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Oct 09 2020
Oct 09
Start:  2020-10-22 18:30 - 20:00 America/Los_Angeles Organizers:  rlhawk jcost mortona2k Event type:  User group meeting

We will meet at 6:30 pm on Thursday, October 22. Note that this is the fourth Thursday of the month, not the usual third


  • Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Drupal news
  • Reports about what we liked and learned at BADCamp
  • Demos and discussions about debugging with XDebug


Online; the URL for the meeting will be shared in the SeaDUG Slack workspace and with anyone who signs up for the event.

Mar 20 2020
Mar 20

Huge thanks for responding to our call for contributors posted at the beginning of the month. All must-have beta requirements have been completed, so, we've released Drupal 9.0.0-beta1! Drupal 8.9.0-beta1 will be released next week (the week of March 23).

The release of the first betas is a firm deadline for all feature and API additions. Even if an issue is pending in the Reviewed & Tested by the Community (RTBC) queue when the commit freeze for the beta begins, it will be committed to the next minor release only.

  • Developers and site owners can begin testing the betas after their release.

  • Sites must be on 8.8 or later to update to 9.0.0-beta1. Therefore, we will also provide bugfix releases of 8.8 and 8.7 that resolve known upgrade path criticals, so sites that have not been able to update to 8.8 can test the upgrade.

  • Once 8.9.0-beta1 is released, the 9.1.x branch of core will open for development. This branch is where feature and API additions should be made. All outstanding issues filed against 8.9.x will be automatically migrated to 9.1.x.

  • Alpha experimental modules have been removed from the 8.9.x and 9.0.x codebases (so their development will continue in 9.1.x only).

  • Additional fixes will be committed to 9.0.x under the beta allowed changes policy through the end of the beta phase on April 28.

  • The release candidate phase will begin the week of May 4th.

See the summarized key dates in the release cycle, allowed changes during the Drupal 8 and 9 release cycle, and Drupal 8 and 9 backwards compatibility and internal API policy for more information.

Drupal 9.0.0 and Drupal 8.9.0 are both scheduled to be released on June 3, 2020.

Bugfixes and security support of Drupal 8.8 and 8.7

Drupal 8.8 will receive additional bugfix releases through May 4, 2020, and it has security coverage through December 2, 2020. Drupal 8.7 has security coverage until the release of 8.9.0 on June 3.

Mar 03 2020
Mar 03

This week is the first target release window for the Drupal 9 beta.

We’ve made significant progress on the beta requirements during the last couple of months thanks to the tremendous amount of work by the community. Based on the outstanding tasks in the meta issue, we are close to completing beta requirements, but not close enough to release it this week.

When will Drupal 9.0.0-beta1 be released?

Given how close we are to completing the beta requirements, we are considering releasing the beta in mid-March if the requirements are complete by March 13. If we do release the beta in 1-2 weeks, Drupal 9.0.0 will still be scheduled for release on June 3, 2020. We will make a final announcement by March 16 about whether there will be a June release.

If any must-have issues remain unresolved by March 13, we will move the beta target window to the first week of May, and Drupal 9.0.0 will be scheduled for August 3, 2020.

This does not affect the expected release date of Drupal 8.9.0 (scheduled for June 3, 2020) nor that of Drupal 9.1.0 (planned for December 2, 2020). The Drupal 8 and 7 end-of-life is also still November 2021.

We need your help to meet the beta deadline, whether it is March 13 or April 28! Drupal 9 readiness meetings are every Monday at 7pm UTC in the #d9readiness channel on https://drupal.org/slack. Help us with the issues below.

Current status and issues left for Drupal 9.0.0-beta1

Dependency updates

All PHP dependencies (Symfony, Laminas, Twig) have been updated to the versions we intend to use for Drupal 9.0.0, although we will continue to keep up to date with bugfix releases.

Nearly all JavaScript and CSS dependencies have been updated, with just two issues to go:
jQuery Cookie (needs review and testing from JavaScript developers!) and Normalize.css (RTBC and awaiting committer review).

Upgrade paths

In addition to deprecations, we are improving and simplifying in-place updates with update.php to ensure the Drupal 8 to 9 update is smooth and reliable. Four issues remain and could use additional help from experienced contributors:

We are also ensuring that all known critical Drupal 8 upgrade path bugs that may prevent updates from older Drupal 8 versions are fixed in 8.8 and 8.9. Only three remain. These technically difficult issues are critical for Drupal's data integrity:

Platform requirement changes

Drupal 9 has already raised the minimum PHP version to 7.3. We also want to increase MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite requirements. This includes:

  • MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona (required prior to beta1)
  • PostgreSQL (Beta deadline; help needed! If you use Postgres, document what versions are available from your hosting provider.)
  • SQLite (Might be completed during the beta phase)

Drupal 9 base theme API

We want to add an up-to-date Drupal 9 version of the 'Stable' base theme. This issue and the related issues to decouple core themes from Drupal 8 base themes could use review and feedback from theme contributors.

Once all the above issues are complete, Drupal 9 is beta-ready. That means that we will have completed all of the significant code changes we intend to make, and that it should be possible to test updates of real sites against it if contributed and custom code has been ported. Site owners can use the Upgrade Status module to check the Drupal 9 readiness of their modules and themes; see the guide on updating to Drupal 9 for more information.

Other issues to complete prior to final release of Drupal 9

There is a second category of issues that we want to complete before Drupal 9.0.0 is released. Since we have fixed release windows, these also need to be either complete or close to completion, especially for the first beta window, since this gives the shortest amount of time to finish them.

Complete migrations for multilingual content so that all Drupal 7 sites can migrate before Drupal 7 reaches EOL.

Drupal.org and Drupal core should be able to fully handle contributed projects that are compatible with both 8.x and 9.x and not assume core compatibility based on the version or branch name. This requirement spans multiple projects and areas including project listings, the Composer façade, update.xml from Drupal.org, and localization files. Most of the minimum required changes for Drupal core and Drupal.org are already complete; however, there remains one outstanding core regression related to module compatibility as well as a number of followup issues.

Finally, Drupal 9 currently relies on Node.js 8 for transpiling and linting frontend assets. This is core-developer-facing only so we may raise the Node.js requirement after beta.

Jan 26 2019
Jan 26

Small local contribution events everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during from (Friday) January 24 to (Sunday) 26 2020. Listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality (state, province, city; where applicable).

For general information about the event format, please visit the landing page Drupal Global Contribution Weekend.

How to join

I want to participate

Below you will find the locations listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality. Search your closest event, click on the provided link and follow the instruction. You can also have a look at Resources to help plan your contributions to understand what to expect and get ready ahead of the date.

I want to host an event

No events close to you? Why don’t you host one! Have a look at the information on how to become a host and when you are ready add your event in the list (see Example code for adding a sprint below).

  • add an "event" of type "sprint" on groups.drupal.org in a group for your area, to put your event on drupical.com and get exposure to people in your area
  • use "Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020" in the description of your event, like: "Drupal all-day contribution event in Anywhere Town, IL, USA is part of Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2020."
  • add a link to your event on this page. The link can be to a website, meetup, event on groups.drupal.org, blog post or whatever is appropriate for your event.
  • link back to this listing of local events
  • use the #ContributionWeekend hash tag on twitter (please note: we stopped using #SprintWeekend in 2018)
  • use the tag "ContributionWeekend2020" on d.o issues (no # in this tag name!)

This is a wiki page. Please edit.

Virtual Meetups (join the contributions worldwide)


    1. Brisbane, January 25-26 - Details

Contribution Locations


  1. ?



    1. Brisbane, January 25 - Details


    1. Delhi-NCR (Gurgaon), January 25 - Details
    2. Pune, January 25 - Details
    3. Kolkata, January 25 - Details
    4. Kochi, January 25 - Details
    5. Bangalore, January 25 - Details
    6. Chennai, January 25 - Details
    7. Rajkot, January 25 - Details


    1. Peshawar (KPK), January 24-26 – Details will be provided in time


    1. Novosibirsk, January 24-26



    1. Ghent, January 25 – Details


    1. Berlin, January 24-26 – Details
    2. Dresden, January 24-26 - Details
    3. Frankfurt am Main, January 24-26 - Details


    1. Milan, January 25 – Details


    1. Oslo/Fredrikstad, January 25-26 – Details


    1. Kraków, January 25-26 – Details


    1. Ljubljana, January 25 - Details


    1. Zaragoza, January 25 - Details


    1. Zurich, January 24-26 - Details


    1. Lutsk, January 25 - Details / FB event

    United Kingdom

    1. Leeds, January 25-26 - Details
    2. London (Central), January 25th - Details

Latin America

  1. ?

North America


    1. Austin, Tx, 25-26 — Details
    2. Boston, MA , January 25 - Details
    3. Providence, RI , January 25 - Details
    4. San Francisco, CA January 23 - Details
    5. Minneapolis, January 24-25 - Details
    6. Denver, CO - January 25 - 26: Day 1 | Day 2


    1. London, Canada, January 25 - Details

Example code for adding a sprint

<h3>{{ Continent }}</h3>
    <h4>{{ Country }}</h4>
        <li>{{ City }}, {{ Locality }} - {{ dates }} - <a href="https://groups.drupal.org/node/534741/{{ URL_to_Sprint_on_G.D.O }}">Details</a> {{ Links_to_other_resources }}</li>

2020's resources

Communication channels


Working groups

NOTE: During 2019's contribution weekend we rearranged the information structure. This included providing a new template for the event of the current year as part of the series. Feel free to contribute. See https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal_org_community/issues/3028577)

Nov 16 2018
Nov 16

(Previously know as "Global Sprint Weekend")

Small local contribution events everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during from (Friday) January 25 to (Sunday) 27 2019. Listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality (state, province, city; where applicable).

Please note that from 2020 onwards we will have a generic Global Contribution Weekends landing page.

Virtual Meetups (join the contributions worldwide)

live feeds from all over the places -> https://meet.jit.si/drupal-global-contribution-weekend

  1. Contribute to accessibility - virtual sprint.
  2. Contribute to Gender FIeld Module - virtual sprint - Join us on Drupal slack in #ddi-contrib-team, mentors will be available on Sunday

Contribution Locations


  1. ?


  1. India

    1. New Delhi - February 2-3 - Details
    2. Goa - 27th January - Details
    3. Bangalore - 2nd February - Details


  1. ?


  1. Belgium

    1. Brussels, January 26th Details
  2. Czech Republic

    1. Prague, January 26th Details
  3. Germany

    1. Berlin, January 25 - 27 Details
    2. Bochum (Ruhr Area), January 25 - 27 Details
    3. Dresden, January 25 - 27 Details
    4. Frankfurt am Main, January 25 - 27 Details
  4. United Kingdom

    1. Leeds - January 26-27 - Details
    2. London (Central), Saturday 26th January Details
  5. Serbia

    1. Novi Sad - Saturday 26th of January - Details
  6. Spain

    1. Málaga - Saturday 26th of January - Details
    2. Madrid - Saturday 26th of January - Details
  7. Russia

    1. Moscow - Saturday, January 26th - Details
    2. Novosibirsk - Saturday, January 26th - Details
    3. Krasnodar - Friday, January 25th - Details
  8. Ukraine

    1. Lutsk - Saturday, February 2nd - Details

Latin America

  1. ?

North America

  1. Canada

    1. London, Ontario - January 26 - Details
    2. Vancouver, BC - January 26 - Location TBD, contact joelpittet
  2. United States

    1. Austin, Tx - January 26-27 - Details
    2. Boston, MA - January 26th - Details
    3. Providence, RI - January 26th - Details
    4. San Fransisco, CA - January 24th - Details

Example code for adding a sprint

<h3>{{ Continent }}</h3>
    <h4>{{ Country }}</h4>
        <li>{{ City }}, {{ Locality }} - {{ dates }} - <a href="https://groups.drupal.org/node/534537/{{ URL_to_Sprint_on_G.D.O }}">Details</a> {{ Links_to_other_resources }}</li>

To contribute

This is a wiki page. Please edit.

To participate

  • add an "event" of type "sprint" on groups.drupal.org in a group for your area, to put your event on drupical.com and get exposure to people in your area
  • use "Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2019" in the description of your event, like: "Drupal All-day Contribution Event in Anywhere Town, IL, USA is part of Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2019."
  • add a link to your event on this page. The link can be to a website, meetup, event on groups.drupal.org, blog post or whatever is appropriate for your event.
  • link back to this listing of local events
  • use the #ContributionWeekend hash tag on Twitter
  • use the tag "ContributionWeekend2019" on drupal.org issues (no # in this tag name!)

Suggested announcement

A blurb to add to your session/event description (edit to fit your event):

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on Drupal.org, getting some contribution tools, and developers can install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.

Resources to help plan your event

Resources for participating in a sprint

Issues and Topics to Sprint On

Initiative leads and module maintainers should create and link to planning pages.

Past global sprints

The curious might want to see the locations from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Jun 07 2018
Jun 07

Various media outlets are reporting that a large number of Drupal sites are still vulnerable to the recent highly critical core vulnerabilities SA-CORE-2018-002 and SA-CORE-2018-004.

Those reports are all based on the same source. The source investigated the contents of CHANGELOG.txt of a large number of sites and assumed all sites reporting a version lower than 7.58 to be vulnerable.

Checking the contents of CHANGELOG.txt is not a valid way to determine whether a site is vulnerable to any given attack vector. Patches distributed by the Drupal security team to fix the issues were widely used, but did not touch CHANGELOG.txt or any version strings defined elsewhere. There are also other mitigations that vendors have provided which would also not affect CHANGELOG.txt but would protect the site.

We believe the presented numbers to be inaccurate. We consider it to be misleading to draw conclusions from this sparse information. The Drupal project has a long history of a reliable coordinated disclosure security program. For the past 4 years, the Drupal Security Team has provided support to journalists covering our releases and policies and is available for further enquiries.

If you are a member of the press and want the Drupal Security Team to comment, please contact [email protected].

Apr 24 2018
Apr 24

Maybe you have seen Dries Buytaert's DrupalCon keynote and are looking forward to all the goodies coming in future Drupal 8 versions. The truth is none of those things will happen without people who want to make them happen to solve their own challenges with implementing and showcasing Drupal solutions. Are you implementing decoupled solutions and have issues you are working on? In the middle of building up a suite of integrated media solutions? These core team meetings are ideal to bring in these issues and discuss solutions and to be part of shaping up where Drupal 8 is heading. Read on for details.

  1. There is a weekly meeting on all API first work (REST, Waterwheel, JSON API, GraphQL) every Monday 2pm UTC on Google Hangouts. A link to the current hangout is posted 5 minutes before the meeting in the #drupal-wscci IRC channel.
  2. The Out of the box/demo team also meets every Monday at 3pm UTC on Google Hangouts.
  3. The Javascript office hours are held weekly in https://drupal.slack.com/archives/javascript every Monday at 4:30pm UTC. Get an invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/.
  4. The Layout Initiative meeting is on every Tuesday at 5pm UTC in https://drupal.slack.com/archives/layouts, get an invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/.
  5. The usability meeting is every week at 7:30pm UTC on Tuesday at https://drupal.slack.com/archives/ux, get an invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/.
  6. There is a media meeting every Wednesday at 2pm UTC, join at https://drupal.slack.com/archives/media, get an invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/.
  7. Wanna help with migrate? The team either meets in Google Hangouts or the #drupal-migrate IRC channel. (Discussed at the start of the meeting based on lead availability in IRC). Meetings are on Thursdays 9pm UTC and 2pm UTC on a weekly alternating basis.

Below is the calendar of all the meetings, subscribe to the Ical feed at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/happypunch.com_eq0e09s0kvcs7v5...

Jan 04 2018
Jan 04

Welcome to Florida, the Drupal state

Florida Drupalcamp 2018 is our 10th anniversary and we're going to make it extra special this year! We have three days (spread out over President's Day weekend):

Fri, Feburary 16th Full day of free trainings Sat, February 17th Full day of sessions (including Lightning Talks!) Sun, Feburary 18th Half day sessions / half day mentored code sprint

This year we have three amazing featured speakers lined up:


Angie Byron  
Angie "Webchick" Byron is a Drupal core committer, co-author of the O'Reilly book Using Drupal, Drupal Association Board Member, Acquian, and general Drupal community cat herder.  

Sally Young  
Sally "Justafish" Young is a Senior Technical Architect at Lullabot, and a Drupal 8 JavaScript Core Maintainer.  

Adam Bergstein  
Adam "Nerdstein" Bergstein is the Associate Director of Engineering at Civic Actions. He has a masters in application security, and experience in higher education and consulting sectors.


Session submissions are still open!

We need more sessions! We have tons of rooms to fill! The deadline to submit sessions is January 22nd. We love session submissions on topics other than Drupal including

  • JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, et al)
  • Other CMS’s differences with Drupal (WP, Craft, etc)
  • Integrations with Drupal
  • Case studies on using Drupal
  • General Web topics and technologies (free software, CSS, etc)
  • Business related topics
  • SysAdmin / DevOps (Containers, etc)
  • Being Human (Imposter Syndrome, overcoming adversity, inclusion, etc)

Submit your session

If that doesn't convince you...

We also have beaches down here! And it's warm in February!

Florida Beaches

Register Today

Jun 01 2017
Jun 01

Did you know Drupal was accepted into Google Summer of Code 2017 and that Drupal selected 8 projects? In other words, Google is funding 8 people to contribute to Drupal for 10 weeks worth ~$40,000 USD (thank you Google!). Congratulations to selected students who collectively became one of the top 20 contributing organizations on drupal.org (list @ https://www.drupal.org/organizations). Proud to note that all GSoC 2017 students have already become core contributors!

Majority of projects are focused on work related to Drupal 8 contributed modules. Drupal's students are all from Indian except one student from the UK, we currently have 15 mentors from 10 countries with over 100 years of experience on drupal.org. As always, we're excited about this summer and we hope community members will provide an extra helping hand if you see students in issue queues. GSoC runs from May 30th through August 21st 2017. Learn more about our projects below.

Project: A Module for client-side File encryption to implement a zero-knowledge system
Student: Tameesh Biswas “tameeshb” (India)
Mentors: Colan Schwartz “colan” (Canada), Adam Bergstein “nerdstein” (USA), Talha Paracha “talhaparacha” (Pakistan)

Project: Adding support for Theleague oauth and new implementers for social auth and social post
Student: Himanshu Dixit “himanshu-dixit” (India)
Mentors: Getulio Sánchez “gvso” (Paraguay), Daniel Harris “dahacouk” (UK)

Project: Client-side public-key encryption module for Drupal 8
Student: Marcin Czarnecki “marncz” (UK)
Mentors: Colan Schwartz “colan” (Canada), Adam Bergstein “nerdstein” (USA), Talha Paracha “talhaparacha” (Pakistan)

Project: Complete porting of Examples for Developers Sub-modules to D8
Student: Abhishek Lal “AbhishekLal” (India)
Mentors:  Navneet Singh “navneet0693” (India), Vaibhav Jain “vaibhavjain” (India)

Project: Creating a great geospatial experience in Drupal 8 by porting and enhancing the Search_Api_Location module
Student: Dibyajyoti Panda “dbjpanda” (India)
Mentors: Nick Veenhof “Nick_vh” (Belgium), Thomas Seidl “drunken monkey” (Austria), Joris Vercamen “borisson_” (Belgium)

Project: Port "Vote up/down" module to Drupal 8
Student: Sudhanshu Gautam “sudhanshug” (India)
Mentors: Marco Villegas “marvil07” (Peru), Palash Vijay “palashvijay4O” (India)

Project: Integrate Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine to Drupal 8
Student: boby aloysius johnson “boaloysius” (India)
Mentors: Jingsheng Wang “skyredwang” (China), Naveen Valecha “naveenvalecha” (India)

Project: Port Uc wishlist module to Drupal 8
Student: Chiranjeeb Mahanta “chiranjeeb2410” (India)
Mentors: Naveen Valecha “naveenvalecha” (India)

Find us on IRC in #drupal-google to join the fun. Interested in mentoring or have questions about this initiative? Contact Drupal's Organization Admin "Slurpee" (USA) with any questions.

Dec 05 2016
Dec 05
Start:  2016-12-09 (All day) Europe/Amsterdam Organizers:  yoroy Event type:  Sprint

On Friday, December 9 we are organizing a global virtual Drupal UX sprint. As always, many different features and projects are currently worked on. We'll use this day to work on issues that need UX input or feedback.

What will happen that day?

Join the #ux channel on drupal.slack.com (get an invite automatically at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/) to participate all day.

  • UX mentors will be available to help onboard designers who want to contribute
  • We'll pair designers and devs (as available) to work on actionable tasks
  • Planning to do some ad hoc usability testing
  • An introduction to the main strategic initiatives and their UX components will be provided

Have a look at this doc and let us know what you would like to learn more about.

Join the team

You can join us even after the global UX sprint. We have meetings every Tuesday at 9pm CEST and every Wednesday at 9am CEST on the #ux Slack channel at drupal.slack.com (get an invite automatically at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/). Bring your issues there to discuss! CEST is the timezone observed in Amsterdam.

Nov 18 2016
Nov 18

Would you guess that Drupal 8 is already one year old? One of my favorite changes with the Drupal 8.0.0 release was that we also chose to turn to scheduled releases (to happen twice a year) as well as semantic versioning (to allow us to make backwards compatible additions and improvements). That meant that we don't need to wait until Drupal 9 to come out with new exciting things, and indeed, there are various exciting initiatives going on in core right now. Maybe so many that they are hard to follow. So we decided to revive regular posts about core's progress so you can see what is going on and where you may be able to help. And this is not even all the things happening, just a sampling.

Default content

The latest incarnation of efforts to get default content into core was kicked off at DrupalCon Dublin. The plan is to create an experimental install profile that contains both a new front-end theme (a separate initiative see below) and example content. It was agreed in Dublin that the theme of the example content will follow the same ‘Farmers Market’ scenario as the Drupal user guide. This creates a lot of synergies and removes both continued argument over what the example content should contain and duplication of work involved in supporting more than one content scenario.

Join the ongoing work in this initiative on the weekly example content meetings happening on Google Hangouts on Air and join the #example-content channel in Drupal Slack. Lee Rowlands has created a sandbox project for the actual Drupal code. The content itself is being iterated on by Keith Jay and several members of his team.


The plan for media management was just announced last week. We'll have a sprint in Berlin December 12-16 to kickstart development on some key parts of the initiative. Looking for funding for future sprints and sprinters to join the efforts as well. Help with adding a base entity form implementation to support revisions and implementing the file field redesign with drag and drop support would be helpful immediately though.


The multilingual initiative works closely with the migration team recently. The Drupal 7 to 8 core content translation migration is close to being committed and language negotiation settings and language types migrations for both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 are close to landing as well. Would love to involve more people in migrating i18n and Entity translation module data.

New core theme

At DrupalCon New Orleans we kicked off an idea of adding a new theme to Drupal. To address some of the biggest concerns people had over the time about adding themes in core, we decided to work closely with the Default Content initiative.

Currently, the idea issue is in discussion, and before starting to do any further work, we are making sure we are on the same page regarding the key questions.

We created a Slack channel which you can join if you want to help or if you just want to follow our progress. Get an invite at https://drupaltwig-slack.herokuapp.com/.


The PHPUnit initiative was born out of a Drupal 9 discussion what we need to get done before we will open a Drupal 9 Git branch. One goal is to modernize our automated testing system. We are currently using and maintaining a custom version of the Simpletest library which has served as well for many years. In parallel we adopted PHPUnit for our unit tests, but we realized that we can use PHPUnit as a general test runner for our functional tests as well. That means that we do not have to maintain as much test runner code ourselves as we do now.

The goal of the PHPUnit initiative is to move all our Simpletests to browser tests and in the end deprecate Simpletest in Drupal core. Another benefit of this initiative is testing real JavaScript interactions in our functional tests instead of fake AJAX requests performed currently in Simpletest.

You can help by converting AJAX tests to JavascriptTestBase for example. If you want to convert your test in your contrib / custom module, please read https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/phpunit/phpunit-browser-test-tutorial and help out on https://www.drupal.org/node/2794285 in case you run into problems. Please follow the PHPUnit initiative meta issue for status updates. Join us in IRC in #drupal-phpunit.


The workflow initiative was one of the first approved initiatives after 8.0.0. The initiative is looking to improve the experience for content authors by improving content workflow and implementing other common patterns that editors are expecting. The plan is split up into multiple phases and in Drupal 8.2 the workflow initiative introduced Content Moderation as an experimental module. In Drupal 8.3 the initiative is planning multiple improvements, including the introduction of Trash module and possibly also components of the Workspace module.
One of the blocking issues that the initiative need help with reviewing is the upgrade between revisionable and non-revisionable entity storage. Any help on this will be much appreciated.

Stay tuned for further updates in December!

Nov 17 2016
Nov 17

Last week Dries Buytaert published our plan for media management in Drupal 8 which details at least the immediate plans. The inherent limitation of file based attachment/image management in core is it does not mix well with remote media (Facebook embeds, videos, Digital Asset Management, etc.) and there is no library of media to browse to reuse existing media on the site. Therefore our short term goal is to add a base to support a wide varierty of media as well as a media library and support for embedding such media in posts in general.

To support this plan, we host online meetings every Wednesday at 2pm GMT in #drupal-media on IRC, but without focused time on implementing these, we are unlikely to succeed before the feature deadline of Drupal 8.3 at the end of January 2017. Therefore we are planning the following sprints for this year.

Dec 12-16 sprint in Berlin at Hubert Burda Media

Hubert Burda Media (initiators of the Thunder distribution) is hosting us at Potsdamer Straße 7, 10785 Berlin for a sprint between December 12-16. Confirmed attendees include (in alphabetical order) Adam Globus-Hoenich (phenaproxima), Christian Fritsch (chr.fritsch), Dietmar Gigler (dietmarg), Gábor Hojtsy, Janez Urevc (slashrsm), Marcos Cano Miranda (marcoscano), Mladen Todorovic (mtodor) and Samuel Mortenson (samuel.mortenson). Additionally Daniel Wehner (dawehner) and Florian Weber (webflo) plan to attend part of the sprint.

We'll work on bringing media features to core (not on contributed modules). If you'd like to get involved, participation in person or remotely would be amazing. This single sprint will not be enough to complete our goals. We are looking to figure out what is still possible in January and need funding to make things happen. If you can sponsor future sprints, reach out to Janez Urevc. This current sprint is funded by Hubert Burda Media, MD Systems, Acquia and Reinblau.Huge thanks to them!

Potsdamerplatz, Berlin
Photo of nearby Potsdamer Platz by Wolfgang Staudt

Nov 25 sprint at DrupalIronCamp

DrupalIronCamp is Prague is also hosting four days of sprints. Janez Urevc (slashrsm) plans to sprint on the details of the media plan on Friday, November 25th. There may be other media related activities at the sprints, connect with the sprinters.

Nov 30 - Dec 2 sprint at DrupalCamp Munich

Hubert Burda Media also hosts the sprints before DrupalCamp Munich (sprints between November 30 - December 2, DrupalCamp on December 3-4). Several developers from Hubert Burda Media will sprint on both the core media goals and contributed modules. Look for Christian Fritsch (chr.fritsch) and Mladen Todorovic (mtodor).

Nov 07 2016
Nov 07

Proud to announce that Drupal was officially accepted to participate in Google's Code-In 2016 contest. More info @ https://codein.withgoogle.com/

At this point, Drupal needs mentors. Please contact me directly if interested in mentoring a few tasks or many tasks over next few months. We need all the help we can find. Tasks for GCI are meant to be easier for students ages 13-17. Amount of effort to mentor a few tasks is actually easy and enjoyable.

Not interested in mentoring, but have tasks for students? Do you want someone to write/test patches or create video tutorials for your module? Ping me for access to our task spreadsheet and add as many tasks as you want.

Chat with us in real time on IRC @ Freenode in #drupal-google

Oct 18 2016
Oct 18

Maybe you have seen Dries Buytaert's DrupalCon keynote and are looking forward to all the goodies coming in future Drupal 8 versions. The truth is none of those things will happen without people who want to make them happen to solve their own challenges with implementing Drupal solutions. Are you implementing decoupled solutions and have issues you are working on? In the middle of building up a suite of integrated media solutions? These core team meetings are ideal to bring in these issues and discuss solutions and to be part of shaping up where Drupal 8 is heading. Read on for details. (Last updated Nov 8th 2016).

  1. The JSON API and GraphQL meeting is held every Monday at 2pm UTC in the #drupal-wscii IRC channel.
  2. There is a monthly meeting on all API first work (REST, Waterwheel, JSON API, GraphQL) every third Monday of the month at 11am UTC in Google Hangouts.
  3. The Panels ecosystem meeting is on every Tuesday at 10am UTC in the #drupal-scotch IRC channel.
  4. There are two usability meetings every week! One at 7pm UTC on Tuesday while the other is at 7am UTC on Wednesday. Pick the best for your timezone. The meetings are at https://drupal.slack.com/archives/ux, get an invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/
  5. There is a default content in core meeting every other week on Tuesdays at 9pm UTC, and at 3pm UTC on the opposite weeks. Pick the best for your timezone. The meetings are at https://drupal.slack.com/archives/example-content, get an invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com/
  6. There is a media meeting every Wednesday at 2pm UTC, join in the #drupal-media IRC channel.
  7. The multilingual meetings are still going on for years at 4pm UTC on Wednesdays, join at #drupal-i18n in IRC.
  8. The workflow initiative meets every Thursday at noon UTC in #drupal-contribute on IRC.
  9. Wanna help with migrate? The team has Google Hangouts at Wed 1pm UTC or Thu 1am UTC on an alternating weekly schedule. The #drupal-migrate IRC channel is also used as a backchannel.
  10. Last but not least the new user facing core theme initiative also meets on an alternating weekly schedule at Thu 2pm UTC and Thu 9pm UTC respectively in https://drupaltwig.slack.com/archives/new-core-theme-design, get an invite at https://drupaltwig-slack.herokuapp.com/

Below is the calendar of all the meetings, subscribe to the Ical feed at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/happypunch.com_eq0e09s0kvcs7v5...

Sep 28 2016
Sep 28
jhodgdon's picture

Keep up the good work cilefen!

davidhernandez's picture

There is no better issue wrangler, for sure! And I'm sure Chris will have plenty of support from our local group whenever he needs it.

pwolanin's picture

Exciting news - I think Chris has the right mix of skills to do a great job as a core committer

Fabianx's picture


jcloys's picture

Congrats Chris!

heddn's picture

Glad to see this great news. Congratulations.

ijf8090's picture

Good news, well deserved!


valthebald's picture

Hope it's not too late to join the congratulations chorus.
Well deserved, and good luck!

Andrea e Noemi's picture

Congratulations on your progress!

DavidRichard's picture

You did a great Job. Thanks Chris!

Hadi Farnoud's picture

congrats Chris

cilefen's picture

Thank you. I appreciate the encouragement!

Birdie026's picture

Fortunately, I hope everything will be good with you

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Apr 25 2016
Apr 25

Did you know Drupal was accepted into Google Summer of Code 2016 and that 11 Drupal projects were accepted? In other words, Google is funding 11 people to contribute to Drupal for 10 weeks worth a total of $60,500 USD (thank you Google!). Congratulations to selected students who are collectively credited on more than 100 issues fixed in the past 3 months on drupal.org. Coding starts May 23rd and ends August 23rd.

Majority of projects are focused on work related to Drupal 8 contributed modules. Drupal's students are from 4 different continents and we currently have 26 mentors from 12 countries with over 150 years of experience on drupal.org. As always, we're excited about this summer and we hope community members will provide an extra helping hand if you see students in queues. Learn more about our projects below.

Project: Social API
Student: Getulio Sánchez "gvso" (Paraguay).
Mentors dahacouk (UK), e0ipso (Spain), pcambra (Spain).

Project: Solving content conflicts with merge algorithms in Drupal 8
Student: Rakesh Verma "rakesh_verma" (India).
Mentors: dixon (Sweden), timmillwood (UK), jeqq (Moldova).

Project: Port Mailhandler to Drupal 8
Student: Milos Bovan "mbovan" (Serbia).
Mentors: miro_dietiker (Switzerland), Primsi (Slovenia).

Project: CKEditor plugins for TMGMT
Student: Saša Nikolič "sasanikolic" (Slovenia)
Mentors: miro_dietiker (Switzerland), Berdir (Switzerland).

Project: Port search configuration module to Drupal 8
Student: Joyce George "joyceg" (India)
Mentors: naveenvalech (India), heykarthikwithu (India), neetu (India).

Project: Integrate Google Cloud Vision API to Drupal 8
Student: Arpit Jalan "ajalan065" (India)
Mentors: naveenvalech (India), penyaskito (Spain), eugene_ilyin (Russia).

Project: Port Google Login Authenticator To Drupal 8
Student: Mehul Gupta "therealssj" (India)
Mentors: nerdstein (USA), attiks (Belgium).

Project: Media Solution Module
Student: Vijay Nandwani "royal121" (India)
Mentors: slashrsm (Slovenia), paranojik (Slovenia).

Project: Web Component-ize Drupal 8
Student: Tianlei Zheng "ztl8702" (Australia)
Mentors: skyredwang (China), Wimleers (Belgium).

Project: Add Password-based Public-key Encryption to Drupal 8
Student: Talha Paracha "talhaparacha" (Pakistan)
Mentors: nerdstein (USA), colan (Canada), jibran (Pakistan).

Project: Porting Comment alter module to Drupal 8
Student: Anchal Pandey "anchal29" (India)
Mentors: Boobaa (Hungary), czigor (Hungary).

Final call for mentors. Are you interested in helping any of the projects above? Contact Slurpee on drupal.org, find us in #drupal-google on Freenode, and join us at https://groups.drupal.org/google-summer-code.

A special "Thank you" goes out to Drupalize.me for providing all of our students a free account.

Mar 09 2016
Mar 09
JimSmith's picture

I plan to be there.

vendion's picture

I know Shawn and a few of the Chatt State guys may be going as well, so we should have a fairly strong TN presence there.

jphelan's picture

I'm planning on going at the moment.

Noemi libri's picture

I'm planning to go too.

tkmorgan's picture

Coming in from Knoxville.

zach.sines's picture

I'm one of the organizers for the event, and wanted to let you all know we are looking for additional speakers. If you have any good Drupal 8 content you would like to discuss, and have an hour long talk about it, we can make a spot for you. Feel free to email me directly at zachsines (a) drupalcampatlanta.com.

snipebin's picture

I'm coming from Nashville if anyone wants to car pool.

Can either do a day trip (leave around 6am from Nash and return Sat evening), or leave Friday night, stay overnight and come back on Sat night, or leave Sat morning and come back on Sunday.

strilok's picture

i m also want to go there....... can someone want to go with me........

banghouse's picture

Looks like I missed the date on this...oops.

"Do or do not, there is no try" -- yoda

Redfredg's picture

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday! Thanks!

ShalomPisteuo's picture

Looks like this event was four months ago!

Feb 04 2016
Feb 04
clovissoares's picture


I'm looking forward to this!

loopduplicate's picture

I think you'll have to look all the way to next year because the camp already happened, right?



Tubbe's picture

When will the next camp take of?

Best regards,

loopduplicate's picture

@volkswagenchick: I think you just replied to a spambot. They are easy to spot because they just write some generic comment that could go in any event and then they post a link to whatever site they want you to go to. See?

Feb 03 2016
Feb 03
Fabianx's picture

Congratulations Scott,

Well deserved!

Thanks for all the fun in the twig initiative,


dsnopek's picture

Congrats, Scott! :-)

markcarver's picture

Congratulations Scott! This is so awesome and exactly what I have been saying core needs for a very long time!!!

jessebeach's picture

Felicitations! Well deserved! A great appointment for Scott and a big win for Drupal. Huzzah!

gobinathm's picture

Congrats Scott

xjm's picture

I am ridiculously excited to have Scott on the committer team. :)

Tim Bozeman's picture

You earned it!

LewisNyman's picture

Can't wait to see all the improvements you help push through pal!

dreambubbler's picture

Congratulations Scott. Looking forward to the future with Drupal.

almaudoh's picture

Congratulations @Cottser, this will definitely translate into more improvements in the Drupal front-end.

scor's picture

Scott, I still remember meeting you at a Waterloo meetup in 2012. You've come a long way, very proud of all your achievements in the community, that's impressive! Congrats and keep up the good work!

mortendk's picture

This is awesome sauce :)
congrats Drupal Frontend !

firoz2456's picture

Congratulations Scott
You’ve got the right mix of dedication and enthusiasm. Keep it up!

nidhi.badani's picture

All the best..:)

neerajskydiver's picture

Congratulations Scott Reeves, Drupal community is going to benefit a lot with you at helm of Drupal front end.

leslieg's picture

Well deserved! Thanks for all you do for the community.

adellefrank's picture

It's great to see you getting recognition for all your awesome contributions to our community!

joelpittet's picture

Great choice! Scott is measured, diligent and has patience like no other.

NonProfit's picture

Go Scott!

Noemi libri's picture

Felicitations! A big win for Drupal, this will definitely translate into more improvements in the Drupal front-end.

scottrigby's picture


mr.ashishjain's picture

Great to see this and confident about some great transitions in front end with time..!!

bisen's picture

Congrats, Scott

doorgoo's picture

Great choice! Scott is measured, diligent and has patience like no other

jackniu's picture

Congratulations Scott!

Drupal front-end, me too!

manchun's picture

Felicitations! A big win for Drupal, this will definitely translate into more improvements in the Drupal front-end. Website Designing Company

mamun2358's picture

Vote up!
Congratulations Scott,Well deserved. Great to see this and confident about some great transitions in front end with time.

Feb 03 2016
Feb 03
Ayesh's picture

Drupal 7 wouldn't be the same without Angie, David, and thousands of other contributors. I always admired his reviews and discussions in issue queues. It's good to hear we will see him more on D8 now.

I'm not sure if it is appropriate to suggest someone without asking them first, but I think Nate "quicksketch" Haug would be an excellent maintainer.

mgifford's picture

Thanks @David Rothstein for all of your work! Really appreciate the time you've put into maintaining this. Hard to believe that we're really just at the half-way point for Drupal 7. As a community we're going to be supporting it for the next 3-4 years, right?

I do hope someone as qualified and personable as Nate comes along. I think he'd be great in that he has the expertise, humility, dedication and humour that I think is useful to move along issues in Core.

That said, I think @quicksketch has other plans. :)

David_Rothstein's picture

Thank you!

Yeah, I agree, @quicksketch would certainly be a good choice, but he's probably a bit too busy with Backdrop :)

dobe's picture

Hello Drupal Community,

First off I want to thank David that is quite the accomplishment to help maintain this project for 4 years strong. I would guess the next maintainer will likely be the person that maintains this through till the end of Drupal 7.

I have been using, contributing to issues, modules, themes and more for nearly 10 years.

I have experience building "real world" sites/platforms on Drupal 7, particularly high-performance sites (sites using varnish, memcache or wincache), sites with millions of records, and other edge cases.

I am detail orientated, understanding much of Drupal core.

I am always working on this but I do have the ability to communicate calmly and respectfully when critiquing code. Sometimes we have to sit back and realize there are real people on the other side of these screens.

I have knowledge of Git (mercurial, svn) and could become more knowledgeable of the Drupal.org process.

I am the only Drupal developer at my Job (work with many other developers). Looking for more ways to engage within the community. For the most part I am in charge of my own destiny at my job and would be able to schedule time to support whatever is needed of me.

Foremost I have yet to find a technical problem that I am unable to overcome. I am self motivated and constantly look for ways to improve (everything can be improved).

I am not saying I am a silver bullet for this position. I am here at DrupalCon NOLA with my family working towards meeting more people within the community. Knowing that this is D7 maintainer and the future is D8. I am not interested in being stranded on the island, I am one that is willing to put forth the effort, time and hopefully courageous enough to help everyone get off safely.

Last but not least. I am crazy enough to post it here publicly. Dries, webchick, David willing to interview with anyone that needs to find out if I am a good fit. If not, I understand and look forward to contributing back anyways!

Have a great REST of life D7... lol.

beautifulmind's picture

I am interested. I would like to be a maintainer. Please consider me.


manchun's picture

hanks @David Rothstein for all of your work! Really appreciate the time you've put into maintaining this. Website Designing Company

Jan 05 2016
Jan 05
FatherShawn's picture

Although DrupalCampNYC is an unconference, it is helpful to know in advance that we have people willing to present content! I'm coordinating pre-commitments for D8 Development content. If you would be willing to come prepared to present on a D8 Development topic, it will make the organizing time run more smoothly if you would be willing to give me topics in advance. Thanks!

Drupaling in NYC since 2009!

bluesky94's picture

Hi joebachana, I'm looking for Drupal 8 news and event, so how can I join it?

Dec 07 2015
Dec 07
jhodgdon's picture

I'm not getting that error, but probably some time ago I told my browser to "connect anyway". We should bring that to the attention of the infra team.

jfmacdonald's picture

Connected anyway, recklessly ignoring the warning. After doing so, Chrome did not repeat the message when revisiting the page.

jhodgdon's picture

Ah thanks! I will fix the URL links in this post and on the User Guide project page.

jhodgdon's picture

Actually that URL gives me a 403/forbidden error....

jhodgdon's picture

I got clarification from basic -- that new URL is not valid actually. But we will probably migrate the site over to the new URL in the next day or two.

joebachana's picture

I'll help in the coming weeks during the holidays. Also we have the NYCDrupalCamp on Feb. 27th where we'll be doing some sprint work so if this is still (gulp) getting worked on by that time we'll enlist people in advance to work on the guide then.

Joe Bachana
First Employee at DPCI
1560 Broadway
NY, NY 10036

krishnan.n's picture

Both links don't seem to be working for me.

jhodgdon's picture

You need to log in with user name drupal and password drupal in the pop-up windows.

Sorry, I often forget to say that... It does say it in the pop-up window but no one ever notices that. ;)

jhodgdon's picture

It's definitely working for me... sorry it is not working for you, but maybe someone else will confirm working or not working, and if it's not working for a bunch of people we can try to do something about it? Hmmm...

cleverington's picture

krishnan.n (I love your login name):

I tested on updated versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE Edge via Windows 10. Out of interest, I tried it via Chrome-by-phone-Android too.

Try clearing your cache and retrying, there might be cached information that is disrupting your access to the server. If you killed the login-box by accident via the Esc key, it might have saved your 'decision' (depending on the browser).


The man of many hats.

krishnan.n's picture


Worked first try on the office WS; will see what the issue is with the *BSD box at home.


MirosławDętka's picture

It doesn't work so far

Mogensj's picture

Is there any solution on the "Your connection is not private"-problem?

Best regards,

MystiqueBrand's picture

We don't have any Drupal experience and could use some expertise to assist with an upgrade.

Is it true - drupal 8 has a easier to use interface?

Client is also considering moving to WordPress but I don't think it makes sense as its a non profit organization. Thoughts?

Paul Bies
416 441 2666 ext14
[email protected]

preben_j's picture

The new Drupal looks way better than the old. Good job guys. I will check if it can work with me website. Is the userguide done yet?

jhodgdon's picture

The User Guide is not quite done yet. We are close to having a full first draft with all the topics written... then it will need some editing and some work on the images/screen shots. But it is getting pretty close.

preben_j's picture

Thanks man - Will look into it when done. Will keep following this thread, if you wanna update when finished.

// Webdeveloper at https://moneybanker.no

jhodgdon's picture

Please go to:
to find the latest updates. This page that you commented on is rather old; there are more recent updates there.

Also, ... this is a community project and it relies on the Drupal community to help us get it done. The latest updates outline how you can help! Thanks!

Ismanden's picture


Ihave the same problems on my site: http://www.mikonomi.dk/

Is there anybody in here thats has the right answer, I think I have tried all the things that people suggest here

Hawkes's picture

Thanks - I will try to contribute as soon as my current project is done.
- Martin
/ Frontender and javascript developer at Finanssans forbrukslån

bluesky94's picture

Thank jhodgdon. I just changed to Drupal 8 yesterday. Hope my first new project by Drupal 8 works well!

Dec 07 2015
Dec 07
vivis's picture

Sorry for my question. I am a novice user drupal. ow many days will last and what topics Mid Camp.

kthull's picture

MidCamp lasts four days: Thursday training, Friday/Saturday sessions, Sunday contribution sprint. We will be opening session submission soon, but you can look at 2015.midcamp.org to view videos from the last MidCamp.

vivis's picture

Thanks for the answer. :)

phansy29's picture

" 17th - 20th, 2016 at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Student Center West "

cory.hopkins's picture

Hey - where can I find information about what training will be available 3/17? I'd also like to know pricing/registration info. Thanks!

cory.hopkins's picture

Great, thanks!

jonsemar's picture

Thanks! :D
BTW, how di I can get the promotional code? By becoming a premium member or?

AnaJuliaWeb's picture

Se dúvida, um bom programa na área membro oferecendo descontos, faz uma diferenã muito grande para o cliente.
O marketing digital, tem-se tornado muito grande nos ultimos anos, veja aguns dos projetos no empreendedorismo digital

Nov 12 2015
Nov 12
francort's picture

Faltando un mes para el camp, hay más de 80 personas registradas, de distintos lugares de Latinoamérica.

Es importante que formalicen la inscripción (los que no lo han hecho) para que reserven su lugar, dado que los cupos son limitados

Esperamos recibir más postulaciones a charlas, particularmente de nuestros compatriotas chilenos, pues la mayor parte de las charlas son de los invitados extranjeros

Recuerden al enviar su charla, rellenar los datos de su Bio y ser descriptivos con el temario de su charla

Nos vemos en diciembre!!!

speedzeta's picture

Francisco hasta cuando hay plazo para enviar la propuesta de charla?

francort's picture

Hola Seba!

El plazo es hasta este domingo 15 de noviembre.
Si tienes pensado postular una charla o un taller, es importante que lo hagas esta semana.

Sería súper bueno que pudieras postular una, dado tu conocimiento específico del uso de Drupal en temas científicos.

nos vemos!

speedzeta's picture

Entonces la enviaré más tardar el miércoles. Inicialmente tenía solo pensado sobre la generación de contenidos, pero con esto que me propones me da más libertad

nos vemos!

speedzeta's picture

Entonces la enviaré más tardar el miércoles. Inicialmente tenía solo pensado sobre la generación de contenidos, pero con esto que me propones me da más libertad

nos vemos!

JotaMiller's picture

Que bkn que todo esté resultando bien! nos vemos en la Camp!.


mnico's picture

Wow!! me tengo que apurar para proponer una charla :P


bphyro's picture

Excelente, felicitaciones a la organización!
Ya tengo reservada la fecha


speedzeta's picture

Genial la diversidad de países que se harán presente.

Tendré que apurarme para inscribirme...nos vemos en diciembre

Alvaro Pozo's picture

Que buena noticia que se concrete este sueño de la comunidad Drupal de Chile. Además, es un orgullo poder contar con la presencia de drupaleros de varios países de latinoamerica.

Aprovecho de comentar que me inscribí en el evento, pero no he podido hacer el pago. ¿Con el registro basta para formalizar la inscripción? ¿Existe alguna alternativa además del sitio web para hacer el pago en línea, por ejemplo una cuenta corriente para depositar? Les agradecería el link o una ayuda para esto.


paulitzim's picture

Qué genial que haya tanta gente registrando charlas!

yngvewb's picture

Por fin un DrupalCamp en Santiago! Lamentablemente no puedo estar en esa fecha :-(

francort's picture

Pucha, lamentable que no puedas asistir a este primer DrupalCamp. De todos modos ojalá puedas invitar o darle el dato a los contactos drupaleros que tienes en Chile.


miltondiaz's picture

Que lástima, de todas formas nos juntamos todos los meses, sería ideal que puedas participar.

doakym's picture

Que bueno que estemos tan cerca de realizar la primera drupalcamp en chile, por mi parte estoy convenciendo a todos mis compañeros de asistir y hay muchos interesados.


camilo 1990's picture

Trate de pagar mi inscripción pero en la página de Kiphu me tira un error de "Pago no existe" :(.

Nos vemos el 10.... =)


miltondiaz's picture

Hola Camilo, ¿alcanzaste a llegar al paso de pago en el sitio de Khipu Donde pregunta si quieres hacer una "Transferencia normal" o "Transferencia simplificada"?

miltondiaz's picture

Buena!, chiquillos llenen sus perfiles ya que estamos preparando un listado de asistentes, para que se vean bien.

bphyro's picture

¿Donde puedo encontrar más información de los Speakers?


miltondiaz's picture

Hola, estamos recopilando la información y se hará un listado más detallado.

betoscopio's picture

Si bien aún no tenemos el listado de speakers, todavía estamos seleccionando charlas, por lo que el listado definitivo estará disponible solo cuando este proceso termine, tenemos disponible el listado de asistentes inscritos http://camp.drupalchile.org/es/attendees. Entre ellos están los speakers, más algunos otros que se sumarán antes que termine el proceso.
Nos vemos.

TomTar's picture

Hi there!

Thank you for that information. It seems that I have a huge chance to be in Chile during 2nd and 3rd week of December and it's a great opportunity to join that event.

I wonder: is there any webpage with already accepted speakers (with topics) and free slots? I will be sure about my participation on the very last moment and need that info for proper flights ordering...

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,
Tom, Admin of NUNU BABA

francort's picture

All the information and links are on the post above.

If you want a bad company phone, you can follow this link.

I apologize if you are a person, but I am 99% sure you are not.


sir_gon's picture

Paren el SPAMamiento

por favor...

(*)Unix es mi copiloto

Nov 09 2015
Nov 09

(Stretching the definition of "core" a bit here, but this is important to Drupal 8, so hopefully this is ok. :))

Now that Drupal 8.0.0 is nearing its final release, the next task in front of the Drupal community is porting ALL the contributed projects! Luckily, this effort is very much underway, but the faster the majority of big modules are at least usable (ideally with stable releases), the faster Drupal 8 adoption will take off.

After talking to numerous project maintainers, including those with multiple Drupal 8 core commits, it seems like many would find value in having dedicated times during which to collaborate with other people porting projects to D8, get questions answered, get advice on sticky problems, and figure out where best to help.

If you'd like to help mentor these sorts of office hours, please add your name to the issue summary at http://www.drupal.org/node/2612094 and fill in the Doodle.


Nov 04 2015
Nov 04
tadityar's picture

Hello there!

I believe you are applying as a student? The application for GCI 2015 is not open for students yet, it's still in organizational application phase (you can see the full timeline here). Thanks for your interest in Drupal though! In the meanwhile you can see past years tasks :)

Noemi libri's picture

Hello, I write little English, I did not understand everything.
This article begins:
"Are you interested in contributing to Drupal, but do not have the coding skills or experience necessary? Good news, now you have an awesome opportunity to contribute!"

But then it says that it is only for students 13 to 17 years? It is only for students? There is a way to participate even if you are older than age? I am 22 years old.

Slurpee's picture

Hello Neomi. The contest is for students ages 13-17, but we need experienced mentors able to help the students. Join us in #drupal-google on IRC when you have some time or contact me directly if interested.

Slurpee's picture

Any mentors interested participating? Please add your name to our list @ https://goo.gl/nTPfKU - we're hoping to add a few more mentors to our list to finalize our application tomorrow. Tell your friends :)

Slurpee's picture

Drupal has officially submitted our Google Code-In 2015 application. Accepted organizations will be notified Nov 13th 2015, 15:00 (EST). More info soon...

Slurpee's picture

Congratulations. Drupal was approved to participate in Google Code-in 2015. More info soon...

Slurpee's picture

Google Code-in 2015-16 started earlier today. Join us in #drupal-google if you can help with new students or contact me directly if you're interested in mentoring.

Oscar852's picture

Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to the many kinds of contributions that make free and open source software (FOSS) development possible. Students must complete tasks, one at a time. 300-101 Exam It is sponsored and run by Google. The Wikimedia Foundation has participated since 2013.

Sep 23 2015
Sep 23


2016-05-27 (All day) - 2016-05-28 (All day) Europe/Brussels


Event type: 

Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Next @frontendunited 27-28 May in Ghent (Belgium). A city small enough to feel cosy but big enough to stay vibrant.

Spread the word: next @frontendunited 27-28 May in Ghent - Belgium

All information will be on http://frontendunited.org/

Sep 16 2015
Sep 16

Dries Buytaert, the Drupal project lead, will facilitate a Drupal 8 retrospective discussion at DrupalCon Barcelona.

After more than four years of development, Drupal 8 is quickly approaching its first release candidate. This will be a landmark release with myriad new features and improvements. In addition to many technical changes, we innovated on how we collaborate on the Drupal project itself as well as on drupal.org. We involved more than three times the contributors of Drupal 7. Now it's time to take stock of the cycle, of where we've been and how it went, so we can keep improving. We'd like your input on the following:

  1. What worked well? What were the highlights of the Drupal 8 cycle?
  2. What didn't work well? What are lessons we've learned for upcoming releases or for the community as a whole?
  3. What concrete improvements can we make for future releases (both minor and major)? We welcome suggestions around teams, tools, or processes.

Please submit your answers online. Dries will gather the community's responses and use them as the basis for the open discussion at DrupalCon Barcelona.

Aug 27 2015
Aug 27


2015-10-23 (All day) - 2015-10-24 (All day) UTC


Event type: 

Drupalcamp or Regional Summit


We're happy to announce that registration for Drupal Camp Ohio 2015, our 5th edition, is now open at http://drupalcampohio.org/drupalcamp-ohio-2015.

Drupal Camp Ohio is taking place on October 23rd and 24th. We are changing our format from two days of sessions. The first day will once again be at the Ohio State University 4H center for a day filled with Drupal talks, trainings and more. The second day of code sprinting at a location tbd. The change is largely due to some budget whoas this year and are cutting back on our primary expences (location and food). We are looking forward to have our very first Drupal Camp Ohio code sprint day on Saturday, October 24th at a location tbd. This is the reason we have knocked the price back down to $30 this year.

Another change in format this year, will be the "keynote" speaker(s). We've decided to forgo the keynote talk in lieu of hearing from the most import members of the community, you! We going to host a round of Ignite talks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignite_(event)) in lieu of the traditional keynote talk. This is to give you an opportuity to showcase: your work, new Drupal related ideas you have, community initiatives, your favorite Drupal site. There will be more to come on these but the rules are: the topic needs to be relevant (we have a pretty open definition of relevant ;)), the talk 5 minutes long with 20 slides. Lastly, we will force the slides to rotate automatically every 15 seconds. If you have never participated in an Ignite talk it's a lot of fun for both the presenters and the audience.

It's time to propose a session. Session proposals are also open, propose a talk for Friday here http://drupalcampohio.org/program/sessions/proposed. Some thoughts on sessions you could propose:

Drupal 8, with Drupal 8 down to a dozen blockers we'll be looking for sessions about D8
Headless Drupal
Backdrop, Drupal Camp Ohio is a Backdrop friendly event
Case Studies, talks on how do you use Drupal every day
Mobile development, developing for Drupal in a mobile world
Drupal and teams development workflows, etc...

We still need sponsorship support! The main reason we had to move to one day for this year is the due to changes in the budgets at The Ohio State University that left them unable to continue to underwrite the event. We were able to scramble and make it work but it left us in a less than ideal situation. We have been coming togther for 5 years now and have a strong community what will continue to grow and thrive for years to come but it's the support of sponsors that pays for 75% of this event. Without those sponsorships we would likely have a camp but it would not be the event we have come to expect. If you work somewhere that uses Drupal, encourage your leadership to sponsor, if you happen to have $500 laying around and want to sponsor well....

Can't wait to see everyone in October, and get those session proposals in.

See you in October
- Drupal Camp Ohio Team

Jul 24 2015
Jul 24
rszrama's picture

Great work, Micky - having him address the conference was very special, possibly the best of the speakers I've heard at any Drupal conference.

stevepurkiss's picture

Thanks Micky, RMS speaking at a Drupal event, and in the UN building! I'm gutted I couldn't attend :(

It was a pleasure meeting you at the coop BoF and to find out more about the good work you're doing over there, I learned a lot & look forward to our cooperation in the future!

lujekalek's picture

It was very nice meeteing, now i know more than early !

mike stewart's picture

...I encourage us all to think deeply about the tools we use and our personal freedoms.

... let's free our future with free software as the foundation.

I can only hope our community takes it to heart. The two quotes above have huge implications.

Start now. Adopt the use of other open source tools for your toolbox, not just Drupal. Plan how you can quit using proprietary hardware (Apple, I'm looking at you).

Were any of the sessions recorded?

netweb's picture

Great work, amazing

cddomaua's picture

Great work, Micky now i know more than early !

hajsik47's picture

Might be helpfull, thx.

owka's picture

Might be helpfull, thx.

Jun 11 2015
Jun 11

DrupalCamp STL 15 Hero

On June 20 - 21, people from all over the Midwest who use, design, develop and support Drupal will convene in downtown St. Louis for the second annual DrupalCamp STL. Meet us in St. Louis and help us forge new skills and friendships while furthering the Drupal project.

Registration is only $25, and if you register ASAP you'll get a soft, comfy T-shirt, a nice catered lunch, and an excellent lineup of sessions on Saturday, and sprints all day Sunday!

Check out the schedule for the day, which includes a keynote by Alina Mackenzie on getting involved in the Drupal Community.

Join us in the Learning Lounge on Saturday, and for Sprints on Sunday, to increase your Drupal knowledge, meet some other Drupal community members, and help make Drupal better!

Mar 22 2015
Mar 22
decibel.places's picture

There is a user login on the home page http://www.drupalcamp.nyc/

I tried to log in, but it seems I don't have an account there; and I am unable to register an account.

Perhaps that login is for site admins only, in that case UX best practice is to not display the form on public pages, admins can go to /user to log in.

joebachana's picture

Good point, and blame me since I did that for my own convenience. I tucked the login beneath the fold since didn't expect anyone to nitpick ;-) In any event, I disabled the form from the page.

Obviously we didn't spare much expense putting the site together (not). Hopefully you'll attend this Sunday, and perhaps in future camps you will be able to volunteer to help us build more impressive camp home sites built with D8.

See you there?

kuillmaxer's picture

that's true :)

juli_0's picture

I"m unable to register an account.

blankos's picture

maybe you have baned IP?

DWyeth's picture

I'd be happy to do some volunteer work at Dev Day. I'm registered for the event. You can assign me almost anything as long as I can attend a few sessions. DWyeth

joebachana's picture

Thanks for offering to volunteer! Yes, we need help, and I think you and I have connected by email so we'll see you Sunday first thing for setup.

jmarkel's picture

I had some last-minute family issues crop up - nothing bad, but they require my presence :-(

gwynniejt's picture

Dear NYC Camp,

I registered for the Keynote, Beginning Drupal Site Building, Drupal for Project Managers and the Digital Publishing and Media Summit, but when I viewed my account on nyccamp.org, there are no associated tickets or orders.

First, have other registrants noted this as a defect in the system? Second, can you confirm that I've actually been registered for these four sessions?

Many thanks,
Gwynn Turner

Bill Choy's picture

The naming of two camps in NYC can be a little confusing. Registration and organization for each are completely separate.

The "Drupal Dev Day NYC 2015!" .. WAS held in April.

The "NYC Camp 2015!" will be held in July, see https://groups.drupal.org/node/433258.

Thanks for the feedback. As website developer, we should know better. Having this expired event still sitting on the front page of GDO, is definite confusing our guest.

JJDurant's picture

I think it's too late...

bernieclark's picture

I would be interested in checking it out.

Jeremy.K.Black's picture

I'm have just signed up in this page. I'm from vietnam. I think this link OK.
I'm not good at English. Sorry. (I have wrote some Vietnamese for any else from vietnam like me)

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asad_ali's picture

This is a great event I believe, can you guys put online so people from different part of the world can participate? I would love get some people on board for the next event from our Dubai Office.

Mar 02 2015
Mar 02
BeachsidePaul's picture

I hope the Camp is actually on April 11 not March 8 :-)

mherchel's picture

Yep! I derped by copying last year's post and not updating it properly :)

rismanalfath's picture


casinosonalia's picture

Hi, any information about a Drupalcamp in France? I searched but I have found nothing about it. The last 2 years, events have taken place at this time of the year, May and June, but it may have been replaced by the Drupal Developer Days that I missed in April.

sunngfert's picture

That is quite nice, almost understand all of it

Feb 26 2015
Feb 26
Riaan Burger's picture

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to remind everyone that sponsorships for the Johannesburg DrupalCamp 2015 are open right now.

E-mail [email protected] for the bank account details if you want to sponsor.

We have one gold, three silver and six individual sponsors so far and there's a few more in the works: http://dasa.org.za/drupalcamp-johannesburg.html

Thanks you to our sponsors thus far:

  • Amazee Labs
  • Burtronix
  • Ingen Media
  • Telamenta

And individuals thus far:

  • Riaan Burger
  • Lauro Scott-Parkin
  • Adam Dunn
  • Melissa de Gouveia
  • Daniel Bornman
  • Renate Ehlers

The earlier one sponsors, the more exposure time there is for the logos and association.

Our first focus on work was on design, that's likely abating towards the end of this week, right now it's on sponsors and production (prints), then speakers and then we'll put in some work that's already being actioned on now to some degree, on attendance.

Kind regards,

Riaan Burger's picture

Hello Everyone,

Just a note that I contacted Bob Kepford (knew him from before with the TopDrops site work) and he added our camp to the most recent release of The Weekly Drop:


E-mailed Drupal news, tutorials, and articles once a week without hours of browsing.

Kind regards,

Riaan Burger's picture

Hello Everyone,

It's very early times yet, but so we have loads of places open for attendance. RSVP on meetup.com:


Places for attendance: 8 of 220 seats booked, 112 of 220 seats available. You can RSVP with up to 2 guests and if the event is fully booked, you can enter an automatic waiting list. If you booked and won't come, please change your RSVP to make space available for people in the waiting list.

Sponsorship is doing very well, we have 1 of 5 gold sponsorships available, 4 of 5 available and we have 3 of 5 silver sponsorships available, 2 of 5 available. There is no limit on individual sponsorships at just R 150, we already have 7 of them.

Thank you to our sponsors thus far: http://dasa.org.za/drupalcamp-johannesburg.html

Lastly, we're also in early days for future DrupalCamps, but DrupalCamp Cape Town, planned for around September, an as yet not confirmed larger conference in October at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg and DrupalCamp Pretoria planned for around March next year entered our monthly DASA meetings agenda this past Wednesday. Awesome days ahead for Drupal in South Africa!

Kind regards,

odenmc's picture

Thanks for the info, I'll have to watch!

Riaan Burger's picture

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to everyone putting in so much work for this camp!

We have been quiet mostly because we are all working very hard, but you can expect more news in this final week as everything comes together and is finalised.

We are just awaiting a few more submissions of information by our sponsors and speakers and a final decision on catering options.

The camp is about 13% fully booked so far, so please make sure to sign up on meetup.com so that we can plan catering for everyone. We plan a bit of an attendance drive this coming week.

Thank you to our sponsors, http://dasa.org.za/drupalcamp-johannesburg.html - we will present them here on GDoSA in the coming week too.

Our future events:

  • If you would like to help with the DrupalCamp Cape Town 2015 in September, please contact Jason.
  • If you would like to help at the Drupal stand at My World of Tomorrow in the Sandton Convention Center in September, please contact Adam.
  • If you would like to help with DrupalCamp Pretoria 2016 in March (2016), please contact Renate.
Nourhan Ahmed's picture

how can i participate this camp?
i'm from Egypt? and what about fees?

Riaan Burger's picture

Hello Nourhan,

There's no cover charge and the event is catered too. It's free. Simply come through tomorrow morning.

Hope to see you there.


wedding-dj's picture

Are you planning on doing this again? I have family in the area.

Riaan Burger's picture

We have two events lined up:

DrupalCamp Cape Town 2015 will be on Friday the 4th of September 2015. We're very close to announcements and the micro-site for it is expected to go live this week.

We'll also have a Drupal presence at the MyWorld of Tomorrow, 22-24 October 2015 at the Sandton Convention Center.

No exact plans are set yet for next year, but we have formal metrics adopted by the governing board that will track our success as DASA and several of them touch on the events we organise and how successful they are. Early talk is of a Gauteng-based DrupalCamp, this time mid-week, like the Cape Town one, to be held as a DrupalCamp Pretoria 2015 and then of course a Cape Town one again.

We should, by then, also have the Pretoria and Durban meet-ups up and running and we'll have to see what adoption looks like there to see if a camp in Durban may be viable.

rechargeableled's picture

Than you very much for the information.

Feb 21 2015
Feb 21
herderwu's picture


rszrama's picture

All of my arrangements are made - I can't wait to come visit Shanghai and share my Drupal story with everyone there. : )

xjkwak's picture

Enjoy China Ryan..

larruda's picture

Awesome the event and the logo!! (btw, the "i" of CI&T is in uppercase ;))

skyredwang's picture

Below is the T-shirt design; the T-shirt will be free, but we have limited quantities. If you want to make sure that you receive one at the conference, please sign up on this event above.

Only local images are allowed.

Garrett Albright's picture

I'm curious… Is there a cultural meaning to the design on the Druplicon face?

rli's picture

Hey Garrett,

It is a Druplicon with the Beijing opera painted face.

skyredwang's picture


weynhamz's picture

Wow, The T-shirt is really, how to say, passionate! I love it.

cloudbull's picture


ardnet's picture

Whoa... i like your Drupal logo :) All the best for the event.
Greetings from Drupal Singapore :)

- Ardi

Jerenus's picture

Really looking forward to?

????? ?????

tarzantiger's picture



hooface's picture


fiona.wang's picture


Sentret_C's picture


skyredwang's picture


Sentret_C's picture


ddfiberglass's picture

?Drupal?????????????Drupal 8??????

Signature: Drupal?????? tvdrupal.com

lychee's picture


Weijian's picture


yexingok's picture


Garrett Albright's picture

Well, I was hoping to come today since I'm in town, but I've caught a pretty nasty cold… I'm going to stay at home and recover. :( Maybe things will work out again in the future.

rszrama's picture

Sorry to hear that, Garrett. If you're interested in meeting up, I'll be in town through Thursday and Sheng has a happy hour on Tuesday planned for us. Just gimme a shout through my contact form. : )

juli_0's picture


bnobleman's picture


JJDurant's picture

Big work here

Feb 12 2015
Feb 12
pukarthapa53's picture

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Feb 10 2015
Feb 10
nodiac's picture

Members of the Droplabs community can use coupon code DROP to get 50% off their tickets!

christefano's picture

Thanks, Lee! This DROP discount code can be used by anyone here in the Drupal community, too. After all, Droplabs is one of the world's most active places for Drupal meetups, Drupal Coworking Fridays and workshops.

danielwill's picture

Is this going to happen again any time soon? Me and some of my colleges from Fme office would like join the next session.

pcoleman's picture

We have just started working on the organization but GLADCAMP will again be part of SCALE (14x).

SCALE is moving venues it will be at the Pasadena Convention Center, January 21 -24 2016. Look for more details to come on the Drupal forums.


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