Jun 01 2017
Jun 01
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Woa..."with over 100 years of experience on drupal.org"!
Will like to meet some of them in my life time!

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Wow, 7 out of 8 students are Indians!
Drupal has a large student base in India, seems it's popularity among students would increase even more in near future.

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IMPORTANT DEADLINE for ALL MENTORS: First Evaluations open June 26 and are DUE before June 30, 16:00 UTC

Starting at 16:00 UTC on June 26th you can go to your dashboard on the GSoC program site to complete the first evaluation. Just click on the "Complete Evaluation" button and fill out the form. You must complete the entire evaluation form at once — you can not submit a partially completed evaluation and you can not edit the evaluation once it has been submitted. You must submit your first evaluation by June 30th at 16:00 UTC.

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Indian are extremely talented when its come to IT. They are very good in this field.
p.s hard luck for them in ICC Champions Trophy.

There should be one thing in your life for which you can say that i have given my 100% to it.

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IMPORTANT DEADLINE for ALL MENTORS. Second evaluations opened today and are due by July 28th at 16:00 UTC.

One mentor for each student project must complete an evaluation of their student before Friday, July 28th at 16:00 UTC. If you haven't done so already, go to your dashboard on the GSoC program site and complete your evaluation of your student before July 28th at 16:00 UTC. We encourage you to complete the evaluations ASAP so you don't forget to do it - it should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

Students, this week's check-in meeting is not complete until evaluations are finished.


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It sounds great and proud to see our people grow. I wish to achieve such competition one day.I have been working on Drupal for some time now and i am still learning a lot.

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Attention GSoC mentors, please fill out final evaluations ASAP.

Be sure to submit the Evaluation before Tuesday, September 5th at 16:00 UTC.

If you're unable to process evaluation, please contact me.

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Excelent!! I hope that everything works fine.

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Apr 25 2016
Apr 25

Did you know Drupal was accepted into Google Summer of Code 2016 and that 11 Drupal projects were accepted? In other words, Google is funding 11 people to contribute to Drupal for 10 weeks worth a total of $60,500 USD (thank you Google!). Congratulations to selected students who are collectively credited on more than 100 issues fixed in the past 3 months on drupal.org. Coding starts May 23rd and ends August 23rd.

Majority of projects are focused on work related to Drupal 8 contributed modules. Drupal's students are from 4 different continents and we currently have 26 mentors from 12 countries with over 150 years of experience on drupal.org. As always, we're excited about this summer and we hope community members will provide an extra helping hand if you see students in queues. Learn more about our projects below.

Project: Social API
Student: Getulio Sánchez "gvso" (Paraguay).
Mentors dahacouk (UK), e0ipso (Spain), pcambra (Spain).

Project: Solving content conflicts with merge algorithms in Drupal 8
Student: Rakesh Verma "rakesh_verma" (India).
Mentors: dixon (Sweden), timmillwood (UK), jeqq (Moldova).

Project: Port Mailhandler to Drupal 8
Student: Milos Bovan "mbovan" (Serbia).
Mentors: miro_dietiker (Switzerland), Primsi (Slovenia).

Project: CKEditor plugins for TMGMT
Student: Saša Nikolič "sasanikolic" (Slovenia)
Mentors: miro_dietiker (Switzerland), Berdir (Switzerland).

Project: Port search configuration module to Drupal 8
Student: Joyce George "joyceg" (India)
Mentors: naveenvalech (India), heykarthikwithu (India), neetu (India).

Project: Integrate Google Cloud Vision API to Drupal 8
Student: Arpit Jalan "ajalan065" (India)
Mentors: naveenvalech (India), penyaskito (Spain), eugene_ilyin (Russia).

Project: Port Google Login Authenticator To Drupal 8
Student: Mehul Gupta "therealssj" (India)
Mentors: nerdstein (USA), attiks (Belgium).

Project: Media Solution Module
Student: Vijay Nandwani "royal121" (India)
Mentors: slashrsm (Slovenia), paranojik (Slovenia).

Project: Web Component-ize Drupal 8
Student: Tianlei Zheng "ztl8702" (Australia)
Mentors: skyredwang (China), Wimleers (Belgium).

Project: Add Password-based Public-key Encryption to Drupal 8
Student: Talha Paracha "talhaparacha" (Pakistan)
Mentors: nerdstein (USA), colan (Canada), jibran (Pakistan).

Project: Porting Comment alter module to Drupal 8
Student: Anchal Pandey "anchal29" (India)
Mentors: Boobaa (Hungary), czigor (Hungary).

Final call for mentors. Are you interested in helping any of the projects above? Contact Slurpee on drupal.org, find us in #drupal-google on Freenode, and join us at https://groups.drupal.org/google-summer-code.

A special "Thank you" goes out to Drupalize.me for providing all of our students a free account.

Feb 12 2015
Feb 12
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Sep 16 2014
Sep 16
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Congratulations to all participants :))

Christian López Espínola (@penyaskito)

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Congratulations to you

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Congrats to all the participants. Must have been a fantastic experience.

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Congratulations to all of you..

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Hey congrats! Good job everyone!

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Congratulations to all of you..

Nov 20 2013
Nov 20

Big news! The annual Google Code-In contest kicked off Monday, November 18th. The contest's purpose for pre-university students (ages 13 - 17) is learning how to contribute to open-source software projects and offers them a chance to win a once in a life time grand prize of an all expense paid trip to Google HQ in California. The bigger news...Drupal was chosen as one of the ten participating organizations to create tasks for the students to complete during the 2013 contest! This is a huge honor for Drupal and gives us an amazing opportunity to grow our community. Details @ https://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2013

Drupal Community, we're about 48 hours into the 2013 Code-In contest, students have already finished several tasks, and we need YOUR help. In this busy day and age, finding mentors can prove challenging and after months of "cat herding", we realized a simple solution for participation: "Just 1 Task". Even if you submit one task and mentor that task, everyone wins. We currently have 14 mentors in Google's system with tasks, but there is no limit on mentors or number of tasks we can accomplish. Ironically, after mentors add one task, they usually add a few more tasks. With Drupal 8 on the horizon, we have plenty of easy tasks that anyone at any age can accomplish, and it is the perfect opportunity to find new long time contributors. This is your chance to be a part of the global phenomenon that is open-source software! Join us in #drupal-gci or see information below on becoming a mentor.

After being selected to participate in the 2013 Code-In contest, our goal is to keep this momentum moving forward and plan to have a solid application with an elevated level of participation in Summer of Code 2014. Plus, Google has big plans in 2014 for Summer of Code's 10 year anniversary ( http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2013/10/google-code-in-2013-and-go... ).

Thank You!
A big thank you to our core team of mentors that organized tasks, worked on the application, and set up everything for student participation (Janez Urevc in Slovenia, Varun Baker in Jamaica, and Matthew Lechleider in USA). Plus, we can't forget all the current mentors who jumped at the chance to contribute (Aaron Dudehofer, Abdul Qadir, Andrew Shemo, Ben Carlson, Patrick Elward, Cody Carlson, Doug Vann, Jason Daniels, Kevin Reynen, Martin Martinov, Matt V).

How to Become a Mentor
*Login with Google account @ https://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2013
*Click "Register to be a Mentor"
*Connect with Drupal
*(wait for approval)
**Contact slurpee on d.o if issues

How to Add Tasks
*Login @ https://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2013
*Click "My Dashboard"
*Click "Create Tasks..."

How to be a Mentor
*Add at least one task @ https://www.google-melange.com/gci/task/create/google/gci2013/drupal
*Notification of task will be sent to Drupal admins for approval
*Approval of task by admin publishes tasks publicly to students
*Request to be assigned task by student notifies mentor
*Mentor logs into Melange to click "Assign Task"
*Notification that task has started is sent to Student/Mentor/Admins
*Hangout in #drupal-irc on freenode to answer questions in real time if needed
*Comment task in Melange for feedback and help with student on task
*Review students work when completed
*Complete task to finish process

Questions? Contact Drupal's GCI 2013 Admin (Matthew Lechleider) @ https://drupal.org/user/91767

About Drupal Sun

Drupal Sun is an Evolving Web project. It allows you to:

  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
  • Facet based on tags, author, or feed
  • Flip through articles quickly (with j/k or arrow keys) to find what you're interested in
  • View the entire article text inline, or in the context of the site where it was created

See the blog post at Evolving Web

Evolving Web