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See Advanced Courses NAH, I know Enough
Sep 22 2021
Sep 22

One of the best moments when you consider attending an event is when you dissect the program. You are looking for THE session that will match your current explorations, projects’ questions or the topic you always wanted to dive in but never took the time to get embedded. Please let us try to guide you through the sessions that might get your attention. 

I’m a doer

For this edition, you are super lucky, our speakers proposed a large panel of workshops so if you are more a hands on person than a listener, you need to explore the list of workshops. Room 6 is exclusively dedicated to them.

I’m a beginner, where should I start?

If you only had to attend one session for this whole event, please consider Getting started with Drupal workshop. It’s aimed to get you in the Drupal world and will help you enjoy the rest of the conference. Once you’re hooked into Drupal, you will want to learn how to Build amazing searches with Search API and how to build interactive forms for your audience in Webforms: Choose your own adventure.

I’m more into front-end, anything interesting for me?

Of course! Did you notice Lifting the Veil on AAA Compliant Builds: The Realities of Conformance and How to Navigate Them about accessibility? There is also this session about Theming for Distributions: Sub-theming Like a Pro. And if you got design components on your radar, then Advanced techniques for components integration with Drupal will suit you.

Could you point me to new topics/food for thoughts sessions?

DrupalCons are a great occasion to learn about new topics or ear about projects feedbacks. Machine Learning in Drupal with Tensorflow.js is a hot topic at the moment. PHP 8.1 - What's New and Changed is a good occasion to get up to date. You can discover and play with personalization in this workshop : Open Personalization with Apache Unomi & Mautic. Explore Don't waste your life supporting your team's dev environments! to identify new ideas to increase your productivity.

I love decoupled and scalability, where should I go?

As one of the many Drupal abilities, you can integrate Drupal with Nuxt.js or Gatsby (among others), if you need to build such a use case, DruxtJS 101: Fully Decoupled Drupal with JSON:API and Nuxt.js and Building multilingual websites with Gatsby and Drupal will probably be a fit.

If you build a lot of sites and need to find tools to automate this, Drupal and Ansible: a way of managing a 2000+ environment infrastructure and Building a cloud-native SaaS for CERN's 1k Drupal sites are the two sessions that you will want to follow.

What is this contributing thing that everyone talks about?

If you ask attendees what they liked the most after a DrupalCon, “the community” will be one of the top answers. We are very proud of this. How does it happen? Through strong principles described in our event Code of Conduct and amazing people willing to help you to enjoy Drupal and leverage it’s potential. You can meet them in several occasions. BoFs are informal conversation over a proposed topic. You can bring yours or explore the one already suggested. There are a very limited number of attendees during this type of sessions and it’s easier to connect.

Sprint rooms are also an excellent occasion to meet the community and get on board on contribution. The list of topics to contribute to is wilde and every type of profile can find a topic to work on. Mentors are available to point you to the right direction and get you started if you’ve never done it before!

The community is also doing a great work to triage issues and it can be another way to contribute, there will be a dedicated session about this that you can attend to find out how to help: Introduction to Bugsmash Community Initiative Keynote.

This is just an excerpt of the available sessions for Makers & Builders, please check the full program to find the session you want to attend! There are 5 tracks to explore.

Have a great DrupalCon!

Sep 21 2021
Sep 21

Having a digital platform that can accentuate your institutions’ strategic initiatives is pivotal to remain competitive, relevant, and connected with multiple audiences. Drupal’s exceptional CMS framework and ease of use lets users curate and manage content in one place. It also ensures advanced compatibility and accessibility to all platforms from mobile devices to information kiosks.

At DrupalCon Europe, the Client & Industry track focuses on digital transformation in companies, and what role Drupal plays in this. We are excited to present different itineraries for the upcoming conference the week of October 4. Whether you are a business leader, agency owner, project manager, or product owner, join some of these sessions to gain some useful insights on our key themes.

Itinerary: Drupal Distributions

Using and managing Drupal distributions, whether they are open source or customized for your company, is a highlighted track theme this year. We kick off the topic on Monday morning with a panel discussion on Drupal Distributions - common challenges and solutions. Several distribution maintainers who have been meeting up since DrupalCon Europe 2020 will share some of the key learnings from the year and look ahead to how Drupal core can better support Drupal distributions in the future.

On Monday afternoon, join in on a deep dive into specific Drupal distributions for media and publishing in the session Exploring Top Media & Publishing Drupal Distributions.

On Tuesday, check out how one team creates and manages a customized distribution for a large scientific organization in the session Survival kit for CERN's organic webscape: Kubernetes and a community of Makers

Finally, on Thursday we end this itinerary with a case study on managing a custom Drupal distribution for a large global organization in the lightning talk The LightNest Starter Kit: Managing a Drupal Distribution for a Global Organization.

Itinerary: Government & Education

Today, Drupal is the most pervasive content management system in the government and education industries. Given the prominence Drupal has gained in these sectors especially, here are some sessions that we have lined up in this track to help your enterprise enhance its usefulness and modernize your web. 

On Tuesday, the session An ambitious digital experience platform for the future of Australia's government will showcase the use of Drupal in building a forward-thinking digital experience project for a leading Australian government agency. It will also demonstrate how this leading-edge platform aims to impact the government’s digital future.

At last year’s DrupalCon, the new LocalGov Drupal, a distribution used by 12 councils in the United Kingdom, was showcased. The team is back on Wednesday’s talk Why UK councils chose LocalGov Drupal (and didn't) to discuss their activities in proactively gathering user feedback to make iterations and enhance the distribution’s effectiveness. They will also share the challenges they are facing in having more councils adopt their solution. 

On Thursday, the spotlight is on Drupal as a preferred choice to build modern university websites across the globe. However, there are still some higher education sites that are poorly designed and not fully exploiting the potential of Drupal. In the session Drupal for Universities: current state and perspectives, the presenters will first give a comprehensive survey of how Drupal is used in universities across Europe and then move on to see what could be done by simply using Drupal the right way.

Itinerary: Ecommerce

Drupal can play a significant role in eCommerce, whether it is coupled with another solution or using Drupal’s own open-source eCommerce software Drupal Commerce. The sessions in this track provide case studies on both approaches.

In Tuesday’s talk The unique challenges of launching B2B stores on Drupal Commerce, the presenters will explore three distinct areas when planning and launching a Drupal Commerce Business-to-Business store: 1) B2B stores living alongside a current B2C E-commerce website, 2) content, marketing and strategy for B2B stores, and 3) unique technical challenges compared to a regular B2C website. Decision makers in the e-commerce industry and agencies implementing e-commerce solutions will learn about processes surrounding B2B projects and where to find modules, content and resources about B2B solutions on Drupal Commerce.

On Thursday, we present a case study on the decoupled approach in the session Building a large scale decoupled E-commerce application using Drupal, SAP Commerce Cloud and React. One of the largest food retailers online in Europe built a decoupled shop connecting e-commerce APIs for product information to headless Drupal for loading marketing content. The team will give an overview of the architecture of the website and shop integration, and will highlight the most important features of large-scale shops such as very large shopping carts, customer individual pricing, heterogeneous API infrastructure, native App with full offline support and more.

Itinerary: Governance

Web governance is the process of maintaining and managing an online presence in an organized way. It includes processes, policies, and procedures that help the digital team stay focused on the business goals.

In Monday’s session Focus on projects that matter; Use governance to free your team from endless site maintenance, find out how implementing smart leadership, best practices, and community-focused decisions allowed Washington University to put in place a system of governance, enabling them to deliver a solution for thousands of websites. 

Competing priorities is a key challenge that is addressed by a solid governance plan. In the lightning talk  The hierarchy of needs of high performing teams held on Wednesday, see how using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a metaphor can help teams organize these competing priorities by building on one another.

Itinerary: UX and Editor Experience Strategy

Deciding on the most appropriate and scalable editorial framework for a company’s CMS and supporting a seamless user experience are critical elements of a website business strategy. In this itinerary, the sessions touch on several important topics including Drupal editorial frameworks, content architecture, accessibility, and scalability.

For companies deciding on which editorial framework to use, check out the talk on Monday on Paragraphs, Gutenberg, CKEditor, WYSIWYG or Layout Builder, or all of them? which will explore how content editing evolved in the past in Drupal and then takes a look into the future with the role of the layout builder and more. 

To create a successful digital product, a planning of the information architecture and the user experience both for frontend and backend should create a full picture. In Thursday’s session The Business Value of Design - Tale of Two Projects, the presenters will explore why having a well planned content architecture is necessary, and how a company can save money on excellent and seamless UX in the end. 

Also on Thursday, the talk Making Accessibility More Approachable: Comprehension Over Checkboxes, Accessibility is an important part of meaningful user experience, but is usually treated as an extra step to just check off. the presenters will focus on why accessibility needs to be truly baked into your internal project processes and how you bring your program to full maturity.

Want to accelerate site creation? Then later on Thursday take a peek at the session SiteBuilder: A Brand Website in Less Than 2 Hours. See a case study will on how one company is scaling up their Drupal distribution through the creation of a wizard that spins off Drupal 9 instances based on selected brand style guides, modules, profiles, themes and content, and then generates them on a hosting platform as an MVP or final site.

Itinerary: Digital Experiences for Enterprises

The increasingly competitive market landscape has put businesses under tremendous pressure to deliver modern and engaging customer experiences across different touchpoints and channels.  However, enterprises need to understand that hardly maintaining a website won’t do any good. They need an entire digital ecosystem to engage their users, shape their buying decisions, and instill brand loyalty in them.

Drupal offers the right tools to build enterprise-grade digital experiences. The release of version 9 especially has given organizations more freedom and flexibility to use any custom front-end technology or use it as a full-fledged digital experience platform optimized for security and accessibility. Learn more about how to deliver seamless digital experiences through the sessions lined up in this track.

A multisite solution is a perfect solution for enterprises looking to resolve issues like brand inconsistencies while managing multiple websites across different geographies, lack of security and compliance, poor user experience and ineffective editorial workflows. Wednesday’s session How to successfully launch a multi-website platform for a leading pharmaceutical company in only 3 months will give you a sneak peek into some of the specific challenges that compelled the Schwabe team to move to a multisite solution, how they implemented the solution in such a short period, what benefits they observed post the solution implementation, and some more useful insights.

Then check out the following session on the same day, How to future proof customer experiences powered by Drupal.  With customers becoming more digital savvy, they expect brands to become consistent in the way they deliver them experiences across multiple platforms. The presenters aim to demonstrate how these needs are met by the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) which has transformed businesses by enhancing their customer experience. Real-world examples of tangible business outcomes will be showcased and discussed in this session.

The final session in this itinerary, Learn how we increase website engagement by 304% for a leading American utility, will showcase how SoCalGas leveraged Drupal and Acquia solutions and witnessed an 18% increase in new users, a 70% drop in bounce rate, a 304% increase in average session durations, and a lot more in their quest of building a scalable, future-ready solution that can deliver seamless customer experiences.

Create your own itinerary now to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the knowledge and insight of the many experts who are presenting sessions at this year's DrupalCon Europe.

See you at DrupalCon!

Sep 20 2021
Sep 20

Drupal is about delivering unique digital experiences and high-quality, accessible content to audiences. So it’s natural that content strategists, digital marketers, UX specialists, and designers take a prominent position in DrupalCon Europe 2021. Let’s take a look at what the Users & Editors Track has to offer to these professionals over the event’s four-day schedule.

Content Editors

As editors and strategists, you’ll want to cover as many aspects of content management as possible, and the Users & Editors Track have plenty of options. On Monday, there will be three great sessions in a row to attend. Start with Nikita Aswani speaking about creating accessible digital content, then wait for Inez Declercq and her session about using layout builder to improve content quality. Finally, Suzanne Dergacheva will compare the content editor experiences in Drupal, WordPress, and Contentful. On Tuesday, you don’t want to miss Kerstin Polte’s first-person testimony of her experiences and difficulties with Drupal pages as a content editor.


Design and UX professionals can start their itinerary on Day One, with Carie Fisher discussing ways and actions to empower users to choose their experiences versus assuming what they want. The day after, Eriol Fox will host a panel ideal for those interested in integrating design and OSS—two worlds that shouldn’t be as far apart as they seem. At the same time, Samvada Jain and Gopinath  Manimayam will present a more practical session, about adding flexibility in Drupal core’s block system to allow discrete pieces of content. Designers will need to choose between one of these two sessions, but both are undoubtedly promising.

Site Builders

Drupal developers will also be perfectly served by the Users & Editors Track. On Tuesday, Vladimir Roudakov demonstrates how to create a website on Drupal with a similar experience as in Wix or Squarespace. Then, on Wednesday, three sessions are sure to appeal to site builders. First, there’s Sascha Eggenberger’s take on the future of the popular Gin Admin Theme. Later, Hristo Chonov will show how Autosave Form and Conflict can enhance the editorial experience in Drupal 8 and 9. Finally, Ruchika Mohite and Abhai Sasidharan explain how a DIY Layout Builder can make Drupal more friendly for content editors and marketers.

Most of these sessions are at the beginner level, so non-technical, less seasoned ticket holders should not be intimidated by its topics. And although we suggested the itineraries above, participants can surely create their own programs, according to their interests and needs.

Sep 14 2021
Sep 14

If you thought DrupalCon was just for developers, you couldn’t be more wrong! The Agency and Business track is now a mainstay of the DrupalCon schedule and this year it is packed with great content for agency leaders, project managers and business owners. We have assembled some itineraries to get you started on your DrupalCon experience.

Agency Owners

Start your DrupalCon on Monday afternoon with the Drupal Steward Q&A and find out how to update sites on your own terms for greater peace of mind. Next up on Tuesday morning is a session about starting small as a way of developing new service offerings for your agency. Then on Wednesday afternoon, you can learn about recruiting Drupal talent in a highly competitive jobs market. Round off your DrupalCon on Thursday morning hearing about strategies for you to improve the performance of your agency and enhance your sales efforts.

Project Managers

Like all great project managers, you want to plan your time to get the most out of your DrupalCon experience. How about starting off on Monday with a session advocating the case for ‘no estimation’. Then take a 15 minute break before learning about how support and kanban can work together to deliver both maintenance and continuous improvement. Another 15 minute break and then hear how to use discovery as the basis for successful projects. Finally, on Tuesday, the session about exploratory testing and the impact it can have on quality will provide a different perspective on delivering great digital products.

Business Leaders

Regardless of whether you are a leader within a client side organization or a digital agency, there is plenty to challenge and inform at DrupalCon. On Tuesday morning, learn about how to onboard new colleagues to create a happy, stable and high performance team. Then, on Wednesday morning, hear about using internships to help your organization whilst also contributing to the Drupal project. After a short break, head over to find out about LocalGov Drupal and how it is using a distributed governance model to transform digital delivery in local government organizations. On Thursday, take a deeper dive behind the DXP buzzwords to explore why open DXP is the future

Create your own itinerary now to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the knowledge and insight of the many experts who are presenting sessions at this year's DrupalCon Europe.

Sep 09 2021
Sep 09
Hello Friend of Drupal,

Our community is full of many compelling experiences, skills, and expertise to share, especially when it comes to Drupal. We’d love for you to share your knowledge at DrupalCon Portland 2022! 

Whether you’re a first-time speaker or a bit more seasoned, we invite you to submit a session for our first in-person DrupalCon in 3 years!
Our call for speakers is officially open now through 29 October.

As a speaker at DrupalCon, you will be part of an exciting network of individuals with diverse perspectives. All speakers will receive 50% off event registration, and a pool of scholarship funds is available for new and diverse speakers.

If you’re interested but unsure of where to start, check out our website’s proposal and presentation support.

(Photo by Paul Johnson)

Jun 23 2021
Jun 23

The Drupal community is one of the largest open web communities in the world. Moreover, the Drupal community has a diverse and inclusive culture across every department. Drupal is an Open source platform, and we welcome other open web technologies to collaborate. For example, inclusion of the JSON API into Drupal core and new Decoupled menu initiatives which use a JavaScript framework, we invited developers who would like to use Drupal as a back end while also providing user-editable menus.


Photo source Twitter

In other words, the Drupal community is fantastic because of the significant contributions made from gem volunteers from around the globe. It includes everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, language, religion or any other background. They are willing to contribute back to the Drupal community with Code and other community contributions alike. And also the impact of Drupal on an individual's Life and changing stories. 

View Angie Byron's intervention

Angie Byron - Tales of Drupal Past: Origin Stories of Drupal Contributor

So, the Open Web and Community track, we encourage everyone from any open-source/open web technology to submit technical or non-technical sessions.


Contact: RakeshJames, rakesh.gectcr, Track Chair Lead Open Web & Community 

Jun 23 2021
Jun 23

The digital agency sector is wide and diverse, spanning many different disciplines and services, but all share a common goal - to deliver transformational digital projects through innovation and best practice. The Agency & Business track is a staple of the DrupalCon program where agency owners and teams can share ideas, learn new skills and collaborate to advance standards in leadership, project management, quality assurance, sales and marketing and digital services.

Photo by Michael Cannon


Shared learning and actionable insight

Digital agencies are, with few exceptions, businesses that operate in a competitive market and compete for clients and projects. Coming together at DrupalCon is a unique opportunity for agencies to put community before competition in order to advance standards, develop skills and drive innovation.

The DrupalCon Agency & Business track has become famous for:

  • Agency owners sharing the latest thinking on leadership and building a winning culture within the agency business model.
  • Project management professionals illustrating critical skills and lessons in agile delivery through real world examples, not just when things have gone well, but when things go wrong too!
  • Agency teams demonstrating how to advance quality assurance and open standards
  • Sales & marketing experts showcasing how to create a point of difference in digital services and craft marketing messages that resonate.

Inspiring Stories

One of the most notable aspects of the Agency & Business track is insight from the teams behind some of the most successful digital agencies. Bringing together experts and senior executives from the agency world, DrupalCon is as famous for inspirational stories and ‘non technical’ insights as it is for code and programming skills.

Examples of previous Agency & Business Track sessions include:

  • Agency Leadership
    • Successfully Managing Distributed Teams
    • The Ten Ways of Trust
    • Drupal Agency Partnerships: Stronger, Together
  • Project Management
    • My first Drupal Project as Junior PM
    • "Flattening the Curve" with Lean Software Delivery
    • Happier teams & clients with better PM – how we improved our PM process to make our lives easier
  • Quality Assurance
    • Automated advanced visual regression testing
    • Understanding Automated Tests in Drupal
    • Utilizing the QA Engineers Throughout the Whole Project Lifecycle
  • Sales & Marketing
    • What is between agencies and freelancing?
    • Value Mapping: Communicating the Benefits of What You Do.
    • Creating more value with Drupal by offering it as a DXP

The Agency & Business track covers a wide spectrum of topics and issues so we are keen to hear from anyone working for or with a digital agency.

Lead by Example

If you want to share your insight and showcase your leadership within the agency world, we want to hear from you. We are calling on digital agency teams to submit their session proposals by the 28th June 2021. Are you a:

  • Digital agency owner or leader
  • Project management professional and team
  • Quality assurance expert
  • Sales & marketing specialist

If so, help us to make the Drupal community the most innovative and dynamic environment for digital agencies and submit your session today.

Submit your sessions now and help make DrupalCon Europe 2021 the best yet!

Contact: Will Huggins, zoocha-will, Track Chair Lead Agency & Business

Jun 21 2021
Jun 21

Share your case studies at the DrupalCon Europe 2021 Client & Industry track

Day 2, Keynote - Monique J. Morrow - DrupalCon Vienna 2017. Photo by Dominik Kiss

Using open source software in a large company requires a cultural shift. An organization needs to encourage knowledge sharing and contributions within the different teams in an organization and also with the greater open source community. New ways of working and collaboration need to be established to take full advantage of adopting open source for an enterprise. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought bizarre challenges and opportunities for enterprises to embrace digital transformation at a much faster pace. It has compelled enterprises to create new possibilities for their businesses through innovative services and products, improved ways of working, and agile business models.

However, there are only a few platforms that support faster digital transformation. Due to this, there are enterprises & SMBs that struggle to leverage the full potential of digital and hence, fail to reach their target audiences at the right time.

And that’s where Drupal, the power of open-source, comes into the picture!

Drupal has become a top enterprise-class CMS for its reliability, interoperability, scalability, security and ease of customizations and integrations. Organizations globally are incorporating open source methodologies into the way they develop their own software. Companies such as Pfizer, Nestlé, Nokia, NASA, Habitat for Humanity, and DHL are already using Drupal to deliver content across all their channels.

Another advantage of open source is the people behind the software, in the case of Drupal a community of more than 1.3 million members. Within this community we can connect and share best practices and lessons learned for managing large complex projects and pushing innovative boundaries using Drupal. With a whole community innovating, we often get new features before we know we need them.

No matter which path is taken, everyone can learn from each other. And that's what DrupalCon Europe 2021  is all about. In the Client & Industry track we want to discuss how  digital transformation can be a success for your company – and what role Drupal plays in this. We are looking forward to your questions and your ideas in order to become better together.

DrupalCon Europe 2021 on 4 October through 7 October will cover a broad range of case studies and experiences by representatives of the organisations specialized in choosing for the open web. And it’s not only techs speaking, but also people using Drupal strategically like CMO’s, CTO’s, digital managers, agencies, and business/site owners. The key goal is to show how Drupal can adapt to fit projects of all shapes and sizes, across all industries.

The sessions are targeted to digital managers and executive decision makers using Drupal or considering the solution as their next content and digital experience management platform. Agency leaders, product owners, and tech leads can also benefit from the showcases in this track.

The showcases will add more business value if told by project owners from the companies themselves, or with the agencies alongside their clients. By sharing your journey using Drupal in your digital transformation, you will help existing and potential Drupal users (clients) learn innovative ways to improve Drupal, from Drupal users themselves.

pdjohson -

Community Summit at DrupalCon Vienna 2016. Photo by pdjohnson

The Client & Industry track typically covers the following topics:

  • General Open Web: Explore how we can continue to advocate for our ability to access and publish on the open web and allow engaging and meaningful digital experiences.
  • Drupal Digital Experiences: Share innovative customizations or how you use Drupal in conjunction with other solutions.
  • Digital Transformation: Show us how you achieved agility, standardization, masterization, or implementation of new governance processes for Drupal projects that promote digital transformation and innovation within an organization.
  • Media & Publishing: Drupal is built with out-of-the-box tools & features essential for creating & publishing SEO-friendly content in multiple languages across devices for delivering incredible user experiences. Showcase how the unique capabilities/features of Drupal make it a one-stop solution for all Media & Publishing enterprises.
  • Ecommerce: Tell us how Drupal serves as the foundation and stepping stone for building an integrated Commerce, Marketing, CRM, and ERP platform and delivering integrability, flexibility, and scalability at a reasonable cost.
  • Government: Showcase reuse, cost savings, productivity efficiencies, and innovative customizations in governmental structures.
  • Education & Non-Profit Organizations: Show how Drupal has been extended to support multifaceted institutions and empower disparate editorial teams.
  • Community Platforms: Share with us how Drupal is used to build engaging and intuitive community platforms.

We have listed some presentation topics above, but are open to new themes. What has been your experience with implementing Drupal in your organization in the last few years? What types of governance processes have been put in place? What have been your successes and challenges?

We’d love to hear about it! Send us your case study for the Client & Industry track and share it with the Drupal community. 

Not sure if your topic is right here? Don’t be afraid to choose the wrong track as all track chairs are in close contact and will consider moving your session to the best place.

Target Audience

The sessions target digital managers and executive decision-makers who use Drupal or are considering using it as their next digital experience management platform. Agency leaders, product owners, and tech leads can also take advantage of the sessions & workshops on this track.

Why Participate?

Because you will be able to:

  • Tell Your Story

DrupalCon offers everyone a platform to showcase the best of their work. If you have worked with the team that developed the web application or an accelerator program to facilitate enterprises in delivering engaging experiences, you ought to share that with us!

We will be ecstatic to know how you fostered innovation using Drupal for building community platforms, improving editorial experiences, creating eCommerce platforms, and ultimately, delivering meaningful customer experiences.

We want to hear all of this from you at DrupalCon. Tell your story by submitting a session to the Clients & Industry Track. 

  • Give Back to the Community

DrupalCon is an event for anyone & everyone who wants to learn Drupal to make a difference in others’ lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are a developer, designer, editor, or an end-user even, you can get started right away. Simply put your ideas to work at contribution events & enjoy learning & being a part of one of the largest open-source communities in the world.


Submit your sessions now and help create the best program for DrupalCon Europe 2021!

We are looking forward to your submissions! Please don’t hesitate in submitting your sessions. Be an inspiration for all Drupal enthusiasts out there

Contact: Antonella Severo, Antonellasevero, Track Chair Lead, Clients & Industry

Jun 21 2021
Jun 21

What does Makers & Builders mean?

The “Makers & Builders” track is the combination of DevOps, backend development, site building, frontend development, and accessibility competencies. All the right ingredients for a perfect Drupal recipe.

This is an expert only thing, isn’t it?

No! When we build the program, we take into account each type of individual. Whether you are a first-timer (welcome!) discovering Drupal, someone building or maintaining small/medium sites or an “hardcore” developer with dozens of sitesbuilt on your resume or high traffic websites, we have a session for you!

There is obviously content for backend developers, frontend developers, sysadmins or accessibility experts, but also for what we call site builders (They are people carefully picking and assembling modules that fulfill your sites features).

What will I learn in this track?

Spoiler alert, something new! Here is a broad list of topics covered in the track description:

  • Accessibility,
  • APIs & Third party systems,
  • Back End Development (Symfony, GraphQL…),
  • Contribution best practices,
  • Development (PHP, Javascript…) state of the art,
  • DevOps (DDEV, Docker, Kubernetes...),
  • Front End Development (React, Vues.js, Angular…),
  • Performance,
  • Q&A and Automated Testing,
  • Scalability,
  • Security,
  • Modules feedbacks (content layout, multilingual, media management…),
  • And the list could go on!


That’s a lot to explore, right? It’s the beauty of it. Our sessions are recorded so don’t worry, if you face a session dilemma, you will have a way to catch up the ones you won’t be able to attend.

Enjoy the great DrupalCon experience!

Contact: Julien Dubois, artusamak, Track Chair Lead Makers & Builders 

May 17 2021
May 17

The year 2021 is special for Drupal because it is Drupal’s 20th Anniversary. In our second year of virtual events, DrupalCon North America and DrupalFest 2021 expanded on the theme #CelebrateDrupal for the entire month of April. 

DrupalCon North America 2021 was a major celebration of the community. We’re so grateful for each person and organization that contributed their time, talent, and treasure. DrupalCon North America hosted 2,330 registered participants. This would not have been possible without our generous sponsors and the 85 dedicated contributors who made up the committees and initiative teams. Over 50% of the contributors were new to contributing to DrupalCon. #DrupalThanks 

DC NA Infographic

Participants came from 80 countries across 6 continents, which made DrupalCon North America among the most geographically diverse DrupalCons on record. Most attendees came from the US, followed by Canada, UK, India, Germany, and Brazil.

In addition to global diversity, approximately 40% of all registrants self-identified with an underrepresented community.

The virtual conference allowed us to continue an expanded scholarship program. We awarded more than 150 scholarships with the support of 29 local Drupal associations around the world, Drupal Diversity & Inclusion, SheCodeAfrica, WomenTech Network, and Kennesaw State University. The scholarship mentorship program which paired recipients with seasoned Drupal community members received positive feedback. There is tremendous value in mentorship for new attendees and this is something we will continue to build on for future events.

DrupalCon North America was designed with flexibility in mind. Each day was structured with four hours of live content including sessions, round-table discussions, social, and networking events, followed by four hours of mentored contribution. On Tuesday, 13 April - Friday, 16 April, each day focused on a specific Drupal initiative. To accelerate rapid Drupal development, mentored contribution opportunities were extended to each day of the conference. 

DrupalCon North America’s Contribution Opportunities yielded fantastic results for the Drupal project. There were seven contribution groups including groups for first-time contributors and mentors and groups that focused on contributing to the same Drupal initiatives that were the focus of DrupalCon North America. 

Each day of initiative-related content began with an Initiative Keynote. Key members of the Initiative took us all on a journey through the goals of that initiative, and how it will help create a better product for us all to build future digital experiences. After those sessions, all the keynote speakers were available for discussion with participants.

Watch these brief video recaps of the DrupalCon North America Initiatives.

Additionally, the DrupalCon North America program contained content that helped participants of all backgrounds and skillsets to learn in detail how the initiative works, how it will enable them to build more exciting experiences, how to sell those experiences more effectively, and how they can participate in contributing to the initiative’s success.

  • 143 informative sessions
  • 206 speakers, 40% of whom identified with one or more historically underrepresented groups
  • 150 scholarships awarded

In addition to Drupal initiative-related content and contribution, DrupalCon also hosted an impressive slate of Main Stage speakers. 

DrupalCon North America was proudly supported by 51 sponsoring organizations and 17 individual sponsors. Most sponsors received virtual “booths” in the Expo Hall where attendees viewed lightning talks, demos and had group or individual interactions. Module sponsors were able to gain an audience by sponsoring popular DrupalCon elements such as the Hallway Track, Women in Drupal Workshop, and Drupal Trivia. 

DrupalCon North America was a wonderful celebration of 20 years of Drupal and the Drupal Community. If you did not have the opportunity to participate in DrupalCon North America, session videos will be available to the public at the end of May on the Drupal Association YouTube channel. Join the Drupal Community again for DrupalCon Europe. The virtual DrupalCon Europe conference will take place online, from 4-7 October 2021, in a CET Timezone.

May 12 2021
May 12

Open Collaborative Connections - Join us to experience the open web with a collaborative culture and a connection to DrupalCamps across Europe

There is no DrupalCon without an awesome program, and our program team is working on various activities to make this happen.

First of all - what are we going to learn about this year?

Last year, we had five areas in which our program was centered around, and we decided that we would like to continue with them again this year.

That said, the main topics for this years’ edition of DrupalCon Europe will be:

  • Agency & Business
    Attendees looking for actionable advice, ideas and challenges from business owners, operators, executives and project managers on how to manage their business and projects successfully.
  • Clients & Industry Experiences
    Digital managers and executive decision-makers using Drupal or considering Drupal as their next digital experience management platform. Agency leaders, product owners and tech leads would also find the showcases insightful.
  • Makers & Builders
    This track is for everyone interested in Drupal development, including all disciplines and all levels of experience. This track is for both technical profiles, and also anyone interested in how Drupal works from the inside.
  • Open Web & Community
    This track is for everyone in the Drupal and Open Web community interested in the web being an inclusive, diverse, open and healthy place. 
  • Users & Editors
    If you are using Drupal extensively to reach your organizations' digital goals or to create content regularly, or if you are creating the editorial experience for a project, this track is for you.

We are aiming to give you high-quality sessions from seasoned speakers, where you can learn and discover new things. We are also adjusting the schedule, so as an attendee, you can make the most out of your DrupalCon experience, without the feeling of being overloaded.

Then - who is going to select the sessions?

The program team leads (Rouven Volk, Dan Lemon and Zsófi Major) have already started weekly meetings to figure out the details, and they are working on putting together a great program team for each track. Once complete, the team will start building the program and we will publish our call for papers.

And finally - how can you get involved?

There are many ways to help out around DrupalCon. Since we are currently forming our program team, we are looking for motivated volunteers who would be interested in joining a track and helping us find the best sessions of the season.

Do you have good contacts in one of the audience groups we have mentioned above? Are you interested in helping promote the program or selecting the right sessions for one of these tracks? The track team is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive program, which is why we welcome help, especially from underrepresented groups.

Your help as a track chair can be a very rewarding experience and will shape the program for the next DrupalCon.

Please complete our track chair form if you are interested in helping with the DrupalCon Europe 2021 program team!

Furthermore, please reach out to the organizer team, if you would like to participate in DrupalCon Europe 2021 in any other way, we have all kinds of opportunities for you!

Please take a look at our volunteer survey and submit your name - link: https://kuonicongress.eventsair.com/drupal21/volunteering-opportunities/Site/Register

And if you are the type of person who likes to share their knowledge with the world - polish your best DrupalCon talk material, and submit your session proposal today!

In the upcoming days, we will post further updates about our program.

The DrupalCon Europe 2021 Program Team

May 10 2021
May 10

This year, the experience at DrupalCon Europe will be the most comprehensive ever. What does that mean?

  • One major Drupal community event for all - DrupalCon Europe 2021 will be one big event that brings together the European Community (and beyond) by hosting regional camps as part of the main event. A single DrupalCon ticket will give you access to all DrupalCamps.
  • Camp experiences customized - Different camps at DrupalCon Europe will craft their own experiences, host their own sessions, interviews or case studies.

We all want to make the most out of Drupal’s anniversary at DrupalCon, in spite of global lockdown. In fact, there are numerous opportunities and benefits of doing a DrupalCon in such a format:

  • 1 ticket, multiple experiences
  • Experience your local event and DrupalCon 
  • Meet more new people going to camps
  • Catch up with people that go to DrupalCon
  • Less screen time: 1 event, shorter days, different format, more fun

We've been in discussion with various DrupalCamps to make sure the camp experience will be top notch. The following camps and/or local associations are already involved and are currently discussing their participation at DrupalCon Europe:

In order for this ambitious joint project to succeed, and for DrupalCon to unite experts from around the world on ever-exciting digital experiences, we need all of your help!

Whether you are a member of a local association or an event organizer, a member of a partner company, or a contributor, you can help in many ways:

We hope to see you virtually soon!

DrupalCon Europe 2021 Advisory Committee with Kuoni Congress

Apr 23 2021
Apr 23

Last week, Drupalists around the world gathered virtually for DrupalCon North America 2021.

In good tradition, I delivered my State of Drupal keynote. You can watch the video of my keynote, download my slides (244 MB), or read the brief summary below.

I gave a Drupal 9 and Drupal 10 update, talked about going back to our site builder roots, and discussed the need to improve Drupal's contributor experience.

Drupal 9 update

People are adopting Drupal 9 at a record pace. We've gone from 0 to 60,000 websites in only one month. In contrast, it took us seven months to reach the same milestone with Drupal 7, and three months for Drupal 8.

A chart that shows that Drupal 9 adoption is much faster than Drupal 7's and Drupal 8's With Drupal 8, after about 1.5 years, only a third of the top 50 Drupal modules were ready for Drupal 8. Now, only 10 months after the release of Drupal 9, a whopping 90% of top 50 modules are Drupal 9 ready. A chart that shows the Drupal 9 module ecosystem is pretty much ready

Drupal 10 update

Next, I spoke about the five big initiatives for Drupal 10, which are making progress:

  1. Decoupled menus
  2. Easy out of the box
  3. Automated updates
  4. Drupal 10 readiness
  5. New front-end theme initiative

I then covered some key dates for Drupal 9 and 10:

A timeline that shows Drupal 9.3 will be released in December 2021 and Drupal 10.0.0 in June 2022

Improving the site builder experience with a project browser

A Drupal robot staring in the distance along with a call to action to focus on the site builder experience

When I ask people why they fell in love with Drupal, most often they talk about feeling empowered to build ambitious websites with little or no code. In fact, the journey of many Drupalists started with Drupal's low-code approach to site building. It's how they got involved with Drupal.

This leads me to believe that we need to focus more on the site builder persona. With that in mind, I proposed a new Project Browser initiative. One of the first things site builders do when they start with Drupal is install a module. A Project Browser makes it easier to find and install modules.

If you're interested in helping, check out the Project Browser initiative and join the Project Browser Slack channel.

Modernizing Drupal.org's collaboration tools with GitLab

A small vessel sailing towards a large GitLab boat

Drupal has one of the largest and most robust development communities. And Drupal.org's collaboration tools have been key to that success.

What you might not know is that we've built these tools ourselves over the past 15+ years. While that made sense 10 years ago, it no longer does today.

Today, most Open Source communities have standardized on tools like GitHub and GitLab. In fact, contributors expect to use GitHub or GitLab when contributing to Open Source. Everything else requires too much learning.

For example, here is a quick video that shows of how easy it is to contribute to Symfony using GitHub:

Next, I showed how people contribute to Drupal. As you can see in the video below, the process takes much longer and the steps are not as clear cut.

(This is an abridged version of the full experience; you can also watch the full video.)

To improve Drupal's contributor experience, the Drupal Association is modernizing our collaboration tools with GitLab. So far, this has resulted in some great new features. However, more work is required to give new Drupalists an easier path to start contributing.

Please reach out to Heather Rocker, the Executive Director at Drupal Association, if you want to help support our GitLab work. We are looking for ways to expand the Drupal Association's engineering team so we can accelerate this work.

Drupal.org's goals for Gitlab along with positive attendee feedback in chat

Thank you

I'd like to wrap up with a thank you to the people and organizations who have contributed since we released Drupal 9 last June. It's been pretty amazing to see the momentum!

The names of the 1,152 individuals that contributed to Drupal 9 so farThe logos of the 365 organizations that contributed to Drupal 9 so far
Apr 08 2021
Apr 08

Our Diamond Sponsors

Acquia logo     Pantheon logo     Platform.sh logo

Drop into DrupalCon when it works for you 

Facing work deadlines? Competing priorities that won’t allow you to commit your entire day to a conference? We understand! DrupalCon 2021 is built with flexibility in mind. Each day will streamline 4 hours of live content, and the virtual setting will allow you to attend the sessions most relevant to you. Connect with others via chat, 1:1 networking, small group discussions, the hallway track, and social events. 

What’s more - DrupalCon participants will have exclusive access to the presentation recordings until the end of May! If you haven’t yet confirmed your participation, today is the perfect time to register for DrupalCon. It’s the best $245 investment you can make to advance your Drupal knowledge and connections.

Show your support through individual sponsorship

You can also help extend access to DrupalCon to others by becoming an individual sponsor. Your $400 donation includes registration for you to connect with the community at DrupalCon, learn from others, share your knowledge, and shape the future of Drupal, while also helping to remove financial barriers for others who would benefit from participating in DrupalCon.

As an individual sponsor, you’ll receive:

  • Recognition on DrupalCon’s Event Sponsors webpage
  • A badge that can be displayed on your Drupal.org profile and on social media
  • Recognition during DrupalCon
  • Community goodwill and #DrupalThanks for your support of Drupal

Thank you to our DrupalCon sponsors 

DrupalCon is an important gathering for our community and also serves as the primary source of funding for the Drupal Association. We are currently at 95% of our sponsorship budget, and your support can help us reach our goal! 

There are limited exhibition and branding opportunities still available! Don’t have the time to run a booth? Sponsor Women in Drupal or Trivia for great exposure and minimum effort! Contact [email protected] for more information.</span>

Thank you to the Individual Sponsors for your generosity and support!

  • Abdul Farooqui (abdulFarooqui), CTO, SymSoft Solutions, LLC
  • Benji Fisher (benjifisher), Fruition
  • Claudiu Cristea (claudiucristea), Drupal Consultant, Webikon SRL
  • Darren Oh (darren-oh), Drupal Engineer, Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Duran Goodyear (alphex), Owner, Alphex Information Solutions
  • Elizabeth Krukosky (drupalwench), CEO & Developer, Cool Fire Inc
  • James Gilliland (neclimdul), Enterprise Architect, APQC
  • John Taylor (johndtaylor), Freelance
  • Joseph Krukosky (joekrukosky) CTO & Developer, Cool Fire Inc
  • Matt Schreiber (cws_matt), Developer, Complete Web Solutions
  • Nic Rodgers (nicrodgers), Head Tag Limited
  • Radzi Ismail, Manager, CREATIVE SIDE SDN. BHD.

  • Rich Gerdes (richgerdes), Senior Developer, Unleashed Technologies
  • Roman Paska (taran2l), Head of Web Development, Lemberg Solutions
  • Roy Vikovych, Business Development Manager, Lemberg Solutions
  • Ullrich Neiss (slowflyer), CEO, crowd-creation GmbH

Our Platinum Sponsors


Thank you to our newest sponsors supporting DrupalCon North America 2021!

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Apr 06 2021
Apr 06

The Decoupled Menus Initiative is hosting a contribution hackathon where you can help us test both the response format of the proposed menu API, and the new General project type on Drupal.org for facilitating development of JavaScript libraries within the Drupal ecosystem.


Join a team and contribute to one of the existing projects, or start your own and show off your ideas.

The goal of the hackathon is to create (or improve existing) projects on Drupal.org that leverage the proposed menu API in order to test the API itself and the new infrastructure for developing JavaScript libraries on Drupal.org.

There are a couple of existing projects, with well-defined issues, that would be a great place to jump in and help out.

Or you can start your own. This is your chance to share your experience from past projects, or get creative and dream up new ways of navigating a menu.

We’ve set up a demo API endpoint that you can use to test a menu provided by Drupal. Check it out here, and here.

Some inspiration to get the creative ideas flowing:

  • Have a favorite JavaScript library that's not already represented (Vue, Angular, Ember, Svelte, etc.)? Create a project that demonstrates how to consume a Drupal menu using that library.

  • What is the digital signage representation of a menu?

  • Help add tests to one of the existing components.

  • What would it look like to navigate a Drupal menu via voice commands like Alexa?

  • Can you play Doom via a Drupal menu?

If you want to start a team, or have ideas but aren't sure where to go next come find one of us and we'll help get you pointed in the right direction.


Anyone and everyone is welcome. Whether this is your first time, or you're an experienced contributor, we'll have mentors who can help answer your questions and guide you along the way. And whether you want to write code, create docs, design interactive UIs, or anything else, we'll do our best to put your unique skills to work.

Have an idea for a project and want to find others to collaborate with? Let us know and we can help create the space, and link you up with potential collaborators.


Tuesday, 13 April is Decoupled Menus Day at DrupalCon. The morning will consist of a keynote and related sessions. And in the afternoon we’ll kick off the contribution hackathon. This is when we'll form teams, group newcomers with mentors, and generally provide the most hands-on guidance.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we'll schedule a time to hang out, answer questions, and help in any way we can. Expect this to be maybe about an hour each day. Though, many of us are in Slack (#decoupled-menus-initiative) and can be reached there asynchronously.

Throughout the rest of the week, you and your team are free to self-organize and work on your projects whenever it works for you.


The primary gathering space for the hackathon will be Open Social and Zoom.

We'll have a main Zoom call set-up where you can go for questions and guidance at any time. As well as individual Zoom calls for focused collaboration on specific topics. Think of these like how groups are often organized by table in a traditional code sprint.

The Open Social site contains a list of scheduled events and links to relevant Zoom rooms.

You find us in the #decoupled-menus-initiative on Slack.

All the links:

Apr 02 2021
Apr 02

This year’s DrupalCon North America 2021 keynotes highlight the power of the global Drupal community to make a difference in some of the most crucial issues of our time and the future of digital experiences. Register today.

The Drupal Association is planning a blockbuster event for DrupalCon North America, the most widely attended Drupal event, 12-16 April from 11:00 - 15:00 EDT daily. This year’s all-virtual event brings together Drupal experts, enthusiasts, end users, and the broader open source software community to connect, collaborate, and contribute to advancing Drupal - the world’s leading open source digital experience platform (DXP).

Heather Rocker, executive director of the Drupal Association states, “Our global community of developers, marketers, and business leaders come to DrupalCon to connect, learn about the experiences of their peers, and share their own expertise. DrupalCon participants also benefit from the opportunity to learn from our keynote and featured speakers. This year, those topics include the role of open source in schools to close the digital divide, the importance of allyship in developing diversity and inclusion, building successful mentorship for people of color in tech, and understanding digital rights as human rights.”

Featured keynotes will highlight inclusion, closing the digital divide, and the Drupal platform’s future.

Sheree Atcheson, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader
Allyship—the key to unlocking the power of diversity
Monday, 12 April 12:10-12:40 EDT
Atcheson, an industry-leading voice on diversity and inclusion in tech, will talk about the importance of intersectional allyship in creating inclusive environments and technology. She’ll offer tips on how everyone in any role can actively consider, champion, and advocate for others in their work and be more inclusive in their day-to-day lives.

Atcheson has been named one of the UK’s Most Influential Women in Tech and has received multiple international awards for her work to advance diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Dries Buytaert, Founder, Drupal
Wednesday, 14 April 12:30-13:50 EDT
A much-anticipated highlight of DrupalCon, Buytaert, Drupal’s founder, will deliver his annual talk celebrating Drupal successes over the past year, outlining the state of the Drupal project now, and offering his thoughts on what’s next.

Buytaert is the original creator and project lead for Drupal, an open source platform used around the world to build websites and digital experiences, as well as co-founder and chief technology officer of Acquia, a venture-backed technology company.

Stuart Keroff, Social Studies and Technology Teacher, Aspen Academy
School needs open source, now more than ever
Friday, 16 April 14:20-14:50 EDT
Technology educator Stuart Keroff, founder of the first two middle school Linux clubs in Minnesota, has spent the last 10 years guiding middle school students to use open source as a tool to close the digital divide in education. He and his students will share how they used open source software to recycle computers for their fellow students during COVID-19 school closures.

To date, he and his students have provided over 600 Linux computers, helping students learn while also saving money for their schools.

New this year - participants can attend keynote sessions dedicated to strategic Drupal Initiatives:

Decoupled Menus
Tuesday, 13 April
This initiative is focused on developing an easy-to-integrate solution for JavaScript front ends to consume configurable menus managed in Drupal—a key enhancement for developers. This is the first step in standardizing best practices for Decoupled Drupal.

Easy Out of the Box
Wednesday, 14 April
This initiative is designed to refine improvements introduced in the Drupal 9 release and enable new features that can make Drupal even easier to use.

Automated Updates
Thursday 15 April
This initiative is all about implementing a secure system for automatically deploying safe, secure updates for Drupal sites—a crucial enhancement for Drupal service providers and end users.

Drupal 10 Readiness
Friday, 16 April
This initiative is our effort to update and enhance the platform to enable a smooth, secure transition to Drupal 10, which launches in 2022.

Invest in your career, register today
The global pandemic has increased pressures around work-life integration, so DrupalCon 2021 is built with flexibility in mind. Each day is streamlined with 4 hours of live content, and the virtual setting allows easy participation in the featured keynotes, small group discussions, and interactive skill-building sessions most relevant to you.

Tickets are $245 per attendee and include access to all DrupalCon events, premiere access to the session recordings, as well as admission into the industry summits of your choice (higher education, healthcare, nonprofit, and government) held throughout April. Registration details, as well as additional speaker and session information, are available at https://events.drupal.org/northamerica2021

DrupalCon is brought to you by the Drupal Association in collaboration with a team of dedicated contributors and sponsors, including Diamond Sponsors Acquia, Pantheon, and Platform.sh.

DrupalCon Community Photo

Mar 24 2021
Mar 24

Our Diamond Sponsors

Acquia logo     Pantheon logo     Platform.sh logo

DrupalCon North America is only a few weeks away, and we’re adding new sessions daily to our already exciting lineup of keynotes, breakout discussions, skill-building sessions, and networking opportunities.

Browse this year’s scheduled sessions to create your personalized DrupalCon experience, tailored to your interests. Whether you’re a developer interested in building new skills, a marketer who wants to learn more about digital experiences and branding, or a Drupal user looking for insights on accessibility and inclusion, you’ll find a session to meet your needs.

New for 2021! Participation in industry summits is included in your DrupalCon ticket, and summits will be held throughout the month of April.

  • Take time to focus on your industry without missing out on DrupalCon content
  • Connect directly with colleagues and peers in your industry through chat, 1:1 networking, and other platform features
  • Get exclusive access to creative and flexible sessions, with the chance to join additional breakout groups and roundtable discussions
If you’re new to Drupal or DrupalCon, participating in a range of events is a great way to get to know the Drupal community and learn more about what’s possible with Drupal.

Register now to be part of DrupalCon 2021 and get access to all event content and the industry summits throughout April!

Centarro logoThank you to Pantheon for their continued support of DrupalCon North America 2021! Pantheon's mission is to make the web a first-class platform that delivers results. "Superpower Your Team With WebOps."

Last call for scholarships - 26 March application deadline

If you’d like to attend DrupalCon, but cost is a barrier, apply for a DrupalCon scholarship today. You’ll learn more about Drupal, build valuable skills, and connect with a supportive community of developers and Drupal users around the world. The deadline for scholarship applications is 26 March. Apply today.

We’re also looking for scholarship mentors—people who have attended DrupalCon in the past and can help new DrupalCon participants get the most out of the experience. Mentors help provide a warm welcome to the community. 

Register for DrupalCon and sign up to be a scholarship mentor today.

Elevated Third logoB2B Strategy, Meet Drupal. Thank you to Elevated Third for their DrupalCon North America Platinum sponsorship. Elevated Third is a digital agency that blends strategic thinking with technical doing to solve enterprise B2B problems.

Celebrate 20 years of Drupal at DrupalFest events throughout April

DrupalFest 2021 logoJoin the global Drupal community in celebrating 20 years of community-led, open source innovation at DrupalFest events—from training workshops to virtual happy hours. Most DrupalFest events will be hosted online, by people within the Drupal community, and are free to join. 

Browse confirmed events, and join your fellow Drupal enthusiasts in celebrating community, collaboration, connection, and two decades of positive impacts made possible by Drupal.

Have an idea for a DrupalFest event you’d like to host? Submit it here.

Whether you’re looking for premium branding, speaking engagements, or a virtual booth, there’s still time to sponsor DrupalCon North America.

Hear why Gold Sponsor, Amazee.io, is sponsoring

We’re proud to sponsor and to continue our support of DrupalCon North America – especially this being Drupal’s 20th anniversary year. Our sponsorship helps us to build brand awareness, connect with potential clients, source new leads, and boost our employer-brand in order to attract new talent."

This is your chance to highlight your business as an important part of the largest annual gathering of Drupal talent, experts, agencies, and users. Sponsorships start at just $4,050 - contact [email protected] for more information.

Register now!

Register for DrupalCon now for access to valuable information, the chance to build new skills, and connections you can build on after the event. 

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Thank you to our newest sponsors supporting DrupalCon North America 2021!

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Mar 17 2021
Mar 17

Our Diamond Sponsors

Acquia logo     Pantheon logo     Platform.sh logo
DrupalCon North America 2021 is less than a month away, and we’re excited to announce the program! Explore the confirmed sessions, register to participate, and start to plan your DrupalCon adventure. 

The keynotes offer exclusive opportunities to hear from leaders in Drupal and open source about issues and ideas that impact Drupal developers and users around the world.

Here’s a look at this year’s keynote lineup.

Sheree Atcheson, Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Peakon
Allyship—the key to unlocking the power of diversity
Monday 12 April, 12:10 - 12:40 EDT

Sheree Atcheson, an industry-leading voice on diversity and inclusion in tech, will talk about the importance of intersectional allyship in creating inclusive environments and technology. She’ll offer tips on how everyone in any role can actively consider, champion, and advocate for others in their work and be more inclusive in their day-to-day lives.

Dries Buytaert, Founder, Drupal
Wednesday, 14 April, 12:30 - 13:50 EDT

A much-anticipated highlight of DrupalCon, Drupal founder Dries Buytaert will deliver his annual talk on the state of the Drupal project now and his thoughts on what’s next. Don’t miss it!

Photo by Amazee Labs from DrupalCon Nashville 2018

Stuart Keroff, Social Studies and Technology Teacher, Aspen Academy
School needs open source, now more than ever
Friday, 16 April, 14:20 - 14:50 EDT

Technology educator Stuart Keroff, founder of the first two middle school Linux clubs in Minnesota, has spent the last 10 years guiding middle school students to use open source as a tool to close the digital divide in education. He and his students will share how they used open source software to recycle computers for their fellow students during COVID-19 school closures.
Tuesday - Friday of DrupalCon will begin with keynotes sessions focused on the Project’s strategic initiatives. More information below. 

Learn more about DrupalCon keynote speakers and sessions.

Centarro logoThank you to Centarro for being a Platinum DrupalCon North America sponsor! Centarro (formerly Commerce Guys) is the company behind Drupal Commerce, an eCommerce platform uniquely suited to cross-border commerce, B2C + B2B sales, & tailor-made REST APIs.

Explore contribution opportunities at DrupalCon

Along with DrupalCon sessions, discussion groups, and skill-building opportunities, each day of this year’s event will focus on one of the Drupal Project’s strategic initiatives. You’ll begin the day with a keynote on the featured initiative, find out how it will make more exciting digital experiences possible, and have the opportunity to participate in mentored contributions following the live content at DrupalCon, where you can be part of accelerating the initiative’s success. All participants are welcome, with or without technical experience!


Here’s a look at the specific initiatives we’ll focus on each day.

Decoupled Menu Day

Decoupled Menus Day
Tuesday, 13 April

This initiative is focused on developing an easy-to-integrate solution for JavaScript front ends to consume configurable menus managed in Drupal. Learn what’s been accomplished so far and how you can help move the initiative forward. Drupal mentors will be on hand to help contributors with coding, writing, and testing activities. Learn more 
Easy Out of the Box Day

Easy Out of the Box Day

Wednesday, 14 April 

This initiative is designed to improve upon Drupal 9 features and enable new features that can make Drupal even easier to use. Learn more
Automated Updates Day

Automated Updates Day

Thursday, 15 April 

This initiative is all about implementing a secure system for automatically deploying safe, secure updates for Drupal sites—a crucial enhancement for Drupal service providers and end users that could create other exciting new possibilities for the future. Learn more
Drupal 10 Readiness Day

Drupal 10 Readiness Day

Friday, 16 April

This initiative is our effort to update and enhance the platform to enable a smooth, secure transition to Drupal 10, which launches in 2022. Learn more
Tag1 logoWe're grateful to Tag1 Consulting for their Platinum DrupalCon North America sponsorship! Tag1 is a global technology consulting firm that specializes in architecting, optimizing, securing, and delivering large scale systems.. 

Whether you’re looking for premium branding, speaking engagements, or a virtual booth, there’s still time to sponsor DrupalCon North America.

Hear why Platinum Sponsor, Acro Media, is sponsoring for the 6th year in a row - 

“Our Drupalcon sponsorship investment each year continues to provide value in the form(s) of sharing and gaining knowledge, building relationships and partnerships within the community, and meeting potential new clients. Acro Media has been a proud Drupalcon sponsor for a number of years and 2021 is no different. We greatly appreciate the effort the Drupal Association has taken to create an interactive virtual experience for 2021 and we are excited to participate.” 

This is your chance to highlight your business as an important part of the largest annual gathering of Drupal talent, experts, agencies, and users. Sponsorships start at just $4,050 - contact [email protected] for more information.

Tag1 logoThank you to Phase 2 Technology for their continued support at DrupalCon North America! For the last 20 years, Phase2 has been at the center of the digital ecosystem, integrating processes, people, and systems.
Tag1 logoPalantir is a full-service digital consultancy that works to strengthen humanity by helping others discover, create, and share knowledge. Thank you, Palantir, for being a Platinum sponsor at DrupalCon North America!

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Mar 15 2021
Mar 15

Wednesday at DrupalCon will feature content focussed on the Easy Out of the Box strategic initiative, as well as all the usual great things we have lined up for DrupalCon.

Rachel Lawson caught up with some of the Initiative Team to find out what they had to tell us.

[embedded content]

Cristina Chumillas, Emilie Nouveau, AmyJune Hineline, Sascha Eggenberger, and Tim Plunkett will guide us on a journey about Easy Out of the Box, starting with a Keynote introducing the initiative, suggested sessions to attend to increase your knowledge related to the initiative, as well support to contribute to the initiative following the live sessions at DrupalCon.

Mar 10 2021
Mar 10

Our Diamond Sponsors
Acquia logo     Pantheon logo     Platform.sh logo

Join us for the Driesnote and the latest on all things Drupal

Register now to attend the much-anticipated Driesnote on April 14 at 12:30 EDT. Participants will be the first to hear what’s happening with the Drupal project and where it’s going next from Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert. The Driesnote is a highlight of DrupalCon for members of the Drupal community, the wider tech industry, and anyone interested in open source. You don’t want to miss it!

When can you hear from Dries at DrupalCon? 

  • Welcome to DrupalCon: Monday, April 12, 11:00 EDT
  • Driesnote: Wednesday, April 14, 12:30 EDT
  • Driesnote Q&A: Wednesday, April 14, 14:00 EDT
  • Q&A with the Drupal Association staff and board: Thursday, April 15, 12:15 EDT
Register for DrupalCon today to get exclusive live access to the Driesnote.
Acquia logoThank you Acquia for your long-standing Diamond sponsorship. A hearty congratulations for being named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for #DXP for Open Digital Experience Platform!

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Mar 10 2021
Mar 10

We cannot think of a better way of wrapping up a whole week at DrupalCon than a focused look at the next major release of Drupal, version 10, and how we will get there.

Rachel Lawson caught up with some of the Initiative Team to find out what they had to tell us.

[embedded content]

Gábor Hojtsy, Chris Darke (ChrisDarke), Ofer Shaal (shaal), and Lauri Eskola (lauriii) will guide us on a journey about Drupal 10 Readiness, starting with a Keynote introducing the initiative, suggested sessions to attend to increase your knowledge related to the initiative, as well support to contribute to the initiative following the live sessions at DrupalCon.

Mar 05 2021
Mar 05

Update: The Automated Updates Initiative day has moved to Thursday, April 15th

Following our previous post about new contribution structures at DrupalCon and the video about Decoupled Menus for Tuesday, we can now announce that on Thursday, April 15, we will focus on the Automated Updates initiative.

Rachel Lawson caught up with the Initiative Team to find out what they had to tell us.

[embedded content]

David Strauss (David Strauss), Ted Bowman (tedbow), Matthew Radcliffe (mradcliffe), and Tim Hestenes Lehnen (hestenet) will guide us on an Automated Updates adventure, starting with a Keynote introducing the initiative, suggested sessions to attend to increase your knowledge related to the initiative, as well support to contribute to the initiative following the live sessions at DrupalCon.

Eager to learn more? Join us on Drupal Slack in the #autoupdates channel.

Mar 03 2021
Mar 03


Sheree Atcheson photoWe’re thrilled to announce one of our confirmed keynote speakers for DrupalCon North America 2021! Sheree Atcheson, an award-winning leader, author, and frequent speaker on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry will deliver a presentation on Monday, April 12 titled: Allyship—The Key to Unlocking the Power of Diversity.

Atcheson will talk about one crucial way everyone can play a role in making our work environments and technology more inclusive: intersectional allyship. She’ll discuss how we can consider, champion, and advocate for the needs of others through all of our processes, and offer useful tips on how to become a more inclusive person in your own day-to-day life.

Atcheson is Global Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Peakon, an advisory board member with Women Who Code, and author of Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don’t Happen, and What You Can Do About It. 

Hear her speak on Monday, April 12 at 12:10 pm EDT (UTC -4).

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Submit an event for DrupalFest: April 1 - 30

DrupalFest iconHave an idea for how to celebrate Drupal’s 20th birthday? We’re looking for submissions from within the community for DrupalFest, held online throughout the month of April. DrupalFest is a series of free, virtual events focused on community, contribution, and the positive impacts Drupal has made possible. Submit your ideas for virtual Drupal contribution events, skill-building workshops, and fun ways to come together and celebrate online.

Explore event ideas, and submit your own event. 

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Nominate a Drupal contributor for the 2021 Aaron Winborn Award

The annual Aaron Winborn Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates personal integrity, kindness, and above-and-beyond commitment to the Drupal community. The award includes a scholarship for the winner to attend DrupalCon, as well as recognition prior to the Driesnote. 

If you know of someone who has made a big impact in their local or regional community, or on the global Drupal community, let us know!

We’re accepting nominations until March 19, 2021, and the winner will be selected by a committee made up of members of our Community Working Group (CWG) as well as past award winners. (Current members of the CWG and past award winners are not eligible for nomination.)</span>

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Mar 02 2021
Mar 02

DrupalCon North America 2021 has a new format, as described in our previous post, that enables you to learn about a specific strategic initiative or participate in more general conference programming. On Tuesday, April 13, we will focus on Decoupled Menus. Rachel Lawson caught up with the Initiative Team to find out more…

[embedded content]


Théodore Biadala (nod_), Gabe Sullice (gabesullice), Baddý Breidert (baddysonja), and Tara King (sparklingrobots) will be leading us in a Decoupled Menus contribution adventure, including:

  • a Keynote introducing the initiative,
  • suggested sessions to attend to increase your knowledge related to the initiative,
  • support to contribute to the initiative following the live sessions at DrupalCon.

The Decoupled Menus team has some great videos and we have worked with the team running drupal.tv to create a special playlist with content curated to help prepare you to get the most out of your access to the initiative leads at DrupalCon. You are highly encouraged to watch the videos prior to the Decoupled Menu Keynote on April 13.

Keep checking the Decoupled Menus playlist on drupal.tv for more content over the next few weeks.

Feb 25 2021
Feb 25

Learn about DrupalCon focus areas and ways you can contribute at the all-virtual event.

Feb 18 2021
Feb 18

Advance the Drupal project and make Drupal 10 a success

DrupalCon North America will incorporate Drupal's strategic goals and contribution opportunities into the main event programming. As part of your DrupalCon experience, you will have the ability to deep dive into a specific initiative or participate in more general conference programming.

As we look forward to the launch of Drupal 10 in 2022, we’re supporting opportunities for all DrupalCon participants—of all levels of experience—to contribute to this next phase of the platform.

Here’s what to expect:

Each day of DrupalCon will begin with a keynote presentation focused on a strategic initiative related to Drupal 10. You’ll learn about each initiative’s goals and see how it will help all of us create even better, more engaging digital experiences.

Throughout each day, you’ll then have the chance to join sessions that will help participants of all professional backgrounds and skill sets learn:

  • How the initiative works
  • How it will enable more exciting digital experiences
  • How to sell those experiences to clients
  • How Drupal community members can contribute to the initiative’s success
In the latter part of each day, you’ll have the option to participate in contribution activities designed for participants with or without technical experience, with support from Drupal leaders and mentors.

If you’re already working on a contribution team, you’ll have the chance to continue your work at DrupalCon and share your experiences and lessons learned with the wider Drupal community via the hashtag #DrupalContribution.</span>

Feb 09 2021
Feb 09

On January 15, 2021, Drupal celebrated its 20th birthday - a major accomplishment for an open source project! As we look to the future, how can we propel Drupal forward to be the top digital experience platform?

Vision. Contribution. Innovation.

With Drupal 10 on the horizon for summer of 2022, the Drupal Association is helping to rally the community around Drupal’s key strategic initiatives, critical to meeting this milestone. We are collaborating with the Core Mentoring Coordinators, the Core Initiative Coordinators, and the DrupalCon Program Committee to evolve the contribution experience at DrupalCon to support key initiatives, illustrate how to get involved, and, ultimately, accelerate project innovation.

DrupalCon North America will incorporate Drupal's strategic goals and contribution opportunities into the main event programming. As part of your DrupalCon experience, you will have the ability to deep dive into a specific initiative or participate in more general conference programming. 

Each day, we focus

Each day, in addition to the traditional DrupalCon content, we will have a focus on one of the Drupal Project’s Strategic Initiatives and will begin with an Initiative Keynote. Key members of the Initiative will take us all on a journey through the goals of that initiative, and how it will help create a better product for us all to build future digital experiences. Co-speakers will join the keynote to place the initiative in the wider context of the value this feature brings to Drupal. This content will not just be for developers, but for everyone who has a stake in the strategic future of Drupal.

At the conclusion of the session, all the keynote speakers will be available for discussion with attendees.

Throughout the day, the program will contain select, highlighted content that helps participants of all backgrounds and skill sets to learn in detail how the initiative works, how it will enable them to build more exciting experiences, how to sell those experiences more effectively, and how they can participate in contributing to the initiative’s success.

Each day, we contribute

In the latter part of the day, participants will have the option to engage in interactive and supported contribution activities. Contribution opportunities will be available for both technical and non-technical audiences at all experience levels.

The day’s initiative keynote team will be available to coordinate contributions, alongside our mentoring team. On other days, we will all give the initiative team the space to build upon the successes coming out of their day in the spotlight.

Contribution is not limited to the focused initiatives. There will be space and opportunity for individuals who already have their own contribution teams and goals. You’re encouraged to work on them at DrupalCon and share your stories via #DrupalContributions for us to share with the wider community.

The transformation of contribution opportunities at DrupalCon will only make an impact with your support. Accelerate the project by contributing at DrupalCon and elevate the future of Drupal.

We hope you'll join us! Register for DrupalCon today.

More information about the specific schedule, content, and areas of focus for contribution will be coming soon. 

Editor's note: DrupalCon contribution activities will be available for free for non-ticket-holders as always.

About DrupalCon North America 2021

At DrupalCon North America 2021, the people who create the digital experiences the world relies on every day—developers, marketers, agency leaders, and business decision makers—come together to learn about the latest Drupal developments and contribute to the future of the platform.

This year’s all-virtual event, April 12-16, is designed to fit into your schedule, so you can still participate in the conference while balancing work and life at home. Live sessions will be held across five days, Monday - Friday from 11:00AM - 3:00PM Eastern, with these contribution activities in the latter part of the day

In events ranging from keynote presentations to hands-on skill-building workshops, you’ll:

  • Learn Drupal best practices, new skills, and innovative strategies you can use in your own projects.
  • Connect with others in the Drupal community, growing your network and collaborating on ways to make the platform even better.
  • Build your career or business, with opportunities to showcase your own work and meet potential employers, clients, talent, and partners.

Whether you attend DrupalCon to hear the vision from founder Dries Buytaert, to learn from mainstage speakers about open source and beyond, to develop your own talent or recruit talent of others, or to build relationships with new contributors, collaborators, and friends - there is a place for you at DrupalCon. 

Feb 09 2021
Feb 09

Call for content closes February 14

Submit your proposal to host a short, interactive session, and share what you know with the Drupal community. 

All sessions will be virtual this year, and facilitators and presenters will get free registration for the entire conference. We strongly encourage submissions from facilitators and presenters who have been marginalized due to racism, misogyny, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination.

We’re looking for ideas related to, but not limited to, the following topic areas:

  • Drupal Community Health
  • Content & Marketing
  • Core Contributions
  • Development & Coding
  • DevOps
  • Drupal and Open Source 101
  • Drupal Showcase
  • Leadership, Management, & Business
  • Site Building
  • User Experience, Accessibility & Design
Learn more about session topics and submission guidelines.  

If you’d like to lead a deeper dive into topics related to your industry, submit a presentation for one of our industry summits, held virtually throughout the month of April:

  • Tuesday, April 6: Drupal Community Summit
  • Tuesday, April 20: Higher Education Summit
  • Thursday, April 22: Healthcare Summit
  • Tuesday, April 27: Nonprofit Summit
  • Thursday, April 29: Government Summit

Learn, Connect, Build

DrupalCon North America is the largest DrupalCon event of the year, held virtually this year from April 12–16, from 11:00 am - 3:00pm Eastern (UTC -5). 

In keynote presentations, hands-on skill-building workshops, breakout discussions, and interactive sessions, you’ll:

Learn Drupal best practices, new skills, and innovative strategies you can use in your own projects.

Connect with others in the Drupal community, growing your network, and collaborating on ways to make the platform even better. 

Build your career or business, with opportunities to showcase your own work and meet potential employers, clients, talent, and partners.</span>

Gain visibility with targeted engagement opportunities 

Become a DrupalCon sponsor to reach thousands of the world's top Drupal contributors, influencers, and organizations. Sponsorship packages start at $4,050. 
Contact us today to learn about DrupalCon sponsorship opportunities.

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Feb 02 2021
Feb 02


Don’t miss your last chance to register for DrupalCon at the early bird rate

Tomorrow, February 3, is the final opportunity to register for DrupalCon North America 2021 at the discounted rate.

Whether you’re new to Drupal or have been attending DrupalCon for years, you won’t want to miss this year’s all-virtual event. In keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, breakout discussion groups, and interactive sessions, you’ll connect with a global community of developers, marketers, and leaders — people who want to learn about what you’re doing with Drupal and have their own expertise to share. 

Dive deeper into issues related to your industry and share insights with peers in your field at a DrupalCon summit. Participation in industry summits are included this year with your DrupalCon ticket. Dates are spread throughout the month of April so you don't have to miss a thing. 

Feb 01 2021
Feb 01


Join us for an all-virtual DrupalCon 2021

Join us for DrupalCon 2021, the world’s premier gathering of Drupal enthusiasts and experts. Build your skills, learn more about what Drupal can do, celebrate successes and collaborate to improve and grow the open source platform the world relies on every single day. 

This year’s all-virtual event, April 12-16, is designed to fit into your schedule, so you can still participate in the conference while balancing work and life at home. 

Buy your ticket before 11:59 p.m. ET (UTC -5) on February 3 to get the early bird rate and save $50 on admission.

Your ticket includes access to:

  • Keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, breakout discussion groups, and interactive sessions April 12-16, with live programming held from 11 a.m. through 3 p.m. ET (UTC -5) each day
  • DrupalCon industry summits, held throughout the month of April, with deeper dives into the following areas:
    • Drupal Community, April 6
    • Libraries, April 8
    • Higher Education, April 20
    • Healthcare, April 22
    • Nonprofit, April 27
    • Government, April 29

Volunteers help make DrupalCon possible, contributing their time, talent and skills. Explore all the different ways you can contribute — even if you’re not a developer.

Download the DrupalCon Contribution Opportunities Guide to learn more.

Call for content: Share your experience and expertise with the Drupal community

Lead a fireside chat, skill-sharing session, birds of a feather discussion group or interactive workshop. We’re looking for engaging program content that helps everyone in the Drupal community learn, grow and feel inspired to do more with Drupal.

Possible content topics include:

  • Community Health
  • Content and Marketing
  • Development and Coding
  • DevOps
  • Drupal and Open Source 101
  • Drupal Showcase
  • Leadership, Management and Business
  • Site Building
  • User Experience, Accessibility and Design
And these are just a starting point. If you’ve got a creative idea for a session topic or format, we’d love to hear it. We’re especially interested in ideas that help everyone break out of their daily Zoom fatigue, e.g., sessions focused on creative exercises, art, collaboration or movement.

Content submissions are due by February 14. Learn more about submission guidelines, content focus areas and session formats

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Jan 26 2021
Jan 26

Learn more about the call for content and submit today! The session submission deadline is Sunday, February 14 at 11:59 pm EST (UTC -5). Send questions about DrupalCon (session submission process, logistics, etc.) to the DrupalCon team. Get tips and request proposal feedback anytime in the #session-help Slack channel.

A note from our fabulous 2020 program committee:

“Imposter syndrome” — something we seem to be hearing about more often. Not familiar with the term? Gill Corkindale defines imposter syndrome beautifully in Harvard Business Review

Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. ‘Imposters’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence. High achieving, highly successful people often suffer, so imposter syndrome doesn’t equate with low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence. In fact, some researchers have linked it with perfectionism, especially in women and among academics.

In 1978 clinical psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes came up with the term “imposter phenomenon” after recognizing a pattern of feelings in graduate students. Through this research they created the Clance Impostor Phenomenon Scale (CIPS), which helps individuals evaluate their level of imposterness.

Many times, when a person considers presenting in front of an audience, imposter syndrome comes, too. We’ve chatted as a committee and have come up with a few thoughts to share. 

Why is this relevant to you?

Do any of the following sound like something you might say?

  • Everyone else around me knows so much more than I do
  • I’m not sure why [potential employer] would hire me when [someone else] is available
  • If I ask or talk about this, everyone will realize that I don’t know as much as they think I do
  • [Another Drupaler] is far more qualified than me to teach this subject
  • I should offer a discount for this job because I’m not as good at this as [insert someone else’s name here]

Chances are pretty high that, if you are reading this post at all, you are party to this pattern. Why do we feel confident making this assumption? Because you are curious enough to submit that you are paying attention to the resources, but you feel that you need to prepare yourself with more information before doing so. The very fact that you are interested in submitting content means that you have something valuable to share. And we want you to submit, as we want and need your voice.

The worst that can happen: your proposal is not accepted. Even then, however, you and your unique ideas are now top of mind for a collection of Drupalers, and our own journeys are anecdotal evidence of this directly translating into impact, personal growth and future opportunities.

And consider this: you probably think of the session selection team as experts in the field because someone thought we should be part of this team and invited us to join, right? Well, how is it that we are capable of writing this post if we are such hotshots? Frankly, because we have these thoughts every day. We are not hotshots, but simply people who took the scary step to put ourselves out there even though we doubted ourselves.

How does imposter syndrome come into play at DrupalCon?

It is common for Drupalers to think that whatever they may have to share is status quo and everyone knows it, but if you start asking around, everyone is always looking for better solutions. It is highly unlikely that two people will approach similar challenges exactly the same way, and your “basic” talk idea might be exactly what dozens or hundreds of people need in order to level-up their Drupal skills.

True story from one of our session team members: in 2010 Rain, then fairly new to Drupal, submitted “Views Demystified” because the very basic chapter on Views from Angie Byron (webchick) and Addison Berry (add1sun)’s book, Using Drupal, saved her hundreds of hours building Drupal sites. Rain figured it wouldn’t be accepted or attended because of course everyone else knew Views, but she submitted anyway.

This very simple beginner talk not only landed hundreds of attendees at the Con and was directly requested for many camps and meetups for years following, but it also had a lasting impact on many. To date, after nearly a decade, Rain continues to encounter people who tell her this talk changed their Drupal-lives.

When preparing your submission, think about what would be useful if you were in the audience of a potential session. If it’s useful to you, then someone else wants to learn about it too. Not every session has to be something new or cutting-edge; sometimes the most obvious topics are the ones people need most! 

Your idea, no matter how basic it seems, might be that key talk for future generations of Drupalers. 

Overcoming imposter syndrome in the moment

Imposter syndrome can also make presenting feel scary, especially when things don’t quite go as planned. 

Shaky Wi-Fi connection from an unanticipated windstorm? Dog decides to create a symphony with a siren? Mishaps happen. It’s helpful to acknowledge that things go wrong—it’s normal! You are supportive and have patience when mishaps happen to others, so show yourself patience. At DrupalCon in particular, remember that much of the audience have been speakers themselves. They understand and are rooting for you!

Don’t let it bother you if an audience member leaves or sign-off, there could be any reason for this. Perhaps they have an emergency to tend to, someone scheduled a meeting that overlaps with part of your presentation, or they realized the content wasn’t quite what they were looking for and they’d like to make another session instead. This is not a reflection of you, or your speaking. Focus on the people who are there and engaged.

If it all goes awry, be honest! If you’re nervous, say so. If you need help, ask for it. A session host will be there to support you and can help stimulate conversation with the participants while you adjust your slides or microphone. Team up with a friend and co-present. This tends to take some pressure off each person, and provides at least one guaranteed familiar face.

You’ve got this

If you’re feeling a dose of imposter syndrome, perhaps that means you’re surrounding yourself with people who motivate and challenge you. That’s admirable! 

Some powerful advice from Megan Dalla-Camina’s article in Psychology Today:

At the end of the day, remember this: You are here for a reason. In this job, your business, your life, you are worthy. You are better than you think you are. You are smarter than you think you are. You know more than you give yourself credit for. Remember that. And remind yourself as often as you need to.

Remember, you’ve got this!

Contributed by Esther Lee and Rain Breaw Michaels.

Jan 21 2021
Jan 21

Hello Drupal Association Member,
Last month, we completed the contract negotiations needed to pivot once again from the planned in-person conference to a virtual experience. With DrupalCon North America 2021 rapidly approaching on April 12-16, we are working hard to design an optimal online experience for our community and beyond. Our goals for the event include: bringing people together to share thought leadership around open source and ambitious digital experiences, providing professional development opportunities, and invigorating Drupal project momentum through education and contribution. 
Come together and contributeDrupalCon is enhanced through the time and talent contributed by volunteers, and we offer a number of opportunities to influence and support the design and implementation of the event. We’ve put together an overview of the volunteer opportunities for your review and consideration. If one or more of the roles aligns with your interests and availability, submit your interest form. If you’d like to be a member of the Program Committee, Summit Committee, or Marketing Committee, please be sure to submit your interest form no later than Friday, January 29, 2021. 
Come together and contribute
Another way to positively impact DrupalCon is by sharing your knowledge and insights as a speaker for the event. We are currently recruiting program content that emphasizes participant discussion and engagement. Visit the website to learn more and make a plan to submit your proposal before the February 14 deadline. 
If you’re planning to attend, be sure to register before February 4 to save $50 and secure the discounted rate. 

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Jan 08 2021
Jan 08


Register now to save $50USD

DrupalCon is the flagship Drupal event of the year designed to bring people together to share thought leadership around open source and ambitious digital experiences, provide professional development opportunities, and invigorate Drupal project momentum through education and contribution. 

Attend DrupalCon to:

  • Learn the latest technology 
  • Grow your Drupal skills
  • Deliver more value to your organization and clients
  • Build a stronger network 
  • Share your knowledge with others
  • Contribute to the Drupal project
Register today to secure the discounted rate and confirm your attendance at the biggest Drupal event of the year online April 12 - 16, 2021.

Early registration ends February 3 at 11:59 PM ET.

Jan 05 2021
Jan 05

Want to give back to the Drupal Community? Here’s your chance. Drupal Global Contribution Weekend, January 29-31, is a virtual worldwide event everyone can participate in from anywhere in the world. 

Dec 17 2020
Dec 17

DrupalCon North America 2021 is officially pivoting to a virtual event for the safety of our community. We will gather together online April 12 - 16, 2021. Join us to build Drupal, make connections, and foster friendships through DrupalCon!

Dec 08 2020
Dec 08

We are delighted to have you join us for the first ever Virtual edition of DrupalCon Europe 2020.


Let's kick off!

Today, Tuesday, 8 December 2020, the first parallel sessions, tracks, BoFs and workshops will launch DrupalCon Europe 2020 Virtual Meeting at 9:15 CET.

Drupal initiative leads keynote from 16:30 to 18:00 CET

Drupal’s initiatives form powerful teams that make great things happen. Core initiatives self-organize to get new improvements to the base system while community initiatives coordinate event organization, spread diversity best practices, collaborate on promotional materials, and so on.

Speakers: Putra Bonaccorsi, Ted Bowman, Len Swaneveld, Neil Drumm, Ryan Aslett, Baddy Sonja Breidert, Gábor Hojtsy.

We cheerfully invite you all at 18:15 CET to join the Official Opening Ceremony Don't miss this convivial moment: The Flamenco Session, known by most of you as a Spanish typical dance. You will be able to see a demonstration from the professional dancer Marta G. Blanco and as well learn some of its basic moves.

Visit our Sponsors in the Virtual exhibition and request live meetings to video-chat with them and learn about what they offer.  We hope you enjoy your first day with us! 

With kind regards, 

DrupalCon Europe 2020 Congress Secretariat

Kuoni Congress

[email protected] 

Nov 16 2020
Nov 16

If Drupal in Europe is important to you, we need your help! Read on to see how.


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  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
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