Jan 18 2011
Jan 18

This release fixes the critical outstanding issues with Maestro. There are still some would-likes that will make it into 1.1, which is planned for release candidate around February 18th.

Among all the fixes the most important is the fix for the content type task, which was stalling after uploading a file. Version 1.0 has been fully tested in both MySQL and MSSQL Servers alike. For more information, check out the Maestro page. You can download Maestro on our project page on Drupal.org.

Changes include: - Fixed error if you don't supply an workflow id at admin/structure/maestro/edit
- fixed issue #1004354
- fix for content type upload issue if your site is named maestro (ie, http://localhost/maestro)
- fixed bug with getTrackingID, else case was identical to the if case. also sql field name process_id was changed to simply id.
- Fixed a bug in the project_content mechanism
- added $context parameter for hook_maestro_post_action_handler

Jan 07 2011
Jan 07

In light of the recent Drupal 7.0 release, we have finished testing Maestro with D7.0 and are ready to announce the first Maestro release candidate. We will continue to test for bugs, and if no critical issues arise then version 1.0 will be upon us soon!

In particular, this version of Maestro has a number of fixes for MS Sql Server users. For more information on Maestro, check out the Maestro page. You can download Maestro on our project page on Drupal.org.

Changes in this version include:
- Update to orchestrator information
- Fix for an SQL Server issue where the adjacent lines delete routine fails.
- Altered the delete routine for SQL server compatibility. Multiple replacements in a query seem to fail.
- Added a post-trigger/action execution hook called module_maestro_post_action_handler. This will allow devs to act upon the newly triggered process if need be
- Fix for issue #1018804 for all flows view being broken in SQL Server.
- Added API method to set a flow's title/description after it has been spawned.

Please feel free to contribute to the testing as well! The more eyes the better. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news on Maestro as well as other Nextide products, @NextideInc.

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