupal 9 

Meanwhile, Piyush Poddar led our social media charge and designed systems to ensure Drupal agencies get into a healthy competition of contributing content to be promoted under DIA. 

Drupal Cares
We joined hands as a group to run campaigns for the ‘Drupal Cares’ initiative asking Drupalers in our respective companies to sign up as members and also donate. 

Drupal 9 Porting Weekend
Surabhi Gokte worked with Gábor Hojtsy to help organise the Drupal 9 porting weekend on May 22–23. Led by 10 mentors, 45 Indian Drupalers worked on 165+ modules for porting over to D9.

Under Dipen and Rachit’s leadership, Surabhi is now pushing forward to put together a plan for an all-India online event — our next BHAG (phew!). Do look for news on Drupal Groups for this.

Well, what about our North Star?

When we setup our North Star goal we had decided that our developers would ofcourse continue to tag their respective companies but additionally would add DIA as the client. 

As i write this post, Drupal India Association, has risen from zilch to being at position #7 on the Drupal Marketplace in terms of contributions.

Drupal contributions listing for DIA

While we will not end up meeting our BHAG ‘by June 2020 when D9 releases’, we will continue to strive as a group to become ‘the largest contributor to Drupal 9’.

All credit to the contributing developers and community members

None of our North Star BHAG could ever be possible without all the unnamed Indian developers working in several member companies who’ve been spending time doing Drupal contributions, including on weekends and after-office hours. Contributors like Prof. Sunthar, Prafful, Vidhatananda, Hussain, Rakhi, Vijay, Surabhi, Sharmila cannot go without mention. 

At the Drupal Association, we look forward to hearing more from Rahul and their BHAG.

Jun 03 2020
Jun 03

For our team at the Drupal Association, the events of the past week have once again emphasized the severity and violence of racism that communities experience in the United States and across the world every day.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where black and brown people are disproportionately affected, seeing racial turmoil unfold is particularly painful and difficult to witness. We stand with people across the globe in condemning racism, racist behavior and all abuses of power. We grieve for the black community, which has endured another unspeakable tragedy in a long history of injustice.

Drupal is global in scale, reach and opportunity.  It takes many contributions, from many diverse contributors to thrive. Drupal is about standing up for what could be and for promoting hope through access.  As such, our community adheres to a set of values and principles. Of particular importance is our value to “treat each other with dignity and respect” emphasizing that we do not tolerate intolerance toward others.  It is time to live our values out loud seeking first to understand, then to be understood. 

The Drupal Association values equity, diversity and inclusion, and we recognize we still have work to do to create meaningful change.  Here are the ways in which we are encouraging our team to take action.  We are sharing in hopes that you will take action, too.

If you have resources to share or organizations to highlight, please post them on social media using the hashtag #DrupalBetterTogether so that we may compile a comprehensive list for our community.

In the coming weeks and months, you will learn more about the programs we are putting into place to take action.  Our Drupal Community is truly Better Together, and together we will accelerate our ability to affect positive change.  Now is the time to raise our voices, not to silence them.

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