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Oct 18 2016
Oct 18

As a side effect of being a loud mouthed rock n roll beer drinking dane. I somehow ended up with the nickname “the king of denmark”, after Brussels.

Many have asked me about it so heres there story.

First night at Drupalcon we all joined at a touristic bar in the center of Brussels, where you can get Duvel & thats pretty much it, after a bunch of hours tasting the most normal belgian beers, me, an irish and an english decided as people were stumbling out, that we wasn’t done yet and needed to find a better bar, soon were following a bunch of drunk french speaking ladies and ended in a cellar bar, with a phonebook sized beer menu.  The following night drupalcon had decided to meetup again at the touristic hell hole ( decided by Dries & Mike Meyers that thought it was best that we went back to a place we could find instead of “somewhere in a basement in the old part of brussels” … tsk tsk tsk no sense of adventure.)

2 hours later at the bar -  canadian Boris mann asked me about the bar i talked about earlier - Suddenly the whole conference was now gathered they were all looking at me  So I could show em the magic beer place… To this day I have still no idea of how i found the place again, it was pure luck (no smart phones, or google maps in 2006) but we found it. How i later that night found my hotel i still have no idea about. The next day showing up at the venue, people were utterly destroyed & somebody greeted me with “good morning King of Denmark - how are you feeling today ” …

Thats how I got the name "king of denmark” and somehow got to be responsible for “where do we go tonight”.

Sep 26 2016
Sep 26

Ok so this is a premium theme. which means its not release on d.o (yes you can yell at me)

Basically the issue is that its not possible to build designs the same way as we do modules, so something new needs to happen, if we want better designs & themes into the Drupal world - crowdfunding sounds all good n all, but hey isnt it better to actually get something in your hand instead of wait forever for a kickstarter release 

the single site : 99,- usd (1 site)
2. the multiple sites: 299,- usd (1-50 sites)
3. the “We want to ask for features & make you fix it & use the theme a lot”: 999,-usd (think 100+ sites)

Pre release discount price: 50 usd off, cause its awesome your dare to take a chance with me <3 

So 3 different “licenses” what are they:

1. the “single site”
its the one you use when you just have one site that you wanna make look like flatearth, suitable for single sites.

2. Multiple site:
This is the one if your an agency that have like 0-50 sites that they wanna use the theme(s) on.

3. we want to ask for features & make you fix it.  
This is for the shops that needs more & uses the flatearth for alot + have all kinds of whishes that they want us to implement. Simple drop some more moneys in, then we can fix it.

im not an expert in licensing but i want to have people to use my design & theme for all the things & be able to modify it completely as they want, without getting a headache to figure out if they can use it & for what.

It would suck major if somebody cloned it & put it on d.o and claimed it as their own, So thats the license: Do whatever you want with it, dont claim it to be your own & share it as it is, and respect the licenses that the iconsets that are used as well.

I know its based completely on a gentleman style of thinking but thats how we roll.

One year support

The price is not for the download its to keep the development going, so its covering the next 12 months of support.

theme machine license :
You can use and modify the theme as much as you want to. Its yours rock out with, it dosnt matter if its commercial, non profit or private, its made to be used.
When your license runs out after 1 year, you dont stop using the theme(s) you just dont get support or updates.

Its übercool to:
* Use the theme for all your clients so you look rad! & they will <3 drupal even more.
* Modify the theme for whatever you need - hack away!

Its not cool to:
* Change a few colors & an icon and pretend that its your own.
* upload it to some download service somewhere & then eater sell it or give it away for free. 
* Dont be a douche & support the work were doing.

Jul 28 2016
Jul 28

theming have changed under the hood in Drupal 8.
Basethemes pre-drupal 8 was basically a reset theme to fix Drupal’s divits markup, it give you some decent default markup elements & class structures (zen, mothership etc)
In Drupal8 we have fixed the worst of the markup/divitis patterns & underlying wtfs, and were giving you the themer a important choice of what you want to start out with- Are you gonna Stable or Classy? whats it gonna be punk ?

May 18 2016
May 18

In my horror i found out that Drupal 8 is still adding css files, that imho should not really be there.
Back in the "good old" days of drupal 7 a hack was the FOAD hack (yes you know what it means) We told drupal that we had a css file, but really it wasnt there. Drupal being as dumb as wet cardboard would then forget all about the css file & voila it was gone.

Now in Drupal8 FOAD got build in, cause drupal got a bit more brain.

Aug 15 2014
Aug 15

Welcome back from your summer vacation. Now its time to get out of the sun, and get indoors and geeking out!
Its gonna be the fifth time for Frontend Drupal Badass'es that we gather and discuss & talk Drupal Frontend. We have done this since 2010 (Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, London) and now its time for the bike loving city of copenhagen to again host a little Drupal Event.

Who should attend ?

If youre a "Themer" or the one that does frontend or wanna know about more of the Drupal Frontend you should attend.
If you are a DevOps geek that wanna know why your frontenders are whining swing by, if you lucky you can show up your madskill with the terminal


The event takes place in the centre of copenhagen - near to the metro & train station Nørreport (so you can go direct to the airport with the metro)


True to the spirit of FU were not only gonna talk about what's good & bad about Drupal but also look outside the box of tpl's and the upcoming TWIG theming.

Overall Were expecting people to show up during Friday, the friday we will do training in how to contribute to Drupal & surviving the issueque ;)
Saturday will be the main day of the event, so we will go ALL day & night (were looking for a food sponsor atm) so be ready for a ton of coding & talking and sessions and rocking out.
Sunday we know that people have a tendency to be tired from a long day of Frontend Drupaling & looking at nasty tpls.
So we go a bit more slow & have a codesprint (or code jog) and close off the day hopefully with a couple of patches for Drupal8.


People arrive & get signed in
a "Contribute to drupal" cause we really want all of our frontenders to be able to push code to Drupal, so come and learn your git & Drupal patching + a bit of Drupal8 Twig talking.


10:00 - 22:00'ish + partey!
Cheduled sessions & speaks: go look at the website: http://frontendunited.org


We know by doing this many years before that people have a hard time getting up ;) So were gonna do a bit of Codesprinting (or jogging) & learning more about twig & sharing code.


We got 2 tickets for you:
40€ Just the ticket
60€ Ticket + a simcard, cause we know the wifi will suck monkeys balls, so we are providing simcards so you can hook up your laptop over the phone.


We do think especially the danes will love this one: #FUDK

Still room for speakers ?

Yes we do have room for speakers, so ping us if theres something you think that were totally missing.

We, the small group behind FU, are really looking forward to hangout in copenhagen with you all and give Drupal another stap in the Front ;)

Yes i know its in 2 weeks, so jump on a plain, bike, bus, sprint to copenhagen cause its gonna be awesome

Jun 13 2014
Jun 13

At Drupalcon in Austin I took on the mechanical bull. I ended up losing miserably. Not surprisingly, it was recorded and sent out to the world. Because of my epic fail on the bull, one of my friends in Sweden (I’m Danish) afterwards called me out on Twitter with the #drupalcon hashtag and called me a “pussy".

Other Drupal community members intervened and asked my friend to stop using that kind of language. I saw the thread a couple of hours later next morning, and asked if we could keep the "political correctness" down a little bit, as I saw it as a private teasing over Twitter between 2 people.

I honestly felt the tweet was about me, and my first thought was, “Wow, I don’t have any problems with somebody I know making fun of me - I can stand up for myself”. What i was trying to defend was one of my friends right to make fun of me - I did not understand the issue was around using the word “pussy”, and not about me personally.

That was a mistake not to remember the huge cultural differences we have in our community - and how we use words that can be hurtful to some but don’t even cross my mind when I talk.

I am glad that I got the opportunity at DrupalCon to quickly talk with the people that raised this issue to me, and they took the time to explain to me why the words that were used were an issue. Its not always easy to understand the many differences that we have in a world wide community. In the incident I mentioned our Code of Conduct, where one of our principles is to not assume ill intent from each other, and how we make sure that we get to understand each other - From my perspective the COC worked in terms of how we should react when we feel offended and how we solve issues afterwards.

Things we all should remember when issues occur (as they probably will in the future): We talk about it, We respect each other and we try the best we can to learn from each other.

I sincerely apologize that I didn't get the whole picture before I made my tweets. Instead of seeing it from the outside, I looked at it only from my background. I didn’t see the issue in the moment, but after getting a couple of good pointers and thinking a bit, made my lightbulbs go on, and I’m honestly pissed off at myself for not having a quicker turn around.

Foul language

I’m known for using foul language. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, other times it creates a ton of laughs.

What I haven’t been fully aware of is how my way of communicating can be perceived by people that do not know me. Even people I know sometime are a little bit: “wow, dude, you need to tone that down a little bit”.

I’ve always stood for a very direct & no bullshit tone. This can come across a Iittle harsh for some, though for others it feels like a salvation to be able to talk direct. We are all different & thanks for that. That doesn’t mean what I do is always ok though.

While I will never be able to please everybody, I can promise that I will do my best to make everybody feel included in the Drupal Community. I can’t promise that i won’t make more mistakes - but if i know what I did wrong, I sure will try.

In the future if you feel that I said or did something inappropriate, no matter if its intended or not, then please come to me, talk about it, send me an anonymous mail (here on my old Drupal6 site) or contact a 3rd party and we’ll figure it out. If you don’t feel ok with coming directly to me, and want to know other ways of handling the situation, please look at our conflict resolution policy.

Room for us all

It’s NOT an excuse that English is my 2nd language or that I have a dark-humoured background, or that Danes have in many ways have no filter whatsoever, or that I’m a die-hard metal head. Nor is it an excuse that I live in a country on a continent that is in many ways very different from the US and other areas of the world.

The Drupal community is so diverse that we all have to understand and respect where we come from. There’s no free passes, not even when people call you the King of Denmark and you’re trusted by our community to help the Drupal Association on the right path.

I have as a DA board member a greater responsibility than the rest of our community to help set a tone that can include us all. No matter if you’re like me a foul mouthed metalhead or if you’re an intellectual who loves classical music. There must and shall be room for us all.

We learn from each other, on many levels, if its in code, community leadership or on a human level and thats what makes Drupal so fucking epic!

Stepping down from the Drupal Association

As a consequence of this incident and other occasions when I have offended people by talking openly about my sex life and/or generally using colorful and trashy language, I am withdrawing from the Drupal Association Board.

Some feel that it sets a double standard when a board member acts and talks like I do. While I don’t agree with this, the fact is that I’m not going to change who I am. If I am a distraction for the Drupal Association, it’s better for me and the community if I step down and make room for others that can take over in keeping the DA in contact with its developer community.

It’s been a honor to serve the Drupal community on the board for almost 2 years. I am extremely proud of being voted in by the community twice, and helping to shape the DA into an international organization and am proud that it now has an office in London.

Does this mean that I’m quitting Drupal? No, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding!

Does this mean that I’m quitting the Drupal Association? Nope, sorry that’s happening either. It takes a bit more to get rid of me. ;)

I will now go back to “only” using my time on making Drupal events happen, speaking at conferences, camps and events - When I’m not working on get Drupal 8 out with an awesome new frontend, which I have been working on for now almost 8 years.

If I don’t see you sooner, I hope to see you at Frontend United in Copenhagen, Design 4 Drupal in Boston, Twin Cities DrupalCamp in August, or at DrupalCon Amsterdam in September, hopefully on Monday at the Community Summit.

Brothers & sisters of Drupal I salute you!

Aside: if you are wondering why I don’t have 219 spelling errors here it’s because I got a couple of friends to read this through.

Apr 11 2014
Apr 11

I would lie (and would i lie to you ?) if it say that im not extremely excited about theming in Drupal8. One the bigger painpoints in Drupal theming is figuring out where the markup is generated from. In Drupal8 we have build that directly in, i did a little screencast of it & damn its awesome. I will guarantee 7% less cursing from the themers in the future when we move up to Drupal8 : Drupal8 Twig theme debug

If you on Drupal7 & ave a pirates heart & dont want divitis & bloated crappy markup (sorry Drupal) then checkout the mighty mothership, ruler of the 7 seas of Drupal

Apr 07 2014
Apr 07

Dear Themer we the Drupaltwig group need some answers & advice from all of our fellow Drupalistas - We want to make sure that we are creating a theme system that lives up to the wishes of all Drupal8 users - but especially us themers ;)

Recently we changed the theming system from phptemplate to twig. So now is a golden opportunity to fix some of the theming assumptions that have been around for the last 6-10 years in Drupal. The goal in Drupal8 is to make it easier for themers and at the same time keep awesome for the developers and the site builders. We want the best of both worlds!

The Drupaltwig group want to make sure that were on the right track and not making false assumptions about what you want - its completely unofficial, but we will use it as a guideline - and why its called Drupal Theme Surver 2014

Please spread this around to all the themers you know and other good people, Drupal developers, general frontend developer, sitebuilders & maybe even the suits! ...

We want to make sure that we are ending up creating the best possible theme system we can in Drupal8
and we dont end up with a solution that 5-10 elitist Themers want or even worse, a solution nobody actually wants.

So pretty please - with a {{ sugar }} on top : Take the 2014 Themer Survery!

cheers !
Markup Marine mortendk

Apr 01 2014
Apr 01

I finally got to take a long & hard look at fields and why they have so much divitis + a solution of how to change it for Drupal8. It ended up beeing a ton of markup & css examples on a flat html page
take a look please provide feedback, here or on the issue or at my twitter etc.

If its to long to read then heres the short version: Yes we can fix the divitis, but well have to break out of having the same pattern for all kinds of fields (single, multiple, label & without)

the issue on d.o

& the theme system in Drupal8 is gonna be awesome(if you were wondering)

more info about Drupal Twig on drupaltwig.org
the principles we build Drupaltwig on

Aug 30 2013
Aug 30

Im crazy excited about a specific change that DrupalCon is rolling out this year in Prague : The Community Summit on monday 23 september the day before DrupalCon (same time as the Codesprint & CxO)

The Drupal Community & the Druapl Association ( wtf! ) is taking a tough but necessary decision: kill the community track at DrupalCon - replace it with something that works.
The community track is a thing that apparently "everybody" wanted & screamed about how important it was - but NOBODY attended the sessions. That had to change, its a waste of good conference space, a waste of the presenters time & did anything actually came out of it?
Lets be real here: DrupalCon attendees wanna geek out! - not attend hippie hugging sessions. If the choice is between learning the awesome new theme system for Drupal8, geeeking out with Drush for 2 hours OR goto a talk about "creating passionated developers" - Then its proven by numbers what will happen (11 people attended that session btw)

Now the space is used for sessions & to embrace the need for community talks the DA have expanded the conference so we now have a "Community Summit"

The day is roughly 2 different parts:
1. Focus on getting stuff done.
2. Future of Drupal Events (4+ hours of brain storming, discussions & solutions)

The future or DrupalEvents

The future of Drupal Events workshop will be 4 connected discussions, brainstorming & solutions about the future of planning events in the Drupal Community.

Its of no surprise that the gatherings are extremely important for the Drupalverse(™) its about time that we take a day out of the calendar learn, discuss, plan & figure out how we take the events to the next level, both on local, national & international level.

We expect that local organisers (& attendees!) will participate and bring their dreams, fears, war stories expertise & dreams to help us organise better events in the future.

the #WTF & #epicwins

Answer the question "what was you biggest WTF & epicwin" at a community event - What did you learn from the wtf & epic win.
Dont worry all names & events will be kept a secret - What happens at "community summit the day before drupalcon" … will stay in our minds forever ;)

OMG it was the Best Drupal event eva!

In the perfect world where the sun always shines, you code is error free & the coffee is warm - How would an Drupal Event look like.
Let us roll out the idea's for the best event ever - Doesn't matter if its a camp, camping, con, meet up, code sprint etc. What are the goals we should strive after.
ps: we can cross of being the largest open source conference in the world ;)

Right here right now - Large(r) scale events

There s bunch of exiting events coming up in the very near future - both here in europe but also World Wide.
They do require more planning than a "simple camp" -

  • Drupal8 release - how do we make that work on a global scale.
  • Sponsors, how to not bleed em out
  • whats the purpose of DDD & FU
  • Can we use the Drupal Association for anything (yes this is a trick question.) organza

Charter Building - Europe: the final countdown (15:00 - 16:00)

(sorry couldn't resist the title)
3 years ago was the first official meet up between representatives of the European Drupal Community in copenhagen. since then we have had a loose communication going on in a mail list, its been unformalised & had a role of grey eminence - trying to make sure we didn't step on each other toes by arranging DrupalCamps on top of each other.

At the same time there have been "some problems" making communication to work with the DA in portland - how do we fix this?

This discussion will take europe as an example but should be a principal discussion of how to make regions coordinate & work. So this could be moved to fx the US and copied & changed into working in their local

Target Audience:

Drupal Events organisers attendees with ideas, those that wanna listen in to a long day of a deep look into the future of our Drupal Events & off course if you wanna get into doing events - this would be a good place to start.

Whatta ya waiting for - a written invitation?

Community Summit Program

warning this is (probably) gonna change

8:00: Registration
9:00: Welcome
9:30: Presentation of the working groups Lightning talk style
10:00: Defining goals for groups + caffeeine
11:45: Grap Lunch
12:00 - 13:00 timeslot 1:
* Future of Drupal events: share the WTF & epicwins
* Work groups: …work

13:00 - 14:00 timeslot 2:
* Future of Drupal events: Best camp eva!
* Work groups: …work

14:00 - 15:00 timeslot 3:
* Future of Drupal events: Right here Right now!
* Work groups: …work

1600: 17:00 timeslot 4:
* Future of Drupal events: Charter building?
* Work groups: …work

17:00 - 18:00 Sharing & Wrap up
Share of each group’s work + Wrap-up

**Post drink & food (*) **
18:00 - 19:00 Drinks Corinthia Hotel Bar
19:30 - late Community Dinner (mortendk & marek booked a whole restaurant 10 minutes from the venue, details follow)

Signup & lets push the community forward - Next stop is Total World Domination!


  • Morten & addi talks community summit on module unraveled
  • DrupalCon prague post
  • Announcement on Prague site:
Sep 30 2012
Sep 30

Dear Drupal Association - you do know that I love you, but i have to get this off my chest. I have been critical, shouted, pleaded,cried, demanded, wished and I once (almost) gave up! I have tried all the ways I could to open up you eyes. Even that i disagree with so many things you do - Im still loving you.

You have done good!

I know all the good you have done for Drupal, that you keep the servers running, have a kickass infrastructure team, a staff that can do all the boring stuff, DrupalCons that are working, scholarships, cultivation grands, bizconnect etc, all that stuff that “just works” without all that we would not even be here - So dont think im just an ungrateful idealist I do see all the good you are doing.
With all this good stuff why do we have a community that's Angered, frustrated and dont feel they you are there for us? Why does it looks more like frustration, when it should be love, kisses & hugs? Is the community just ungrateful, not understanding and demanding fools? What happend the last couple of years, what went wrong between us?

Why is there no love?

South America is running off on their own, fired up by the recent events in Sao Paul - understandable if the tale is true: “DA was spoon feeding their DrupalCon down our throats”
The Europeans feels “The DA is US centric” and theres been talking of forking an European organization & drupalCon alternatives. I guess we all know that its dumb to fork right? (right!?)
What I hear from the US rumour mill, is pretty much the same tale “Fuck em” they are not here for us anyway - unless youre an enterprise suit.
I have no idea what’s going on in Asia/pacific/Australia, but I do hope that its not the same feel over there.
Maybe its just a couple of loud mouthed unreasonable people, and its nothing - then I just wonder why I keep hearing it, out there in the “community”. I wonder dont you know or dont hear it? If you hear it isnt that heartbreaking to you?

14.4 thats not enough bandwidth

I think that you put to much on your broad shoulders. That’s what created the tensions from the community that feels ignored. The workload of creating an organization, moving it from Brussels to Portland, the servers, the legal stuff, the conferences (with all the usual drama) So in the process you forgot all about the shoulders you are standing on: the Drupal Community

I understand you got frustrated by a community that lacked understanding of what you're doing, so the critical voices got ignored, and fails was hidden by “we can't please everybody”, instead of learning by mistakes.

I wonder how your staff in portland are keeping their heads up these days, the postman should bring chocolate for the staff from grateful members, They are working for a frustrated group (as the community seems to be) I am grateful that you found a staff that could take that pressure :)

Dri.. Drupal Heres my axe

Its not easy creating a party where the suits & the tree hugging hippies can dance together, its probably as hard as making that CMS “that sucks less than all the others”.

So what im saying Drupal Association you not that bad! You just forgot the community (ups!) in the process of creating a base of something that can be awesome. If the community & members doesnt matter, then be honest about it! Then I can pass the roses and late night love songs to someone else that cares.

I came for the Code 6 years ago and I stayed for the community (i hated the markup) I hope you have the guts to take a step back and reload, else this will be a bad romance and I really wanna hold hands with you again :)

So what is gonna be?


Dont forget to Vote (yes i am running)

Sep 27 2012
Sep 27

I cant keep my admiration for the South American Drupal Community down! Both my arms are in the air. The reaction of the cancelation of DrupalCon Sao Paulo is to take matters into own hands, and setting sails for a 500-1000 attendees South American Drupal Event: DrupalPicchu in January 2014 “To celebrate the freedom and cultural diversity of the Drupal Community.”

I am pretty sure that any other parts of our fine Drupal community’s would have rolled around on its back and given up in sheer frustration, with a cancelation like Sao Paulo 2 weeks ago. Im pretty sure that would have happend in copenhagen 2010, if the the same have happend… Apparently that is not how its done in South America!

DrupalCommunity FTW!

Now while DrupalCon Sydney are fired up with an epic start and pushing the first 100 tickets in a (almost) record breaking 8 hours. (goddamn!) - then on the other side of the world:
Nick Vidal is announcing on g.d.o:
“The Drupal Latin Community is ready and committed to organize an international event. The cancellation of DrupalCon Sao Paulo by the Drupal Association was very frustrating and the community wants to show to the world that it has the power and the will to organize an event like this. We have many experienced community leaders, and Drupal events are popping up in Latin America at an incredible rate. We must foster this momentum and energy and take it to the next level! With your help, we can make it happen!”

I have been asked to help out as an “international organizer” Probably based on my frustration of Sao Paulo & maybe a little bit based on my experience & “knowhow” of the Drupal Community, well that is what i like to belive. The truth is probably that I cant shutup and make way to much noise, that can be used to spread the word ;)

Anyways that shall not hold me back for doing exactly that! Finding the helmet, sharping the axe & and jumping on the finest boat that sails the Drupal seven seas!
Into battle! For what I have advocated for and truly belive is the right way to build up our Communities on international level - slowly & based on the “regions” needs.

So check out the the DrupalPicchu announcement

If you are interested in sponsoring dont hold back!

And yes im looking forward to see the website go online the day Sao Paulo should have been: December 8 2012.

Seriously How great is the Drupalcommunity? Pretty goddamn awesome imho :)

Sep 23 2012
Sep 23

Its time for the electing the 2 members that can help the Drupal Association as they asked: … the community is asked to step in with strategic direction and new and fresh ideas through the nomination and election of at-large community representatives. In the last 6 years of hard community work ive gathered ideas & concepts that I truly belive will help the Associaition forward. Dont worry I am not gonna talk politics, Im keeping this to what the Association asked for & what the Community needs: Ideas & strategy that brings us to the next level: In a nutshell the DA need to be relevant to its members, fix the transparency issues & become an international organization.

Let me get to work & put me on the Board for the Drupal Association! the DA needs a strong voice from the community and somebody that can get shit done!
You can read the presentation of my candidature + see all kinds of questions to my concepts & ideas on the a.d.o
This is the braindump of some of the concepts, please discuss & comment - this is to importent to limit to a simple Voting for a board.

Be relevant for the community

Why would anyone become a member of the DA unless theres a good reason for it? the DA isnt “really” relevant for the Drupalistas, even that they do run servers, plans huge events(“huh does the DA runs drupal.org”) and whatever else thats not visible in the Drupalsphere - We can choose to be frustraded by that or look at how we can strengthen the connection to the community that we are so proud of. Lets get some love in between the Association & the members.

International org, easy baby!

Build an international structure, that can come in used no matter if you wanna do a local camp, find like minded, build more business, or plan a 5000 attendess Drupalcon, its all relationships and thats whats makes Drupal work: the community.

In rought sketches the organtational structure would be alittle like this:
Local -> Regional -> Continent -> World :
Local (user groups fx Copenhagen, manchester)
Country (countrys & states: Denmark, New York)
Region (scandinavia, Europe, North west pacific…)
World (Drupal Association)

local group & switchboard

When a new member signs up lets make sure they know whats goin on: a Welcome mail to the new member containing relevant info: user group’s , local contact persons date, list of upcoming events in the region etc, that will make new members feel welcome & have a place to go and geek out with other Drupalistas.


The regions is where we look at the bigger picture, what are the needs & what can be done, to strenghten that area. fx “Theme specific events”: “Drupal Developer Days”, Design Camp, Business meetup Nort england etc.
By having the DA to facilitate the events (the COD, that are running the DrupalCons today) Working with the community it layes the groundwork for Future bigger events, The regional community works together & learns eachothers strenghts & weaknesses.

Now we have an international structure, with simple communication structures, that would make even the boyscouts proud.


Drupalcons are great events, I have said it before and will repeat it as many times it can: “Its the heartbeat of the Community” We have gone from a pure local planned events to a professional structure, lets remember what made the old events great & add that on top of the professional conferences we have now.

Drupalgangers needs some love again, we know the boyfriends, girlfriends, kids & parents are there, why did we forget them? Building on top of the Regional groups, it gets easy to figure out whos coming & communicate it out.

Afterhours hangout
DrupalCons are more than sessions + wifi + chairs!
I have learned that its not just a place we drink a beer afterwards - Its where we build the relationships, but lets not forget those of our comunity members that are not so loud, and dont have a need to party all night -make sure they are not forgotten! This isnt a thing that cost money, but it needs some planning from the local group and willingness from the Drupal Associaiton. By adding the social part back on the agenda, Its like 8 hours of more DrupalLove each day, at the cost of zero!

Drupalcamp box

The biggest issue for a DrupalCamp (besides of getting a Venue & finding a date + speakers) are those small things, that we always forgets: Name badges, Programs, posters, lanyard, Drupal Stickers, DA membership flyers. The DA should provide this to the members, call in and order the “DrupalCampBoxOfEpicAwesomeness”: 2 weeks later you have the 200 nametags, lanyards, tshirts stickers etc, there now the Camp looks supercool without having to hunt for designers & Drupal Looks good to the outside.

DrupalCamp Design & site building.

The 2md biggest issue for the camps, besides of all the points above ;) is the hosting & the Design of the campsite, there is an initiative that are working on making drupal pretty, but thats just a part of it. the DA have allready put in all the resources for the DrupalCons that are running on COD - It could be of great benefit to the local groups if that solution got shared with our local groups, shave off time for planning & make events even better.

We dont always have to invent the wheel, when initiatives in the community takes form into something great, we should not close our eyes to it, instead embrase the intiatives and make it better for us all. A HardRocking Event mapshould be easy accessible from d.o. Its simple low hanging fruit, but look at how much value it could give us!

Transparency issues

Angie @webchick asked me at the candidate page what my ideas was for making the DA transparent, its a lot of text & ideas and im sure your already tired in you head, heres a quick sum:

  • Make it easy to understand what the DA does
  • Make the Drupal association Board members visible
  • Make the staff visible
  • Set the agenda and take discussions about the hard issues in the open
  • Do tell why things are as they are (ticket pries etc)

Meet the people! the DA needs better communication & listen to the community, not more Board members thats sitting in the big castle in Portland (I hope there is a castle) Its all about communication & building trust.

In a year Dude ?

This will “probably” take more than a year to complete, but that problem we can talk about in a year! or at the next camp im gonna be presenting “how & why the Drupal Association is Rocking hard” Happy Voting and lets share the ideas & movoe forward, we have all deserved a more open dialog of where we wanna see Drupal in the future, and that is from the beautiful code to the decisions that defines our culture

Sep 19 2012
Sep 19

Tonight at 22:00 CET im gonna be at “meet the candites” call, where you can ask me and my fellow 5 candidates all the things you wanna know. Fx. why each of us will be perfect candidates as the Communitys Voice on the Drupal Associations board, or who makes the best coffe or whatever.

No seriously you should drop by the call and listen in.
Yup its a telephone call (huh) yeah a tlf call, not on skype or google-hangout etc. But its a combination of an IRC chat and us candidates answering.
This will also give you a chance to hear my soothing, smooth and raw voice with that sexy copenhagen manly accent that I roll (hey I have to make it a little bit interesting n fun)

How does it work

Login to IRC: #drupal-association
or use the web interface
This is where you post the Questions. There will be a moderater that will make sure that we answer them.

Pick up you phone and find you local number to call for the “Free international Conferencing”
or this list that have a lot more nations added so you dont have to go international http://www.freeconferencecall.com/fcci/internationalnumbers.aspx?lang=US...

Call the number then Use the code 883587 Which is the DA meeting room

So if you dont make it no worries, the talks will be recorded & will be able to download them, hopefully in full lenght & noth as it happend yesterday and beeing cut off :(

No worries we all have to answer all of the questions afterwards in writing.
So come on in tonight and here us be clever on the future of Drupal & answer your questions

Sep 18 2012
Sep 18

Its now time for the yearly election of 2 Drupal Community members to step on the Drupal Association board - Heres a quick n dirty run down & is why you have to vote: It has been decided that if you DONT vote for the Drupal Associations Community members you are not allowed for the next year to complain, moan or cry over anything Drupal related - If you do vote you have that right!

if you dont vote for the Drupal Associations Board you are not allowed for the next year to complain over Drupal - If you do vote you have that right ;)

--- update
19 september: the so ever awesome @lindsayogden have a recording of the first meet the candidates:
IRC log: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/DA-MeetCandidates1.txt
the last 25 minuts of the talk: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/%2B15595461301%20on%202012-09-18%20at%201...

Okay so inside of the mighty Drupal, there is the Drupal Association(DA) and they have a board where clever people are placed (the Dries, webchick etc) The board take all kinds of decisions, when do we have Drupalcon's, What are we using the money on, making sure that the Drupal.org servers are running, and that nobody does fuckery with the GPL licensing, and all kinds of other fun things, running an Office over in portland etc.

So, to make sure that the DA dont loose completely touch with the Drupal community, there are 2 seats at the board for “community at-large” members/ directors whatever.
The rest of the boards members are appointed by a committee (which I'm not gonna come into here)
That means 2 people that are to be the “voice of the Drupal community” Come with input, show alternative points to the other members, keep a ear to the ground, and make a little noise if certain aspects are forgotten like “Hey yo don't put a Drupalcon in August in Europe, its still summer holiday, we cant build a buzz & france is btw closed”

Now its that time of year, its time to find two new “People of the Community” (hey it sounds a little bit more sexy, than “Drupal Association At Large Directors nominations”

The DA have asked community members to step forward, if they had the skills & something to bring to the board. 18 brave Souls took that step, and now ready to be counted!

What a list of candidates, its a pretty bad ass list if i may say so! That is pretty goddamn Awesome :)


The list of the 18 Brave souls all grouped into reagions & added countries to the europeans so its a bit easier to figure out where we are from & the all link to the candidate page, so go check em out:


Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen - (mortendk) Dennmark <-thats me :)
Bert Boerland - (bertboerland) Holland
Pedro Cambra - (pcambra) Spain
Floh Klare - (SirFiChi) Germany
Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire - (horncologne) Germany
Steve Purkiss - (stevepurkiss) England
Valery Lourie - (valthebald) Isreael


Simon Hobbs - (sime)
Chris Ward - (chrischinchilla)
Steven De Costa - (starl3n)
Aimee Maree Forsstrom - (amaree)

United States & Canada

Todd Tomlinson - (toddtomlinson) US
J. Matthew Saunders - (MatthewS) US Westminster
Narayan Newton - (nnewton) Portland
David Stoline - (dstol) Bethesda
Joseph Bachana - (joebachana) New York
Jeremy Thorson - (jthorson) Canada
Forest Mars - (forestmars) New York

If you wanna se where they all the candidates are living on a map: http://tiles.mapbox.com/jcnventura/map/map-qt4r3noq

Let me make it very clear I am running for the board, and with a strong desire of being elected! I know that any practical & sane person would have hoped, for a bunch of dupes. No-way! I'm thrilled to see this list. This means that we have a Community that take involvement serious, and if I don't get the peoples vote (sad panda) Then there will be good Men & Women to take on the task of representing the Drupal Community.

Vote for morten :)

You can read my nomination and my opinions on things (i promise its nothing to do with theming or markup) Its all about Drupal Association & the community If you doubt what it is i stand for well you can read into some of the Debates & issues i have rised the last couple of years:
The drupal app store
Drupal app store - That would kill our community
This was a hot potato, but if we take a desission we must do it with open eyes.
the Drupalcon Session Voting policy When it was clearly a waste of time & resources having votes for sessions at Drupalcon. Nobody had the stones to start this discussion & let status Quo rule, based on this the Drupalcon in Munich desided not to have Votes for the sessions & guess what, nobody complained cause the selection was done by competent people in the community that we all can trust.

The DrupalCOC
that started as an Political Correctness ruleset based on all that is not allowed" & was turned into a great result that enforced the positive values we have in the community (many many hours discussing back n forth over the pond)
- i must warn you - this is a dogfight over a couple of days with 200+ comments & a lot of anger in it, but now that im stepping forward i think its importent that if you vote for me you know what my values are:
The First Draft - where things exploded
My answer to 1 draft
Final Draft that is a piece of beaty

2nd rate citizens
Speaking out for those that dont have much & are not students
I got a little bit tired of the auto pilot: "if youre a student we wanna help you" but if you not - you probably makes a fortune, so sorry no help for those that dropped outta school, just started own companies etc. Im still a firm beliver in Equality

Vote for the other candidates!

Actually, besides of seeing myself as a huge benfit for the DA - I am so confident in all the candidates have common goal: “Make Drupal Better” - but its what that “make drupal better” means, and the abilities & background each candidate comes with to serve the Community best that you must decide.
Who are most suited for helping the Drupal Association keeping an ear to the ground in the community - If you cant figure out who to vote on, i can help you out ;)

Come and meet us all

The next week all the nominated candidates are gonna be (i hope) be available on IRC for talking, so you can get a chance to meet the 18 Brave Souls.
Hopefully its gonna be more than a popularity contest so swing by and ask away. Its good for the candidates & its good for the community and see if you can get the candidates to promise you obscure things: “Can i Get a pony, if i vote for you morten - yes off course you can fingers crossed”

Session 1
8pm Tues 18 Sep UTC
1pm Tues 18 Sep US Pacific Time
6am Wed 19 Sep Aus Eastern Time
IRC log: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/DA-MeetCandidates1.txt
the last 25 minuts of the talk: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/292569/%2B15595461301%20on%202012-09-18%20at%201...

Session 2
8pm Wed 19 Sep UTC
1pm Wed 19 Sep US Pacific Time
6am Thu 20 Sep Aus Eastern Time

Session 3
10am Thu 20 Sep UTC
3am Thu 20 Sep US Pacific Time
8pm Thu 20 Sep Aus Eastern Time

Session 4
10am Fri 21 Sep UTC
3am Fri 21 Sep US Pacific Time
8pm Fri 21 Sep Aus Eastern Time

Its all on the mighty IRC, cause thats where the cool kids are hanging: "#drupal-association" on freenode if you not so keen on irc char clients use the Web interface: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=drupal-association
More about all this over here: https://association.drupal.org/election2013-update

When can you vote

The voting is from 24 september - 7 october 2 weeks of twitter mayhem ;)
When the “meet you candidates” sessions are over then its time for the actual voting - and maybe give the candidates a quick read again. The voting period will run for 2 weeks
so theres enough time for everybody to go and vote for the 2 community representive - That is gonna be a fun time on twitters, ooh my, theres probably gonna be a storm of "pretty please vote for me"

Now Who can vote?

Anybody that have an Drupal.org account, that have been active the last 12 months can vote - the account have to be created before 31 August So if thats you, you have the right to vote (Can you feel the responsibility pressures on you shoulders)

How are the voting done?

The voting is done with instant runoff / alternative vote method
I'm not gonna get into if this is good or bad, that an issue that those who got the hots for procedure can go on for hours, Its how the DA have decided it to be - so for now thats how it is.

But the concept is this To vote for your favorite you give that person 1, you next one 2 and so forth.
So as long as you remember that in front of Morten you put 1, you're gonna be on the safe side - trust me - would i lie ;)

Check out this video :

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA3_t-08Vr0
or read up on
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant-runoff_voting

Why you must vote!

Well if you vote you get the right to bitch n moan over the Drupal Association for the next year - How about that! If you don't vote you have no right to any bitching n moaning not even in the issueque ;) Thats the rules, sorry so you better be ready, else theres no complaining over Drupal the next year!

Btw keep and eye on #votedrupal on ze twitters, so you know when the campaign wagon drives through you part of the interwebs

Can’t Decide - who should i vote on? go and read the candidates then go vote, again in doubt: morten: 1

May the best Dane win!

May 14 2012
May 14

Today the Drupal association presented a new initiative for getting more students & grow the talent pool for the Drupal Project. This is done by setting x number the tickets for Drupalcon munich to half price of the 400€ - well that is if you're a student. This raises big problems about the future the event I see as the Heart & Soul of the Drupal Community.

This is not the first time this have been discussed - we had it up as an agenda point in Drupalcon Copenhagen in 2010 (which i was heavy involved in) At that point it was declined, The Drupalcon is already giving away Scholarships, & the event is already a cheap professional conference.
Everyone pays the same for thee ticket - what afaik have been the policy for the last 12. Drupalcon’s, its as much a signal to all participents as its a practial. Besides that 50% of the DrupalCommunity can claime to be a "Student" - so opening up that door could have dire consequences for ticket sales.

No matter who you are - if you're Dries, N00b or the local axe swinging Dane. We all pays the same, Its a part of the Drupal Culture: We are all Equal, were all here in the same boat - no matter who you are - we pay the same - well not anymore more...

But there is free Tickets

Last year it was decided that speakers got their ticket as a thank you for the preparation time - This is off course a nice gesture, I Usually put in about 60-90 hours for my session, so i can at least justify the first 5-6 hours of work ;)
It a nice gesture from the Drupal Association & not to mention without quality sessions: no conference (but without module developers, writers, designers,themers etc. there would be no Drupal...)
I would be Fine to pay for my own ticket - thats not the 400€ that makes my budget hurt, thats the Flight, food, hotel, beers & not to forget the week you take of work + the week after to play catchup with clients & pissed-of Family.
I'm a "Selected Speaker" this time in Munich so I'm coming in for Free, unless somebody pulls me off schedule now ;) I will be in munich anyway’s Cause thats where my geek posse are.

the 2. rate citizens

Now the Drupal Association have decided to have "2.Rate tickets" for Students. This will have some consequences for the Drupal Community as a whole, and is a dangerous path to go down.

I say 2. rate citizen ticket well lets look at the note's for the student tickets, which is well ... a little bit worrying:

"Note: DrupalCon Munich student tickets are € 200 each, do not include lunch, and are limited to full-time student applicants."


Will this mean that Students cant to go where the rest of us go, food, beverages etc ?!
Drupalcon is a highly a social event. Aren't we then making the Students to 2 rate citizens of the DrupalCommunity now?
If you wanna lower the ticket prices, this makes sense (i mean something have to be cut) to be honest I would personally love to skip 50% of the ticket price to drop the, always questionable Lunch (now coffee on the other hand...)

Now by limiting the student attendees from this part aren't we really sending a wrong signal - your not a part of cool crew

This attempt to try to get more new students to attend a Drupalcon will cost about XX.000€ - can't that money be used a little bit more fair throughout the Drupalsphere - besides of that i highly doubt this effect a Drupalcon is already an expensive event, is 200€ & the signal of 2.rate citizens worth that - and not to mention is the price gonna get new ones to show up?

If we try to support new & upcoming developers, or participants in the community, why on earth do you have to be a student?
How many school Dropouts, self educated, newly started, hackers, pirates and whatever else that comes into Drupal & could make good use of this economical help. Not to mention those that are not from the "rich part" of the world - in Europe theres an extreme difference in the taxes & salary's just if you go from Copenhagen to Prague.

This is in my eyes sending a signal that its all good if you a student - But if you're not - then you have pay for that student.

What about …

If we play this kinda discount thinking into our little world lets for fun take one step more that direction.
We wanna get more students into Druaplcon, but we also wanna attract more women.
There was about 17% female attendees last time in Denver, lets get that number up to 20%: To do that & to follow the logic from the student discount.
Its a known fact that females are underpaid So wouldn't it be fair that they got lets say 10% off the ticket?
we can off course take it further steps and find other groups, but this is just to illustrate the path that the DA now have taken (I wonder what have made them change their minds after what 12 Drupalcons have refused to do, besides of students complaining)

What I thought was a key point in the DrupalCon and in our Culture was that we were all equal - no matter who you are we pay the same for the basic entrence.
If the Drupalcon is making enough money that its not a problem to use 40.000€ - why isn't this discount given to all attendees, the last 4 conferences price raise have caused a good amount of noise.

Drupal Association can do whatever they want with the money & the ticket prices, I know this is probably fighting windmills
Now the door is open for differentiating in prices & that isn't a door we can close easely again.

This is not about beeing against Student discounts - this is about lowering the tickets for some selected & not for us all.

Just to make sure that is perfectly clear

Im a total un-educated school Dropout (9 years in public school) that by accident came into the web development in 1996 & figured out I aparently had badass skills. I have never looked back since & a still trying to figure out how to spell and be more articulate.

the times are a changing

Maybe its just me that must accept that the Heartbeat & Soul of the Drupalcommunity isn't anymore the Drupalcon.

That we now have open up the door to different level of tickets, that in its core divides us.
That Drupalcons are now Driven with another "professional" and more americanized agenda, where discounts & cupon codes (my bet is in portland we will see those) are a way the marketing machine to push Drupal forward.

We are are simply making a huge mistake here, that goes against the core value of our community.
We are all in the same boat, so Drupal Association Please Stop dividing us - thats not what you were put you into this world for. - I can see the intentions but youre doing it wrong, sorry but somebody have to say it now its clear that you didnt think this through.

Lowering the prices (for an allready cheap event) for everyone is the way you wanna go.

This will probably cause some comments so pretty please
Before you begin to scream that “its really hard to be a student & you only having x amount of money each month” then read my post again.

I was a little quick on the numbers & thought i read 200 tickets - the number is unknown thogh, so i have exchanged it with x'es instead.

May 12 2012
May 12

Apparently my reputation is not as bad as i have feared!
After presenting & speaking at a bunch of drupal events over the last couple of years i have earned some kinda reputation -why im now starting my session in the prude states with a formal "im sorry but im gonna curse as a sailor" slide. I have been at a a couple of events in sweden, where I really haven't hold anything back in the teasing : Comparing Drupals Markup to the Wasa ship was maybe a highlight of that (if we do an insult you need to make it count)

Now the swedes invited me back again! This time to sweden 2. Largest city Gothenburg and they even put me up first as the "keynote speaker" for the Drupalcamp Sweden - look at me all fancy keynote speaker


I gave a shorter version of the HTML4S talk i did at Drupalcon Denver, and its evolving a bit - which is always nice - im very excited for the shift we have now from xhtml(4) to HTML5 and it really gives us in the Drupal world a chance to sit down and look at what were doing & make it better for the future instead of what i think we have been doing for years: looking back at what was the hot shit & tried to mash that into the frontend. I was a (tiny bit) worried that people really didnt gave a rats ass about markup & future thinking in the frontend. But it really seemed like they enjoyd it (well they clapped at the end & laughed at the right time so i think i succeded)

[embedded content]

Gothenburg HTML4s slides

mothership live demo

I also got a chance to do a quick presentation of the Mothership Theme which i did completely unprepared (during to all kinds of other crap) but now that people are beginning to use it and ask for it. I better get to do some prober documentation.

[embedded content]

calling dr. love

As usual i didnt really see anything else at the camp. was standing in the hallway talking crap & making way to much noise (sorry) and now i aparently have a role in the community as a match maker

A highlight for me was when i was asked if i could find a couple of ux'ers to help out with configuration management.
Aparently my loud voice can be used for something good and a little part of the whole Frontend United concept that im pushing is to build a base for anybody that builds in the Frontend (no matter if its design, ux, ui markup whatever all the visual stuff)
I dont know if i was Rude by calling directly after some "volunteers" from the stage - but to be honest dosnt really care, if this was a little step to get more ux'er into core development and not beeing crushed under the issuequee im very happy to provide that match making.

So ladies & fellas come to the Doctor of Love, and lets make some hot steaming cms rocking ;)

All the sessions can be watched here

The camp seemed well organised (as it always is in sweden) it was kinda funny though that it seemed like it was only people from the western part of sweden that was there -seemed like the geeks from stockholm had a hard time finding all the way over to the west side ;)

Im looking forward to next time (if im invited) then Sweden will be rocked, and hope to build more bridges up north.
oooh and not to forget the epic gay beer we ended up at & generally good feeling that was around the whole swedish community

thanx Adam & Amy for getting me up there!
I hope they invite me back someday ;)

Apr 23 2012
Apr 23

This weekend we had the first Frontend United (FU) conferences- the logical successor to the European baased "Drupal Design Camp" thats the European answer to Design 4 Drupal, where we wanna focus harder on Developerment than on Design, cause you might not know it - but Drupal theming is actully a ton of development where we dont use an ide!

Im was lucky enough to be a part of the the organizers for FU, & was dead lucky to have 4 badasses rocking harder than me. So the event turned out to be one of the best one I have been involved with so far (were up in DrupalCon Copenhagen level here)


First of all I'm so proud of where we have takend this concept of beeing a "themer-designer-ux-markupjunkie-javascript-hero" in the Drupal world - and are becoming an active part in the Drupal Development cycle & that the plan that Marek & me put down on paper over a beer in Copenhagen 2 years ago seems to hold \o/

Array of Doom

On Friday before the session, we had planned to set up a workshop & by demand of the "Arrays of Doom Codesprint" in San Francisco do a "What is it that you themers want" sprint. So we didn't end up with a situation with nagging themers in 2 years.

When we put together the program, we thought that the workshop would be around 20 people showing up, the code sprint might get about 5 attendees (at best) -which would be a good number for both. Instead a massive 80 people turned up to participate in the 4 hour Workshop & and we had about 10 people at the codesprint.

In the "Codesprint" we stated out with getting “all that is wrong from a frontend perspective down to paper. With no whatsoever focus on whats possible, why it is or why its there. we simply wanted to find the biggest painpoints


Usually when I have tried to do talks like this its allways ended up in 4 hours bitch-fest with a feeling of "fuck the devs they dont understand and/or hates us" or falling into rabit holes of discussions about security layers / cache whatever, that really has nothing to do with the markup & implementing a design.

At the same time a team was gathered in San Francisco that took over all of our notes & user stories and used them (we hope)
Due to the 9 hours time difference, we were not in such close communication as i might have hoped for (while San Francisco was coding - we went to the bar Drinking & talking markup love - hey whattaya expect) Now looking at the comments - it looks like we fitted in perfect with the devs.

Follow up success

On Saturday we did a follow up session of the array of doom sprint so those that had not been in the sprint had a chance to chip in & so we could make sure that the word spread
I hoped for maybe 20 people. It turned out that we filled the room with eager participents that wanted to know what was happening & what could be done. Again no bitch-fest but pure positive ideas & hopes for getting a better & extreme flexible theme layer

Allan Burke hammered on that its important that we now take it on our shoulders to help out the development community, cause its to late in 2 years to come & moan over lack of flexibility. I hope for a true storm of Frontenders participating in the future discussions & help pointing out what we needs & wants (so go to you keyboards gentlemen & ladies - The issueque is there for the taking!)
Sprint docs: http://groups.drupal.org/node/226219

I am really glad that we could use Frontend United as a support group for the Code sprint in San Francisco - there was more synergy than even Bluemarine Syngergetics could muster!

The Sessions

It was clear from the beginning that we from an organizer point of view wanted a good mix fron "typical theme sessions" to find a couple of specialist in different fields (Javascript, css techniques, accessibility etc) and with a little luck we could end up with new speakers & bringing fresh blood into the range - if we were really lucky the Quality might even be good!

I only made it into 4 sessions (which is 3.5 times more than i did at the last DrupalCon) and im pissed off at my self for not beeing to everyone!

Those i made it into was:

how to tackle the hot new shit in an accessible way

the accessibility session that for once was not one long boring talk about you being sued if you didn't put ria roles inside you code - This was about getting it done (and cock pushups...)

twig & Drupal

I personally forced Rene to come to Amsterdam (and he paid for his own ticket!) to show what he had done with Twig He's been coding on this concept for years, since Drupal6 - but its been kinda in the dark. After I saw the mighty CHX claiming love for TWIG, it would probably be a good idea to get some info about twig in a hurry.
I got a introduction to twig & the big win imho would be the inheritence feature.

My hat off to Rene that dared to enter the lions den & show a little bit of what twig can do for us instead of using phpTemplate. I hope to begin to use it very soon to get some ideas of whats good & bad

the project sandbox is here

WTF is a polyfill

Allan did a great talk about wtf a polyfill really is (basically a patch to get ie to work) and came around a ton of them all - i learned from that i maybe is the only one atm that a billing my clients for IE7 support ;)


graeme blackwood did a good intro talk to the basics of OOCSS and why its a total win to use that aproach (which btw drupal atm is totally not using, due to its strict hook name system)

We had a great talk about OOCSS + a follow up discussion afterwards that was even better.

html4 S

Not to forget I did a recap of my session from DrupalCon Denver about HTML4S - hope people liked it, and those that are not on the html5 wagon can jump on it with out feeling like they are doint it all wrong

the hallway track

the rest of the time i personally was standing in the hallway discussin how to move this forward + some tender moments with the coffe where i tried to control all this info in my little head.

What i heard from ALL other attendees was that the rest of the sessions was pretty much ace. So it was a BIG mistake from our side not to have em all video recorded - Next time we will!

You the People

The attendees were absolutely fantastic!
Helpful and active in the discussion -they made the event to what it really was: an awesome frontend focused conference that didn't stop after the last session :)

Apparently it helped out a lot that we have changed the name to Frontend United. New attendees came because its wasn't just a design camp and it gave that sense of community around the ux, accessibility, markup & design that I personally hoped for

Normally attendees of drupal events is a majority of Developers not that I have anything against Developers! But it can be hard to move a discussion the right way, if we constantly have to ship focus from cache/security/boringstuff to what we as "themers" work with every day: browser inconsistency, mobil phones. designers & off course Drupal
It seemed to be from the discussions that people was keen on looking for solutions. the days of endless bitch-fest are over ;)

So of you were an attendee Thank you for coming - hope to see you next time - If you didn't came - well you will get your chance the next time ;)

As a side node how awesome was it that we collected 300€ for lunch because of a minor screwup in the budget, in under 2 minutes!

The Sponsors

Beeing a Dane it will always be hard for me to say Kind words about the Swedes (the fuckers walked over the ice & tried to burn down Copenhagen) But my hat off to Nodeone that not only signed up as platinum sponsors the second they could.
But also overdid themselves with the Cookiecutter Swag! … so you didn't here it here from the dane (but I was a little bit impressed)

Belgian long time Drupal Rockstars Krimson had apparently heard something the Nodeone stunt - so they rolled in a camping wagon & made sure that we all got to taste the 2. best thing coming out of Belgium: Duvel’s & there was a ton of them :)

Acquia came in and did Training the day before so we could be sure that we got new blood to the frontend warrior ranks.

Open Dutch made sure that we had enough candy during the event & that you can never say yes to enough times - and provided us with Bert Boertland and his hardworking dutch epicness :)

The last Gold sponsor - is so geeky that they just gave us money to make sure that we make Drupal Prettier - how cool is Omega8.cc by doing that!

without all of these we would have ended up with a biiiiig minus - we actually ended up afaik with a very slight overhead of 1000€ - That were shipping off to the Drupal Association

Those that made it rock

We were a small group that have planned Frontend United for something for a long time (since the last one)
Isabell @murgeys - the Drupal Angel of Quatar.
Whom I apparently haven't scared away after we worked together at DrupalCon Copenhagen, made sure that the rest of us got the job done aka cracking the whip
Bert Bortland @bertboerland been in drupal since the dawn of time and old DA member
Marek @sotak - The original gangster with yours truly
Jesper Woeldich - The sensible dane, that unlike me thinks before he speaks

We got help front the Drupal Association this was also a good step forward to getting Frontend United into the "Drupal workflow"

Ifrik for giving us a place to be for the codesprints - sorry we turned up 100 people instead of the 35 ;)

Other Blogs about FU(n)


Next Time!

Keep an eye on @frontendunited or the website frontendunited.org

I can allready promise you that we are working on the next one - where it will be in Europe we dont know, other than were moving it to another city & if you wanna help out please let us know

I am a very proud little frontend Drupal Warrior after this weekend, there was moments where i had to just sit silent & watch the conference & the discussions.
thank you all for coming - hope to see you again in the future our in the Frontend of Drupal \m/

btw pictures & links please post em in the comments :)

Mar 21 2012
Mar 21

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Jan 11 2012
Jan 11

The European Drupal Design Camp have now officially changed its name to "Frontend United"
This time its gonna be the epic city of Amsterdam, that will follow up the last 2 camps in Berlin & Prague
If you take Amsterdam add a little Drupal & put some Frontend Love on top - What can then possible go wrong?
Book April 20 - 22 in you calender now - its gonna be fantastic. more info on frontendunited.org

Frontend what not design?

Theres been talked a lot about the "Design movement" in Drupal, and what we (...) figured out it wasnt the right name & actually cause confusion about what was actually happening at the Design camp - The Design name was kinda what we were as a group were called by those that dont work in the frontend, unless they are driven to it with a pitch fork.

At the last camp in Berlin, it was noticed by several Developers that:
* We didnt sit in a circle and talking bout colors & feelings
* we did not hate on php or "real" development
* We did indeed focus on the theme api
* there was only some bitching about complicated settings & drupals usual way
* There was a lot of talk about the technical side of implementing Design in Drupal
* Very little talk about actual "design"

So all in all there was more action around the code & how to configure & use the right modules & themes to get the job done, how to move to the next level with html5,sass & less etc.
So it really didnt gave any meaning to keep use the name "Drupal Design Camp" - when its anything from Design to fiddeling over a tag to UX principels. Besides of all the logical reasons (uniting the frontend experience in drupal yadi yadi yadi) "Frontend United" sounds pretty cool & if you know any Drupalistas feelings when Drupal dosn't give em the sweet love - but its a kick in the nutsack & wrap in (another) 3 div's, it not unheard of that the words "F U Drupal" is mumbled during the process.

What can you expect.

to put it short Everything from HTML5, css3 buzzword based super theming, to heated debates about the wonders of LESS & SASS (go #teamsass), UX showoff, Design talks & offcourse be around the brightest minds in the Drupal Theming, design & ux community. What you cant expect is anyone who understands what you mean when you say that nginx are way more epic than apache 2, or why vim is better than emacs ... i think ;)

Keep in touch

Signup for the maillist or follow @frontendunited to keep up with the conference - you now its gonna be more than epic ... i mean what can possible go wrong ;)

we: jesper @woeldic, Marek @sotak, Bert @bertboerland, Isabell @murgeys, the Drupal Association, & the "secret EUropean Drupal Network" are extremely proud to add another layer on top of the amazing number of Drupal events in 2012!

me im just thrilled to be a part of it - so FU Drupal, were gonna Rock 2012 :)

twitter: @frontendunited
Facebook event page

Jan 04 2012
Jan 04

Hello IE7 it was nice knowing you - but Enough is enough so now from 2012 me or my company geek Royale wont support ie7 for clients unless they are willing to pay for that "extra service".

I first introduced this taxation back in 2009 when ie6 was about to die a blog and it worked remarkable well - no one suddenly wanted that ie6 specific markup & css.

This decision is one i have wanted to take in a loooong time and now that microsoft gave us all a surprice x-mas presents: they decided to take of the gloves and forcing ie6 & ie7 to be upgraded to ie8 (on xp).

Its the final straw + the recent drops in the danish marked from 15% around the summer 2011 to 5% in november, and with an upcoming update its time to move on.

what about those that cant upgrade?

Now some might come and cry about the poor people that cant upgrade and boohohohoho - sorry its not my problem anymore - go find another company that wants to do that or have the resources to keep supporting dead code.

As a small company you really need to choose you what you want to use your time one.
its to time demanding to keep crappy browser support So if a client wants to keep support for ie7 then they simply have to pay for that as an added value.

What about ie8

Well unfortunately microsoft didnt gave us all the ultimate xmas presents and realeased ie10 on the xp platform, so it looks like we have to be stock with ie8, its not optimal. Its still gonna be a PITA that it dont support border-radius shadings animations & all the hot css3 & html5 thingies. So it looks like pie still have some miles more in it

So Drupal8

Hey Drupal now ive cutten off ie7 - so how about we kill support for it NOW in Drupal8?
What happend to the basic principle of not hanging on legacy crap code - developers you have no idea of how much shit we now can remove from the theme layer & how happy the theming community would be.

Hell ill even promise to bitch 15% less in 2012 if the dude with the pointy hair pulls the plug for ie7 support in drupal8 core.

btw fire fox 3.6 - youre on the list to

Happy update

Nov 14 2011
Nov 14

Sometimes you get a really good question like: "Hey morten can you come and speak about some cool stuff at Drupalcamp Stockholm" see if theres a thing I can do & do it kinda okay - then its talking for days about cool stuff - The coolest stuff imho in the drupal world is offcourse Display Suite - yup its not the mothership its epic cool 24-7-365!

Display Suite is pretty awesome - and heres why

I have watched the development of display suite (since the evil drupal6 days with hardcoded templates) and are generally very (very) happy about it and the direction is taking us - not so much for the whole, oooh you can drag n drop fields around the node, but because of the quick way that the markup can be changed, from whatever defaults you field.tpl can give you to, predefined superclean rendiring down to the quick fixes where you change the markup elements (wrappers, labels etc) directly in the interface which is sooo goddamn handy when you building sites where youre caring about the markup.

the talk was actually not based on what display suite does (that would take me 3 * 45 minuts presentation to do that) but where Drupal fails when we work with the displays of nodes, how we have locked outself in to design sites in a certain way & how Display Suite helps us all getting out of that whole (the same way that views have changed the way were doing "list of data")

One of the bigger issues I have with the whole node-page-block-field drupal things is when you have a field you want to move out of the node and into the sidebar, it turns into development - from getting the field out of the content array hell "that field that you can grap it you do $node->content[bla bla][foo][whatever][#cleansometing]" then moving it to the sidebar, which then is gonna be a kinda of block thingie - So you suddenly have a template.php file that contains "magic". All this would be okay if we not at the same time had to joggle between Designers that dont want to understand Drupal & crappy browsers that hate us ;). Display Suite breaks down those barriers move a block to a node as a field back n forth no problem Quick n easy for us poor souls that wanna make Drupal sites pretty.

DrupalCamp Stockholm Slides
The slides from the talk in stockholm, afaik it was recorded to but i have no idea of when, where what.

The create of Display Suite walks through all the basic stuff.


Besides of pimping the Display Suite - i also made a Quick pitch for the work were doing now with Drupal8, which you all might know we have a whole rewrap of the markup to support the mobile platforms. If youre interested in helping out from a frontend /designer / developer point of view dont be shy - we really need you :)
But dont worry i will try to gather more frontend peeps to the cause later so youll get you chance ;)
Drupal8html5 mainpage
html5 Groups on d.o


It was cool to be in Stockholm again, hanging out with the swedes poking fun of each others language, food etc (its a danish - swedish national sport) Great to so how the camp are evolving to a truly community event a good nice atmosphere.
How I managed to miss all the session i planned on going to is still a mystery, maybe it was the hallway track & the hunting people down that were nodding when I bitched n moaned over drupals markup, its a secret superpower to spot a frontend developer at a drupalcamp, we have a special look in our eyes ;)

One of the highlight from the camp was the "the Swedish Drupal Awards" where the living screencast John Falk won one of the honors - a trophy the size of my daughter.

Im hoping to be able to swing by next year to (another) sold out event :)

In the future there needs to be made a lifesize trophy given from the (secret) guerrilla army "Frontend United" to drupalistas like @swentel ;)

Nov 11 2011
Nov 11

Sometimes it happens that a talk about "all thats wrong" fires up my mind - Tonight was one of those nights. I sat down, dropped the sleep & plotted out a very rough draft for a Dogme Ruleset. Its been discussed numerous times over the last 3 years in quite dark corners, between those called themers in the Drupalsphere that there needed to be somekind of manifest.
I call this the Dogme11.11.11 (Insert Drumroll + horns)

Dogme 11.11.11
Drupal Frontend Developerment

I swear to the following set of rules drawn up and confirmed by Dogme11.11.11

1. Clearfix is a nessasary evil

It Should not be used as a general cleanup tool. and should not be hardcoded into the markup.
try as much as possible not to add this into the markup as a hardcoded class. It makes it very hard to remove/overwrite

2. Every elements & class must have a reason and be explained

just adding markup/css, basend on what we were used to do (during the cold days of ie5-ie67ie7) ia not an explenation of why its there.

3. Markup & css must be flexible & in line with "real world" techniques

Every layout techniques, must have multiple examples that demonstrates RTL/LTR compability , horizontal & vertical versions (fx sliding doors)
So we don't wanna end up with markup/css that isn't flexible for what we use it for.

4. a wrapper element must know what it wraps and not be a mindless container

<div class="Im_foos_daddy">
     <div class="Im_foo">

5. Keep class names small & semantic

theres no reason .to_have_a_name_thats_so_long_its_gonna_be_a_pain_to_work_with, .notEvenInCamelCase if a shorter .short-identifier is as easy understood.

6. Think forward not backward.

Its nessasary to keep fixes for crappy browsers, document these, so we can remove em quickly as old browsers dies.
Drupal is not set to be backward compatible with everything in the world. Were the system for the future not yesterday (insert violins here, and a man choir) - while we kill ie7 support

7. the right solution not the Quickfix

How can another theme overwrite / change this markup easy -
stop the hunt for the Quickfix ans find the right solution.

8. Stop the reset madness,

Makes the css painfull to read in firebug, theres other ways around it.

9. work with core

Remeber that the theme/frontend is the glue between the design, the content & drupal, check with core that we dont break (to much ;)

10. Keep it minimal

keep the margin, padding borders etc to a minimum -someone wants to overwrite you stuff in a year.

okay then now what?

Now the question is - is this to much & should I have gone to bed early?
If not what should be changed or are this rules to live by as a Drupal Frontend Developer?

Drupal is complex & very flexible, which is one of the many reasons for succes.
The "frontend" have been ignored mainly, because the focus have been based on hardcore backend development & architecure - which imho is the reason that Drupal Rocks(tm) .
For to long its been a "they can just overwrite it in the css" kinda attitude - fortunately that have changedover the last couple of years :)

Nov 07 2011
Nov 07

Now we have it again in the Drupalsphere and for the next couple of weeks there will be an endless promotion of drupalcon session from the speakers or their companies to enhance their chances for getting a spot as a speaker at DrupalCon.
when we finally get the session selection, there will be an outcry of angry, pisssed of & sad people in our community.
Its been the same song & dance now for the last 4 DrupalCon. I think its about time we change the ways this session selection is done, and propose another way to do this, so the noise ratio can get back to picking colors on that bike shed.

the big disclaimer

This is NOT an attack on the current process in Denver or those that went before or on track chairs etc. If you wanna get drama go another place ok? this is based on the observations i have done during the ton of drupal events i have attended over the years since my first DrupalCon Brussels 2005.

Im a "regular speaker" on DrupalCon both in europe & the US. normally on various Theming aspects (think its the lest 7 con's) Ive been track chair in Paris, London & Copenhagen, was the lead for DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010 & been the lead organizer for 3 of the 4 DrupalCamp Copenhagen + active in getting Frontend Developers (Themers) & Designers "organized" co-organized 2 Design Camps in Europe (Prague & Berlin) + the upcoming in Amsterdam in 2012… phew

I know how 400 people will feel in about a month, when that session is rejected & probably I will be one of them again - which is perfectly okay i might add.

To keep it short: I know how the sausages are made

We must stop making the same mistake we have done over & over again - get a better selection policy with at least some kind of transparency.

Voting doesn't do what we hope it could do.

In the good old days when a drupalcon was around 2-700 people.
The voting was working "kinda ok" with about 25 proposed session in a 10 session track it was manageable to figure out which one you would see & which one looked good.
This was turning into a problem around DrupalCon DC, where the con was suddenly 1400 attendees

Today theres 5-600+ sessions proposed for DrupalCon Denver (about 400+ in London) & the voting process is causing the usual amount of noise & pissed of Drupalistas.

Are we really expecting the potential attendees to read through all 500+ session & vote on them ? with a clear & open mind ?
- its hard even getting through the sessions for each track chair, not to mention that the conference is in 5 months (after xmas, superbowl, new year etc) SO i guess we can define the 3 kind of people thats gonna vote now:

  1. you are heavy into the community.
  2. you were told to go vote on a session (twitter is wonderful for that)
  3. wanna see you friend speak at drupalcon.
  • Pro-tip*: if you can mobilise around 100 people then theres a good chance you will have a top voted position.

Hang with the popular kids

Voting will turn into a popularity contest & that is not a vote/rating number we can use for anything -unless we wanna figure out who can rally votes.
Theres been concern that the "big companies" can use their sheer size to vote all their sessions in, and crush the "little guy" & use the DrupalCon as a advertisement platform for their product, let us be honest, the stage at a Drupalcon is a really good spot for you or your product, no matter if youre a small design & theming shop from copenhagen or your are making you own web browser.

what are the votes used for?

It isn't clear what the voting actually means in the selection phase & it never really have - it used to be the only way sessions was selected, now its at best a "guideline", is the 3 most voted getting in? is it 10 etc. Nobody really knows!
Its been up to the track chairs to figure out how to read or use these numbers, some have used them others havent.
This is not ideal, but that is how it is today.

All the drupalcon's I have been involved with had the same focus around the voting: "yeah yeah let 'em vote, now can we focus on getting this con on the road - we have more importent things on the agenda" - the general idea have been that its just a "part of the whole picture" of how the sessions is selected. But its just a guideline.

reality check for submitted sessions

Do I really wanna take the chance that the track chairs is not gonna do a quick "lets start by removing alle the sessions with less than X votes" hell NO I wont - im gonna promote the it hard. Remember im just me & my assistent here in copenhagen
I dont have 50 coworkers, that all can herd votes, so if i wanna make sure i get a fair chance, then im forced to promote.

I dont submit unless I really wants to talk about a subject & knowing that I can deliver a 45-60 minutes speak thats gonna blow the attendees away "wow that xxx was interesting stuff" if not at least 5 people have told me afterwards, dude that was the best presentation I have seen at DrupalCon - then im disappointed. I expect the rest of the 498 sessions to be as dedicated!

Off course everyone is gonna vote their own session up as much as possible, thats just the rules of the game.

But it doesn't give us/ drupalcon anything that can be used, besides of a lot of noise & that afterwards Drupalcon can then wash their hands and do the "we had a vote" - even that we know its BS. To have a Voting without consequences is not usable for anything.

what should we do then?

okay so what now - no "democracy", just let the DA & its henchmen take over the drupalcon & sell it all to sponsors …
[note to self : fill in more conspiracy plans just for the fun of it]

The sessions & presentations should be the very best we can find, that will push our community & the Drupal Project forward simple as that.

The Drupalcon is not the place where we use should use sessions for unexperienced speakers, its not amateur hour! - its the goddamn DrupalCon,the leading gathering in the Drupaluniverse.
If a speaker wanna train skills theres a ton of DrupalCamps that are screaming for sessions & inputs.(To see that 30% of the sessions this year will be for "new" speakers is absurd imho)

a New Rule set.

We need to get the numbers of sessions down, right now anyone and their grandmother submits sessions, theres been more than one session from people that are "very new" in the community (guess thats the political correct term for those dropping in & want a quick piece of the Drop fame)

I am suggesting that we in the future set up some simple gateways, that everyone can relate to

  • The speaker have at least spoken at 2 Drupal Events
    We wanna have speakers that can present, & are active in the community + have proven their worth - going to a session where theres stage fright because theres 200 in the room, can be fixed easy if the presenter had given a couple of more sessions at local drupalcamps / events.
  • The proposal is more than a 2 paragraph outline with warm air about foo / bar.
    Look at the session proposals , how many of them are actually placeholders, just to have a session in, if that other session isn't gonna be selected.
  • 1 speaker = 1.Session proposal.
    We have so many talented people - why not force us all to focus on what the individual are really really good at, today its just a part of the game to submit as many sessions as possible to up you chances for getting a session in.

More pre selected sessions.

The Drupalcon (or track chairs or DA) reach out & get speakers in the community or outside and fill around 50-75% of the program, with a good spread from noob to advanced sessions & topics.
The last 2 DrupalCons have had an absurd amount of noob sessions, we should aim a little higher. im going to be inspired not learn how to add a field to a node.

Yes im expecting the Drupalcon to know whats going on in our community !

Submitted sessions

The last 25-50% of the sessions are selected by the submitted sessions & still selected by the drupalcon.
If a session is not accepted there will be an explanation why a session wasn't selected, its the last thing we can do for people that have used a couple of hours to do a session proposal (if you dont use a couple of hours well then dont submit).

what can we then vote for ?

We need the vote to figure out what rooms the sessions should be in, so lets have a vote in a month before the drupalcon. Theres nothing worse than speaking to a empty room, because somebody else put @dries, @webchick, @heyrocker & other rockstars in the same time slot as you.

Keeping this phony vote for sessions process year after year is not only a big waste of everybody's time, the amount of noise is even worse - Its hurting the community, those that used tons of time preparing & motivating for their session(s) will get a huge morale hit (take a look at the twitter stream)

Nothing good comes out of it, besides a Drupalcon can at any given time wash their hands "well we voted for the sessions" which is done every year because no one really wanna argue with pissed of presenters that didnt get their sessions in.

oooh But Vote for me!

So after all this ranting should you now go and vote for my sessions - I did state that voting is BS ? Yes you should! the DrupalCon uses the votes for something right & I dont wanna take the chance of getting ruled out because of a technicality or a track chair decides, that all sessions less than X % is out - just because im taking the high stand.

I can off course just start a campaign against the big companies, the "suits", those that dont want to ban swearing and F-boms in session, those that wanna turn DrupalCon into a business conference and not a gigantic nerdfest for the Drupal Developers (& builders, designers, themers, business owners, project mamanger & users)... That would offcouese be complete FUD and have nothing to do with reality... right? ;) (But man it sounds good for a rant) Besides I claimed the best dressed speaker at Drupalcon Chicago!

2 proposed sessions:

I sincerely hope we change the way sessions are selected, the way were doing it today is only causing pissed of people & loads of noise, that are not giving anything to the drupal community.

Jul 10 2011
Jul 10

The way Drupal have been handling css styles up until recently have been to say it nice "Problematic" Theres been a lot of unessasey barries for new & experienced frontend developers alike, fiddeling with the css files can even caused functionality to break.
Now in D7 theres a hidden gem in the very core that needs to some spotlight on it: the filenaming rules of drupals css files.
Hopefully this post can help module developers & Themers alike understand the beauty of the new css naming rules, and why its so importent to follow these, now and in the future. But first a run down of what the problems actually are both for the frontend & backend Developer, and why this change is extremely importent for the future of Drupal.

css in Drupal is simply wrong

Drupal core & the contrip modules have a habbit of always including at least one css file to define the styles used by the module so it can
* make fancy javascript thingies (ajax, accordians, sliders etc)
* fix the layout for the administration of the module
* fix the layout for the theme (we need more float left & right style definitions)
* add some design styles like colors, margin, padding, fonts or borders, just as good defaults for the theme
All of this so it works outta the box.

Lets not to forget a favorite re defining a couple of common classname like

.user{background:#900}, .odd{margin:4px}

foo module's foo.css

.foomodule div{border:1px dashed red; margin: 1em; font-size:0.889 em}
.anotherclassjustbecausewemightneeditsomeday{background: green}
.block div{border-bottom:2px groove pink}

Now when drupal spits out the final page theres a good amount of css files & styles (Drupal alone comes with XXXX out of the box & then add the contrip modules css files) Chances are that the theme will probably have to overwrite, reset and at least take into consideration all these styles, that drupal is pushing out to the frontend.
This has been a HUGE irritation problem for us who define ourself as frontend developers in drupal for years, and there is actually reasons for that:

separation of logic & presentation

There isnt any file system or namescheme that can tells us if the .foomodulestuff style is essential or not to the modules functionality. This makes its actually easy to destroy modules functionality - if youre a bit to aggressive with the resets, or overwrites the wrong styles.

IE file limitations

The number of css files made IE choke because of its limitations of css files that can be added, so the styling for ie was a complete mess untill "rule35" was effected.
The new release of IE 10, the css file limitation is removed, so this isnt a problem for anyone that uses ie10 (which just leaves us with the ie7, ie8 & ie9 users)
This is offcouse not a problem when the css files are compressed in a live site, but its a "small" annoince in the development of the site (not to mention that we at the same time have to battle ie6 drunk cousin ie7)


Its really easy to get lost in the amount of styles that a drupal site is carring around, when every module has its own classes + Drupal carries its own good amount of stuff.
and lets not forget the css cascade that can end up beeing so complicated that it can be tempting just to use !importent to whatever you need.

If you think you can just drop a style.css into the theme & then expect it to look the way that its defined in style.css, then you havent worked with Drupal -or you just dont give a rats ass about pixel perfect implementations (and then you probably dont care about having 500 unused styles defined) your gonna use countless hours to reset, overwrite & beat drupal into what you might consider best practice, lets be honest drupal is not actually known for a clean mean styles & markup (much of it based on the fact that Drupal7 still supports IE6)

Take the power back

The way to get the control over Drupals styles is normally one of these 4 methodes:

Revove all $styles

Remove "print $styles;" from html.tpl (was page.tpl in d6)
This will remove every css file that drupal even dreamt about , the problem here is that we also remove the administration elements wont work, jQuery sweetnes wont work etc. To make the site work you need to find the css classes thats needed and add them ind by hand - This is generally a very bad idea & will only cause you problems down the road, new modules thats installed wont work etc. but you got complete control ;)

foad style .info css overwrites

In the themes .info file you can easy exclude a css file just by defining it in css with the same filename as the file you wanna remove.
So lets say you wanna kill off foomodules pesky foomodule.css apparently it adds pink dotted lines around you divs & makes you cry & you basically dont wanna deal with it.

** THEMENAME.info **

stylesheets[all][] = foad/foomodule.css

Now Drupal is tricked into beliving that we have a css files in foad/foomodule.css define in the theme, so it includes that file in the $css list - it dosnt exist so woho its now dead & gone :)
The reason i use the foad as a fake folder is to remember that this file myst Fuck Off And Die.

You should remember though to be carefull what you call the css files in you theme, naming accedentially a file views.css have gotten me into trouble a couple of times. (views-style.css is a much safer name)

Stylestripper module

The stylestripper module to remove all the css files you dont wanna include in a theme. The problem here is that you have to do alot of configuration each time you create a new theme
Guess that features & strongarm can probably do that + havent tried yet in D7.

Overwrite styles as needed.

Offcourse we have the simpel & classic way to clean out is to overwrite & zeroing out the styles thats defined by drupal, and you dont need. Just overwrite all style that drupal spits out, and then you done
This results here is a pretty huge css file thats only job is to zeroing out styles thats been defined & the theme dosnt need.
and you gonna have to fiddel with that file everytime theres new modules added to the site.

These 4 methodes always leaves us down to the simple question:

Why does Drupal add stuff that i dont need, or asked for - thats dumb

(insert you own profanity here)

lets compare this to a database query:

If youre a developer that dont really like to work out in the frontend, let me try to give you an example of how drupals style implementation looks & feels like:
I need the title field from footable so i could do a simple and quick "SELECT title FROM footable" as my database query. - now instead of that just to be sure that i have everything, in case i might one day need it, i better also select the date, the author, the body, its grandmother and what ever i might can find... aaah lets just grap it all
"SELECT * FROM footable"
ah now we have whats needed & offcourse whatever else that might gonna be added to the footable forever.

I can here developers all over the world screaming right now - why oooh why do you wanna select all fields in the table if you only- you are using unessasry resources & it takes longer time to get the data yadi yadi
Well this is how the style css file hell that drupal gives us today feels & its plain wrong.
Everything, including the kitchen sink and its mother are added into the css & spoonfed down the throat of the theme - the frontend development now have to paddel through the ton of styles defined from a ton modules that all are throwing in their idea of what should be in styles... argh (sorry for ranting).

Best of both worlds!

So what that we really need is something like this:

  • must be ready to go outta the box.
    The reason that Modules comes with all the style defined is that it should be usuable when you install it - it dosnt make sense that the theme must write custom css everytime. Sensible defaults would be nice.
  • We dont wanna have unused styles & have to work with a ton of overwrites. It makes the page load slower & makes it weight more
    It makes styling sites a pain & really dosnt make sense to have a remove when nessesary, when we really wanna have an add when nessesary aproach.
  • Modules needs to be able to tell the themes what they should not mess with, so a theme dont accedentially ends up destroing functionality, by overwriting a style or a css file.

Seperation of css logic

Now in Drupal7 all this is taken into consideration, at least if you look at the system module in core (drupal/modules/system/) it is (I danced with joy when i figured this out)
So Lets look at the css files that system is packing


(i havent included the -rtl version here in the list)

Look there is no system.css file!
Instead all the files have added a description to them after the module name (.base, admin, theme, maintenance, menuse etc)
That actually means that we now can make themes that dont have the problems that I described earlier.

The module is splitting up the normal modulename.css file into 3 different files:

  • modulename.base.css (system.base.css)
    .base.css file is having all the essential style definitions that we needs to make sure the module is working,
  • modulename.admin.css (system.admin.css)
    heres the styles that we need for the adminstration of the module & finally we have the
  • modulename.theme.css (system.theme.css)
    Gives us good defaults for the module.

Holy crap B.A.T.man does this mean that if we remove all the [modulename].theme.css from my themes css files, i dont have to overwrite it & dont screw with the administration interface or the modules functionality?



something like this in your template.php will do the trick

  foreach (
$css as $file => $value) {
    if (
strpos($file, '.theme.css') !== FALSE) {

uuuh gimme gimme

Unfortunately all of Drupal core is not working this way (yet), I hope that we can get all logic in the core styles seperated asap and theres a ton contrip modules to get up to speed, with the way of the system module.

I have started the work of seperating the core css files into the B.A.T. (base, admin, theme) namescheme in the worlds best theme that "fixes evertyhing thats wrong in drupal (tm)": Mothership.

In the mothership, theres also n controller to quickly cleanout the .theme / .base files etc - very handy to remove some of all the clutter. Steal it use it & make it better please :)

If youre a module developer you should really think about splitting up you modules css into BAT css files. The fact that its the right way to do it, system module does it, you will never again have to curse a theme for accedentially removed a style that was essential to your module.
Dont forget there will not be hordes of angry frontend developers in your issuque going "wtf why are ya not following the Guidelines" ;)

I hope this post have put some light on the problems we currently have in an essential part of Drupal frontend development, theres a simple, clean & easy way to fix this problem.

So please wont you be the Module to my Theme?

Jun 08 2011
Jun 08
Drupal Design Camp

Dries wasn't kidding when he talked about the Drupal8 Design initiative. The initiative to change the look of Drupal Forever is gonna take of in Berlin in about 3 weeks. That is just one of the really good reason that if youre a "Frontend" Developer & even the slightest interested in Drupals future you should drop by Berlin the weekend of 25+26 June.

The 2nd European Drupal Design Camp in Berlin gonna be the weekend of 25 & 26 june

Just so thats clear & the first comment isnt "when & where is the camp"
The tickets are on sale now 20€ / 50€

If you cant be in Europe, in one of the most amazing citys i might add, theres no ground to panic, shed a little tear though cause you are gonna miss out what I think will be a milestone in Drupals history (yeah I have a way of getting excited)
The good americans are having the 3. D4D in boston at the same weekend. So if you call Football for Soccer, check out the event in Boston.


The program for DDC in Berlin is gonna be split up into 3 major sections:

1. Training & beginners

One of the natural starting places for those that dont know drupal is at the theming layer - which can sometimes be hard to figure out whats actually going on - what newbees needs is a good introduction to the wonders of Drupal theming.
In Berlin theres gonna be a 3 hour training session, to warm the newbees up & make sure they get a chance to look as cool as the rest of the attendees, and talk bout tippelphiphs & browserhell.

Armed with that knowledge it shold be easy to follow along lota of the sessions during the weekend, some will maybe be to hardcore on the technical level (cause theming can be very technical) where others will be spot on easy to follow.

2. Theming

The sessions on #DDCEU Berlin will be a Tour de Markup from the php, pre_process & rendering into the inner workings of one of the hottest modules out there Display suite & Theme Key, not to mention how a frontend dev can work with the epic nerdy Ægir, without getting hurt! and even from pure PHP heroism & understanding of what is really going on to the configuration hell & how to survive Drupal Theming.
When thats all over theres gonna be an good old fashioned cage style match between the 2 compiles CSS alternatives: SASS vs. LESS
Coming all the way through skype its John "if you dont use SASS you doing it wrong" Albin and the young upcoming viking warrior Jesper "Less smell's of perl" Wøeldich. guess where my money is at we still havent set the odds for this fight, but no worries the @ddceu twitter feed will be keeping you all updated.

Its not all hardcore theming & markup extravaganza. Theres UX on the map with all time great Roy Shoulten & @Lisa is speaking about the prairie initiative, which im pretty pretty excited to about.

If you dont belive me look at the program - that mofo kicks some ass, we know we kinda missed out some of all the hot buss around #drupal8html5css3, but we try to focus on getting people up to speed so we can actually change the markup & elements in the frontend, so in the future we have skilled frontend devs that can make it fully bussword combatible.

3. Design of Drupal 8

The lack of designers in Drupal have been pretty obvious the last couple of years (or rather always) so when Dries announce the D8 Design initiative some of us saw it as our duty for the DDCEU to step up & help out, and make this initiative could fly from day 1.

So to make a long story short Im wery honered that Jeff Burnz whos the lead for the D8 design initiative is gonna be in Berlin to kickstart the design process. The rest of the team thats right now working hard to make rules & infrastructure & stuff are gonne be there to, so we have unique oppertunity to push the design oppertunities in Drupal.

At the camp we are gonna have intensive design workshops - The workshops purpose is to define & build the basic bricks for new designs in Drupal, hell someone might even fire up a graphics program & start doing comps. oooh my my...

I am hoping that the D4D in Boston wanna play ball with us & the design initiative, so we can send em all the stuff we have done by the end of the day & while were out looking at Berlin (maybe even getting a drink) the american camp set up a couple of workshops to work with this so we can get it back the next morning & continue the work & discussions (did i just pushed a 4 hours working session over to the states ?)

Tickets & amazing Sponsors!

We have been offering 2 different tickets. the basic Ticket & the Personal sponsorship. right now im very pleased to report that after selling the first 33% of the tickets 50% of them are sold as personal sponsorships. which I must admit im very very very (very) pleased with!
Its really awesome to see so many wanna chip extra in -thats what makes this a community!

Its not only the attendees that are pretty cool. A huuuge thanx goes to Wunderkraut, Omega8, fidibiko, 300+ & Atomic kitten
Its so good to know that we have companies in the Drupal hemisphere that cares about supporting the design initiatives that is going on in Drupal, with a little luck we might even get coffe at the event - so sponsors dont hold back! ;)

the secret people behind it all

The camp is arranged by the secret european drupal society & support by the Drupal association - well its not a so secret organisation, its the same people that are begind the Drupal Dev. Days & Business days, practically its just a mailing list where we try to coordinate 3 events each yeah that we hope can bring the European Drupalistas closer together. Basically its one person from each european country. so guess were not that secret afterall ;)

If you wanna help out please come forward :)

Right now the main muscles to get this boat floating have been marek twitterlove -> @sotak & me, with some help from isabell & the DA + Berlins Finest Ninja & mr. Christian Kloewer. Its a ton of work, but you know what its hopefully all worth it. I mean we got rid of blue marine ;)

The tickets for the DDCEU is on sale now and you can get em from DrupalDesignCamp.net

Im looking forward to Design Camp, this is a truly chance for us who work in the Fronted of Drupal to help out with the system that many of us "just have been using" for a lot of years

Hey Ho lets go!

If you are a Designer and wanna help out with Drupal you know you need to be in Berlin. its simple as that!
It is called a Drupal Design Camp, not "frontend nerds with the hots for drupal camp" - so we wont bite if you really dont wanna code & just wanna make good looking websites, then bring you notebook (as the one you use with a pencil) & start Rocking the Drupal Design.

Jun 01 2011
Jun 01

One thing i always promise myself after have been giving talks at conferences is to make sure that the material is coming out quickly right after.
What im always ending up doing though is off course not that :(

So now after giving the same session in Chicago, Stockholm & Copenhagen, I thought it was appropriate to finally release my notes & slides for those of you who have asked for this. yes it changed name started out as "how to make awesomesauce" which was the working title, when it was preselected for the Chicago Drupalcon, I kept it so people didnt got confused ;)

Worse is that all my clever notes are usually lost in the wind (maybe thats for the best) This time though im happy that my sessions were recorded twice for your viewing pleasure.

DrupalCon Chicago 2011

It was a total blast, giving this presentation, it was probably the biggest room I have ever presented in - think it said there was room for 8-900 people. *Gasp!*,I used to be nervous speaking in the front of 20 people. But it warms my little front end loving heart that the DrupalCons is finally after years of fighting to get more than 2 session in the the accepting the Frontend developers & that we can actually draw a crowd (or did you all just came to see me curse at developers ?)

Those who didnt belive i actually gave the session in a damn godd looking suite. Those of you who dont belive this can check out this video where im interviewed later that day I know that somebody didnt really belive it ;)

The video I used for the Intro & Outtro is can be seen here in it full glory -cause everybody Drupals - Monster (remix) by A. Hughes & D. Stagg

IMG_1126 As a final note to Chicago: It was a total Blast! specially the detail of so many of us in the same Hotel kicked ass!
ooh and one of my hottest dreams ever happend, and I can claim that i made Microsoft say im sorry!

I can now go into the grave a happyman
... ooh wait theres still ie7

Next Stop Stockholm

Last month the good people in Sweden held their DrupalCampand even better they invited me to come and speak at the camp & who cant say no to goto stockholm? and the fact they did alot of flattering which I offcourse cant stand for : "and we will have some key Drupal people such as Todd Nienkerk, mortendk and Addison Berry." - yup im a sucker for that stuff. This also gave me an opportunity to dig into the old scandinavian sport: Taking pokes at each others -did a horrible reference to the Vasa ship that sometimes was how Drupal fels for us Frontend Developers

As soon as the Stockholm people are gonna release the video its gonne go online here, unless they have censored it ;)

Copenhagen - drupaldag

The session was cut down a bit and again given in copenhagen for the yearly informal meetup "DrupalDag" (drupalday) The fun thing here was the developers taking pokes at me during the session & actually pointing out a mistake in the slides Apparently it is possible to change a submit button from the theme layer in D6 - if you use the theme registery & create a new little function to change it ... Damn drupal is still sooooooo developer orientated, that making small logical changes is like stabbing a fork into you eye and puring lemon in it afterwards.

Sessions on Tour?

I used think that it sucked ass to redo a session again & again but when it takes me somewhere betweeen 40-60 hours to get a session ready & that the video recordings are sometimes very shitty, and might even made it to the Conferences websites afterwards (yup iknow the DrupalCon i was leading in Copenhagen had this issue big time, and it was outta our hands :( Then it suddenly makes sense, especially if you like me are on a mission from the frontend gods: Gather an army & clean out the crap from Drupal ;)

The Theme Like a Rockstar session is gonna be on its last show for the Drupal Design Camp in Berlin the 25+26 of June - its taken its turn & I am working on another session that will Rock you like a hurricane (yups) working title "Angry Themer" which will be more focused around theme selectors understanding, regions thinking & how to not be angry, now that you know how to manipulate drupal.


May 06 2011
May 06

I finally got my shirts home to copenhagen from the awesome Drupalcon in chicago
So now its time to fulfill one of the promises I gave - selling the tshirts online so people could order them.

I know the shop dont run on drupal, which is a scandale - but I thought it was better to get the stor online, than wait forever till i get the time to actually get a drupal based store up and running.

These shirts are various ive made over the years for my own company geek Royale, or the now epic drupal trademark shirt - where all the profit goes directly to the drupal comunity :)

So hey ho buy my shirts (make me filthy rich) Oooooh or support the Drupal community actually the drupal tm shirts are all ready donated to the project,so i have money out on them - im not so clever a business man - but fuck it its allbout the Drupal love!

if youre in stockholm this weekend for the Drupalcamp ive even set up store there ... and yes These tees here are so cool that the mighty Al hughes are Rocking the geek Royale skull ;)

If you have wishes ideas and other stuff shoot me a comment & will figure something out
Cause its never looked this good to be a badass geek ;)

Mar 05 2011
Mar 05

Its Drupalcon time again - this time the American Drupal conference which is in Chicago. Offcourse the mighty geek Röyale is here with a couple of awesome & sexy tees!

The Drupal association have opened up a Drupal store (not an app store i mind you...) where all kinds of good drupal related stuff will be up for sale. I was invited to sell some of my Drupal tees.


I usually had 50 shirts with me in a bagpack on different Drupal events, it was getting kinda tired to carry em around + fact that theres an actually demand for my Kickass Drupal related Merchendice. The Jack Drupal is now out in its 4. reprint (drupal 5, drupal 666, drupal 7 dev & now Drupal 7 Epic)
Yes I use the word Merchandice, cause that what it is & thats the feeling you should get by putting my shirts on you hot nerdy body, its not swag, its not nerdware - its Merchandice for the mighty Drupal! (hell yeah).

There are no Rockstars in Drupal - only roadies & groupies!

the geek Röyale line

Man it sounds good just writing it - will be having these 4 fine shirts. that not only is gonna show the world you love drupal but also that youre a badass ;)

  • the geek Royale "Skull n Bones" Logo tee in both a pink version & black version (yes I have no shame!)
  • Drupal Kiss tribute - yup druplicon can be themed into anything!- 4 color print on black shirt
  • Jack Drupal - comes in the "Epic no. 7" version in black with white print
  • Drupal Tattooed love: 3 color front print showing who youre heart belongs to

All with the back print "Sex Drupal & Rock n Roll" and all in men & female models.




Drupal Wordmark Tees

If you didnt noticed the last year a lot have happend in Drupal & one of them was that Drupal got an official "wordmark" -But up until now its not been possible to wear & show the world that you are a Drupal developer. Theres printed a good number of shirts all in blue or pink (again) - These will not cary any other print - just plain & simpel Drupal Shirts - propably the one you have been wanting for the last 5 years!

Its always a big problem to figure out the right sizings for shirts, especially if you dont do all kinds of preorder n stuff (which i dont - I go with my guts)
The unisex shirts will be focused around Medium & Large, with a lower number in Small, XL & XXL.
Its the same thing with the female versions they will go from Medium to XL.

Im pretty sure that I didnt hit the perfect spread on the sizings ;)
Combining 5 different designs on different Tshirts models & different genders & adding the different Tshirt colors... well if youre a programmer you can do the math!
add ontop of it that im personally bankrolling this thing (hope the GF dont read this), so I dont expect to carry to many shirts with me home again on the plaine to copenhagen.

If your size is sold out, or not existing, please let me know, i do indeed have the idea to set up an online store both in europe an the states, so we can push out some hard rocking geek loving drupal promoting awesomeness, to all the hot ass Drupalistas out there.

I want you 20$!

The price range are gonna be dead simple they are gonna go for 20$ at the conference, with kickbacks to the Drupal association.
The wordmark tees will go 100% to the Drupal project. Yup i made that one just so you could put all the love back to the Project (we should sell em for 30 ;))

So swing by the Drupal Store at the conference, from monday to thursday, or come by my hotel room where they are stacked on top of eachother

update: the shirts can now be ordered from the geek royale tee short

Feb 08 2011
Feb 08

I made it down to the european Drupal Developer Days in Brussels, and were lucky enough that they accepted my speak, even that Im not real a developer.
As i promised in Brussels I would make a post outta this this + a link to the slides, and add some more background. Thanx for not throwing rocks after me during the session

Scratch your own itch

My big itch with drupal since day one (drupal 4.7) have been that drupal adds markup and css by The truckloads, it never seemed like the developers really minded, about this little detail. "dude it works"

Dont Think its out of pure devloper evil but simply by having another focus, after all gettig the functions & site to work is a bit higher up the list than satisfieng a capucino drinking smartass designer-themer-whatever
The answer always been "dude you can overwrite it"

This have resolved in themers and designers using obsene amount of time looking through sourcecode ( thanx firebug) to figure out where a css class could be overwritten, not to mention the hours of trying to change the markup somewhere wrapped deep down inside of 43 divs. the sad reality have also been that by overwriting some css elements, or removing classes or markup could actually break modules (my mothership did that with views ajax pagination, actually I was a bit proud when that happend ;))

Drupal7 is heaven

Now in drupal 7 theres been taken giant leaps forward, thanx to both developers & themers and designers.

One of the thing im most excited about (besides the 6000 theme preprocess calls and hooks) is the way that modules should declare its css files, So the drupal dev days brussels seemed to be a perfect spot to indoctrinate the european drupal developers about this new namescheme.
If theres one thing i really learned during my now soon to be 5 years with drupal is that theres a huge difference in the way that we look at the website (and the world) and that the rest of the world really dont gets the diffence between frontend and backend "its just a website", so hopefully by adding that little story into my slides i also managed to break some barriers, and explain what it is that makes us speak diffent dialects of geek, and why we not always understand eachother.

If you dont really care about all that and just wants the 10 seconds talk, here it is:

  1. Dont add crap to the frontend
  2. name you css files by what they do (modulen.admin.css, module.base.css & module.theme.css)
  3. Dont add crap! - its the themes job to make it look & feel its the modules job to make it work.

Heres the slides on slideshare (I even made it to be the featuredslides of the day)
Hopefully this will be yet another step to change the way that we develop sites in drupal forever(!)
If you wanna dig deeper down then read these to post from Jacine Luisi

    The Brussels Dev Days

    oh and did drupal developer days brussels kick ass? bet ya!
    It was as always great to meat discuss & talk drupal with people in and around the community.

    I made swentel blush, with my love for display suite & got around to talk alot from drupalappstore to surviving as a freelancer + everything in the middle + html5 and hopefully made a ton of new

    I was very amused by the amount of geeks that didn't understood that danish developer Tinef wasn't someones girlfriend . just because she wear high heals apparently she didn't looked like a developer ;) Dudes accept it Drupal is so hot & big now, that we are attracting everything from high badass heels to people wearing long leather jackets and carry swords on their backs (or was that only the ones that studied old medieval german literature - oooh details forgotten in the liters of belgian beers)

    a huge thanx to the whole team behind the Drupal Dev days in Brussels!
    Im looking much forward to comming next time, where ever its' gonna be in europe, and preach about the wonders of design for developers ;)

    Jan 27 2011
    Jan 27

    This is my take on the whole "Drupal AppStore debate" that as many other good things started out on twitter #drupalappstore So instead of starting a flamewar there this demands for a decent analyze & maybe raise a red flag or 2.

    If we wanna make another & better business model, theres other ways than a drupal App store, which is a very bad model, that will ultimately kill the Development Culture as we know it, and, will attract less talent to the Drupal project.

    Let it be clear!

    Before I dive in (and the flamewar guns get loaded) let me make it very clear that I have no problem what so ever with people making money & even getting filthy rich by making drupal "stuff". I make my living by drual & I feel blessed by that.
    This has nothing to do with money vs. open source, or capitalism vs socialism, good vs. evil, foo vs. bar
    This is all about the DrupalAppStore thats beginning to float around in the twitterverse & I think could end up destroying the development culture that in a lot of ways is what runs Drupal (wow that was a bit extreme statement)

    To make a short summary. Appel did the App Store (and it looks like money are puring into the developers hands, well thats the story so far), Now theres open up an app store for wordpress WP plugins. (Not by the official wordpress community though) So not as a big surprise the question is, should we do the same in the Drupal Project?

    The "Sexiest american boy in germany" mr. Robert Douglass is talking about this in Brussels at the Drupal Developer Days, and asked if somebody had an opinion about this...

    Well I do, so heres my take on this, and why its wrong in so many ways to launch this in the drupal project:

    Heres the Drupal App Store

    The DrupalAppStore (DAS?) gets up and running on drupal.org.
    The idea & hope is that this is gonna transfer some money to the developers so they can keep making modules, themes & tools they work hard on everyday. Thats a business model that have been tested over the years so that makes sense (...) the DAS will off course only support GPL apps, so everybody still can change, patch & make the app better. Everybody wins were still GPL so no problem with the way drupal used to work & now the developers gets paid (Drupal off course gets it 30%)

    So now you wanna make a spanky new website & as the song says you go and download drupal
    So with the credit card in hand you get what you need:

    • wysiwyg editor: 5€
    • File & image module: 6€
    • Theme that does html5: 9€
    • Token: 2€
    • Drupal7 Core: 0,- (priceless)

    Thats a lot of cool stuff for a little amount of money. the site is build - you're happy - the clients happy so whats the problem dude? why are you screaming up against this business model & claiming it will destroy the Drupal project. "Its how the world works" right

    By having an app store a lot of the motivation for doing anything in Drupal will be centered around getting paid, not to getting a common problem solved, not to fix bugs in another app - its all about getting paid. Off course there will still be developers who wont be charging, So the free as in beer still stands, but our basic value of sharing the love (em code) will change.

    How did this work for mambo-joomla?

    The first question I got when I claimed that I was gonna go 102% Drupal 4 years ago was by a local joomla/mambo developer here in copenhagen He couldn't understand how i was gonna make money on drupal - we just "gave it all away"...
    That was kinda the litmus test i needed to be very sure that I was in exactly that community I should be in, It didn't mattered that the joomla/mambo was easy on the eyes & Drupal looked like a nerdy geek project (drupal 4.7) the basic foundation of Drupal was right, and more important the basic idea was very clear "Building a cms that sucks less than the rest of 'em".

    Maybe it works for the joomla project to have a "we pay for everything" else than the core kinda thing, I would be pissed of not beeing sure when I had to pay, and when not to pay & even more pissed if the app didnt do what i hoped it would.
    Another local which I later helped move to drupal, was tired that he felt it was impossible to figure out which apps was good or bad, and that every time he had to check anything out, he had to find his credit card - and then use 3 hours to maybe getting it to work. It gave the feeling that everything around joomla costed him money, and a lot of it was "useless" (didn't do what he hoped for) Even that it was small amounts everytime, that was the feeling he got, not the wow this is amazing, but a goddammit now i need to pay again.

    joomla peeps I have no idea if its still that way in you community, so easy with the flames ok ;)

    Turn up the Noise!

    Besides of a change in the Drupal open source culture that will change from the "Hey check out how awesome this is" to a well we work together but if you wanna look at my code: pay up.
    This will also raise some problems that will fill up the community with a lot of bitter fights and unnecessary noise, take the Twitter flamewars over the last 2 years and multiply them with 666.

    Some of "fun discussions" that pops up in my mind is these:

    • Moving the extremely popular "Epic" module into core.
      That will be taking a lot of potential money out of the hands of the developer - if its decide to do that anyway, it could make developer pissed off.
    • If I do a patch to "epic module" , then why don't i get paid for it? it made your app better.
    • Im gonna copy "epic module" and change the name to "epic next generation", and now sell it for 1$. Then wont the epic module developer become a bit pissed of, flamewars on forums and all that?
    • I don't wanna merge my "epic module" with "awesome module" its mine and i feed my kids by making it.
    • Why should I use time to work on core, I make my money on "epic module"
    • Devs in X country only need 2$ to live for a day, I need 200$ to do the same, so how do we set fair prices ..

    The list goes on & on The amount of noise this can make, and the cracks in the community is gonna be larger than we think, we have enough noise allready ;)

    Don't change a winning team.

    I joined the drupalistas cause it was a free, clearly open source project that had a kick ass community, was driven by the idea of making a tool to build web stuff on (A quick hand up if you did your own awesome-epic-cms before moving shifting to drupal)

    I still thinks that "We wanna make the best motherfucking cms in the world" it maybe dont sound so pretty at the dinner table, but thats whats its all about. So let me clean it up a bit "Make a tool thats like everything else sucks a bit but not as much as the rest"

    We could just try it out & "Let the market decide which model would work" (if you believe that theory) well hasn't that already been tried out: 1200 developers in Copenhagen this sommer, kinda made that statement pretty clear, or the 400+ that goes to brussels in 2 weeks, or the trillion of drupalcamps & meetups that goes on all around the world. Those arent there because

    A golden rule is to not change a winning team, to have an app store in the drupal project would imho be like to exchange Aron Rodgers with jay Cutler (ups, sorry coudn't resist ;) )

    apps is already being sold

    "But theres other out here selling drupal stuff already, why fight it? the drupal project could benefit from it & make some $, wont that be a good thing?" you might ask...
    There is other ways to do this and still keep our development culture, that so far have made the project move forward to a place none thought possible. Its simply not worth it to destroy that by building an app store on top of it.

    So now what?!

    While writing this post I had to think in broader spans than the twitter sized messages like "#drupalappstore you suck" and other non constructive comments (that would be misunderstood in 2 seconds)
    Some changes I could see happening inside the Drupal Project, and that can help developers could get paid, without screwing up with the ecosystem of Drupal.

    Support a modules

    It would be neat if it was easier for the developers (& others) of a project to tell the world: Hey i make custom versions & provide über support for this module.
    That way you can provide support for the project & we keep the development / sharing love as we have it & loves it.
    Today its hard on the drupal.org site to figure out where & how you can support a project. Having a unified ways of doing this would make it more obvious for the developer & the "users"

    The Drupal KickStarter

    What about an KickStarter inspired program, that platform sounds in my ears like a thing that could work within the Drupal project.
    im still jaw dropped over the LunaTik watches

    I have the first 1000€ for those who can make one image solution that works with (cck)fields & textfields, wysiwyg, imagecache / resizing.I brained about it 3 years ago ... I dont have the brainpower, but i would really love to see this happening, like RFN

    Building AppStore's outside the Drupal project.

    Just go ahead we already have a ton of those, they are called "drupal shops" some are large others are 1 man shops and others even have hosted solutions.
    The first theme shops are allready here, but its not build inside of the drupal project.
    Distributions, services, hosted solutions etc thats all good, and should be looked into. But ending up building with a credit card in hand while working with project, would mean the death of drupal as we know it

    That was my 2 danish krones worth of opinoin.


    Ive have now set up an Flattr account to support my little mothership project , apparently theres only about 10 projects thats on flattr today.

    Flattr this

    Jan 06 2011
    Jan 06

    To celebrate the Drupal7 release over 100 partys worldwide will take place tomorrow Friday 7. january. just 2 days after the Release of Drupal7 In copenhagen we will go nutter in champagne, cocktails & Drupal7 an epic combination.

    pst... What did you do for D7

    Its been to years since the mighty @webchick got the torch & I must say im very happy about the way a'lot turned out: especially the openness & communication towords us who dont gives a ratts ass about database connections & security patches, but wanna make sites that:
    * Looks the way the designer made in photoshop/Fireworks
    * With Designers who really dont care about anything else than how epic Helvetica is.
    * That Developers can work on afterwards
    * with css & markup thats smooth as cream
    Well se over the months how it really turned out ;)

    So what did I do for Drupal7 - well 2 things:
    1. Had the discussion with webchick in Paris (2009) over a year ago about html.tpl.php and if and whys and back n forth...
    2.Nothing else beside some community organistaion work, a couple of camps here n there & a small 1200 attendes conference (btw Drupal Association, thanx for not mentioning Drupalcon Copenhagen as one of the big things in 2010...seriously?)

    Drupal 7 on Ruby

    Here in wönderfull Drupalhagen we have thrown together a little thing both to enlighten the masses & have a small little party - cause thats the way we roll baby!
    So if you have nothing better todo (you dont!) then you should come by and listen to 4 Quick sessions about Drupal7
    This will be the first time i only talks for 15 minutes, and maybe even presents in a tie (!) or in the nude, Who knows?

    When were done with the serous stuff, well take over a bar that we thinks will fit Drupal7 pretty good: (besides the fun in having it on Ruby... ahem gets it ruby, drupal php?) and start the The Danish Drupal Associations Official Kickass Party

    Four of the Finest Danish (and a swedish) DrupalShops found the wallet and are pushing a ton of Kroner into the bar so there will be (some) champagne & Drinks etc

    Why Ruby and not one of the usual superbad worldclass beerbars, well Drupal7 is a shift in many ways So we had to do something different, D7 got some much needed ux & design love , so to reflect that & keep the expected level of awesomesauce we thought that Ruby should fit our demands for perfection :)

    If you decided to drop by for the presentations its
    Friday january 7 13:45
    Berlingske Media
    Pilestræde 34
    DK-1147 København K

    If you prefere champagne, drinks & hot Drüpal Love (I know you do) We are at
    Nybrogade 10
    1203 Copenhagen
    From around 16:30

    If youre not in DrupalHagen well fear not theres a party near you somewhere


    Nov 18 2010
    Nov 18

    From my vaults of never released theme tools I bring you the hacked version of devel theme module. Its the stripped version of the theme Developer module, but without all the point n click stuff, which added a ton of spans & click commands to the markup of your site(and drove me nuts)

    Its been laying on my local machine for the last 6 months (or more), so now after hearing somebody at the Drupal Design Camp in Prague moaning about not beeing able to find that goddamn function that put out the markup for X - I thought it was about time i put it out there, as an alternative to the theme developer module which still is an awesome module to figure out wtf is going on in your module.

    Actually the inspiration to this version comes way back to the drupal5 days which i wrote about almost 2 years ago
    btw check out Larrys comment , so here @crell heres your patch. or rather i dont have a goddamn clue of how to patch anything in cvs. So i ended up releasing it as a module. Probably gonna be banned now from d.o ;)

    If you wanna help out make this actually usefull, I REALLY could use a comaintainer for this module. I hate CVS, and just wanna go back and make things pretty ...

    btw if this breaks your site, its not a bug its a feature ;)

    update: about 15 minutes after this blogpost Drupal.org went down, think im going back to my css & markup again ;)

    So with that as a warning go ahead and look at the devel themer comments

    Oct 11 2010
    Oct 11

    Drupal Frontend geeks unite! - The first European Drupal Design Camp are taking place november 6 + 7 in Prague. Short: its gonna be awesome ;)

    The Drupal Design Camp: Prague Prague is Following up on the 2 successful D4D camps in Boston ( 2009 & 2010 ) where the movement of Druplistas with focus on the frontend began to take form. So its about time the Europe based Drupal Designers gets a platform to talk,exchange ideas & develop, so we can make Drupal bigger, better more lean and mean, and not to forget absolutely awesome to work with as a front end designer.

    what can you expect

    The event is a 2 day of full frontal Theming, Design, Frontend, UX sessions & Workshops.
    This will be a camp where you can expect someone will pick a fight with you if you say that Arial is as good as Helvetica! But Dont expect a 2 hours sessions about database abstraction.
    But heated discussions about css, markup, design & everyting else that makes Drupal Sites look & feel wonderful/awful, and how it can be changed to be superduper sweet to work with as a designer.

    Why have a "Design" camp?

    I have been caught by drupal in about 4 years now, and im still impressed about the lack of awareness that major parts of the community have for the way drupal looks & feel, and general idea of how to do a design (NO! a grid will not make you site look good for crying out loud, it will make it align!... oups did i just say that - fuck yeah!)

    To make drupal a better tool for designers, it makes sense to have a place where you can talk among Equals, and discuss the problems we as "designers" are having - not saying that every "developer" dont know about design, some do, and others even understand the problems that we have. But the majority of attendees at a normal drupalcamp would be developers who have other interest & things they wanna focus about.
    Do we wanna see "evil developers who hate everything thats fancy pancy design like and pretty" at the Design camp? Hell YEAH, more than welcome :)

    Were not closing ourself in a corner bitching & moaning about the lack of understanding from the rest of the community.
    We know that Drupal woudn't be anything without the kickass Developers around the system, and we really appreciate it, some of us just wanna make it so much better on the frontend.

    So its gonna be as Rocking awesome on the outside as it is on the inside!

    signup & Tickets:

    so what are you waiting for your fellow drupal frontend rockstars are already attending, so signup and go to prague!
    Tickets are 20€ including food, water and stuff...

    Im really looking forward to this camp, its really awesome to again plan events internationally and this time with jozef, Marek & Isabell. We are still fledging things out as we go,so dont be surpriced if you get a Hey come sponsor the DDC beep one of these days - yup you know who you are ;)

    BTW... Did i mention that the place in the world where they make pilsner that will make you cry of sheer joy is in Czech Republic? Im looking forward to saying Hi to a BudWeiser or as Marek puts it: "Welcome to Prague, where beer is cheaper than water"

    See you in Prague in 4 weeks :)

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