Feb 26 2015
Feb 26
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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to remind everyone that sponsorships for the Johannesburg DrupalCamp 2015 are open right now.

E-mail [email protected] for the bank account details if you want to sponsor.

We have one gold, three silver and six individual sponsors so far and there's a few more in the works: http://dasa.org.za/drupalcamp-johannesburg.html

Thanks you to our sponsors thus far:

  • Amazee Labs
  • Burtronix
  • Ingen Media
  • Telamenta

And individuals thus far:

  • Riaan Burger
  • Lauro Scott-Parkin
  • Adam Dunn
  • Melissa de Gouveia
  • Daniel Bornman
  • Renate Ehlers

The earlier one sponsors, the more exposure time there is for the logos and association.

Our first focus on work was on design, that's likely abating towards the end of this week, right now it's on sponsors and production (prints), then speakers and then we'll put in some work that's already being actioned on now to some degree, on attendance.

Kind regards,

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Hello Everyone,

Just a note that I contacted Bob Kepford (knew him from before with the TopDrops site work) and he added our camp to the most recent release of The Weekly Drop:


E-mailed Drupal news, tutorials, and articles once a week without hours of browsing.

Kind regards,

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Hello Everyone,

It's very early times yet, but so we have loads of places open for attendance. RSVP on meetup.com:


Places for attendance: 8 of 220 seats booked, 112 of 220 seats available. You can RSVP with up to 2 guests and if the event is fully booked, you can enter an automatic waiting list. If you booked and won't come, please change your RSVP to make space available for people in the waiting list.

Sponsorship is doing very well, we have 1 of 5 gold sponsorships available, 4 of 5 available and we have 3 of 5 silver sponsorships available, 2 of 5 available. There is no limit on individual sponsorships at just R 150, we already have 7 of them.

Thank you to our sponsors thus far: http://dasa.org.za/drupalcamp-johannesburg.html

Lastly, we're also in early days for future DrupalCamps, but DrupalCamp Cape Town, planned for around September, an as yet not confirmed larger conference in October at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg and DrupalCamp Pretoria planned for around March next year entered our monthly DASA meetings agenda this past Wednesday. Awesome days ahead for Drupal in South Africa!

Kind regards,

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Thanks for the info, I'll have to watch!

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks to everyone putting in so much work for this camp!

We have been quiet mostly because we are all working very hard, but you can expect more news in this final week as everything comes together and is finalised.

We are just awaiting a few more submissions of information by our sponsors and speakers and a final decision on catering options.

The camp is about 13% fully booked so far, so please make sure to sign up on meetup.com so that we can plan catering for everyone. We plan a bit of an attendance drive this coming week.

Thank you to our sponsors, http://dasa.org.za/drupalcamp-johannesburg.html - we will present them here on GDoSA in the coming week too.

Our future events:

  • If you would like to help with the DrupalCamp Cape Town 2015 in September, please contact Jason.
  • If you would like to help at the Drupal stand at My World of Tomorrow in the Sandton Convention Center in September, please contact Adam.
  • If you would like to help with DrupalCamp Pretoria 2016 in March (2016), please contact Renate.
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how can i participate this camp?
i'm from Egypt? and what about fees?

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Hello Nourhan,

There's no cover charge and the event is catered too. It's free. Simply come through tomorrow morning.

Hope to see you there.


wedding-dj's picture

Are you planning on doing this again? I have family in the area.

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We have two events lined up:

DrupalCamp Cape Town 2015 will be on Friday the 4th of September 2015. We're very close to announcements and the micro-site for it is expected to go live this week.

We'll also have a Drupal presence at the MyWorld of Tomorrow, 22-24 October 2015 at the Sandton Convention Center.

No exact plans are set yet for next year, but we have formal metrics adopted by the governing board that will track our success as DASA and several of them touch on the events we organise and how successful they are. Early talk is of a Gauteng-based DrupalCamp, this time mid-week, like the Cape Town one, to be held as a DrupalCamp Pretoria 2015 and then of course a Cape Town one again.

We should, by then, also have the Pretoria and Durban meet-ups up and running and we'll have to see what adoption looks like there to see if a camp in Durban may be viable.

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Than you very much for the information.

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