Jun 11 2013
Jun 11

DrupalCamp Austin is back! This is the event to learn everything about Drupal, the world's best open-source content management system and web framework. We'll cover everything from beginner-level site building to advanced design and development.

Register today before tickets sell out!


  • When: June 21-23
  • Price: $65

Web Leadership Day (June 21): It's free!

Web Leadership Day is a new event that gathers voices from across the web for a single day of deep dives into the business and future of the web. We're calling on all tech companies — from agencies and dev shops to startups — to come together for a day of curated talks and Earth-shattering enlightenment.* We all work on the web. Let's make a better web, together.

This is a free event organized by DrupalCamp Austin. You do not need to register for DrupalCamp to attend — but we certainly encourage you to. :)

*Earth-shattering enlightment not guaranteed.

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Apr 17 2013
Apr 17

We're thrilled to announce you can now register to attend DrupalCamp Austin as well as submit your session proposals.

We are still in the process of building the full site*, but the links below will help you in the meantime:

When: June 21-23
Where: Austin Convention Center
Price: $65


  • Friday: Full-day workshops (TBA)
  • Saturday: Sessions, Half-day workshops, Keynote, BoFs, after party
  • Sunday: Sessions, Keynote, BoFs

*More on this soon, we'll be doing some cool things with jekyll

Apr 05 2013
Apr 05

Just one week from tomorrow is the 5th annual DrupalCamp Dallas, and it's going to be 5 MILLION times better than any Drupal event ever.  Especially my session on the Hyperbole module.  But just in case you are still on the fence, here are 13 reasons why you need to gently climb down off that fence without getting any splinters and get your ticket right now:

  1. Jeff Walpole from the Drupal (and Wordpress :) powerhouse Phase2 is giving our Keynote Address on Can Drupal be a Disruptive Force in Social Business Software?  You wouldn't want to work at an unsocial business, now would you?  So come learn how to make it social. With Drupal.
  2. Three full tracks of great sessions, all day long.  Beginner?  Then come learn about Drupal SEO, Design, Tricks & Tips, and Scaling Drupal.  Expert?  Then how about sessions on Zombie.js, Mobile Video, and Drupal 8 Deep Dive?  Auto mechanic?  For you there's Chris Ruppel's session on Advanced Frontend Performance!  Heh .. get it?  Front-end?  Also a car term?  Uh, yeah, ok nevermind..
  3. Case Studies: Higher education, CiviCRM and Texas Instruments and possibly more.
  4. Pantheon is hosting a two hour training session Saturday afternoon on Development Best Practices and Building Sites on Pantheon.  Everything you need to be a great Drupal developer- version control, continuous development, workflow, and working in the dark until 4am while jacked on Jolt cola.  Do they still make Jolt cola?
  5. Acquia experts will be on hand Saturday morning for Acquia On Tap - come ask any questions you have on security, performance, architecture, how well Dries can ski, and whatever else you might think of.
  6. Sign up for our companion Results Oriented Web Summit (ROW) on Friday and also get into the all-day Friday Drupal in a Day training event at the same venue.  Or go to some of the Drupal training, and attend any ROW sessions you want.  You should see the lineup of speakers they have at ROW.
  7. Once again we'll have the entire back room at the nearby Fox & Hound Pub on Friday night with free drinks and food.  Come show off your pool, darts, and sitting skills.  The ROW crowd will be joining us, and I think I can say without stereotyping that all marketing people are much more attractive than us Drupal developers.  So you'll want to make that party.
  8. Spud and Sandwich Bar!  Keeping the DrupalCamp Dallas tradition going of having the best food of any other Drupal event, we are planning a make your own sandwich and spud bar. Make your own lunch- 'cause we are not your mother.
  9. Giveaways!  We'll have some very nice sponsor gifts, including full Drupal development and sitebuilding video courses from Buildamodule.
  10. Robert Ristroph submitted so many session ideas that we are just going to go ahead and give him his own track.  All Robert Ristroph, all day.  Sessions will be held in the Robert Ristroph room.
  11. Last year we tried to kill Josh Koenig from Pantheon at our post-Camp mountain bike ride. He survived somehow, with a cunning mix of biking skill and total lack of fear.  So we'll be trying again this year, Sunday morning at nearby Rowlett Creek Preserve.  Join us!
  12. Remember when we did the Camp in summer, and it was 107 degrees?  Ahh, good times. Current forecast this year is sunny and in the 70's.  That walk from the parking lot to the air conditioned Culwell Center is going to feel great!
  13. and finally ... one really, really big surprise.  Really.  No hyperbole this time.

Ok- if all that doesn't convince you to spend next Saturday (and Friday!) with us, then all hope is lost.  Just go ahead and enjoy a beautiful weekend playing golf or spending time with your family instead of a bunch of sweaty Druplers.  We'll understand.

Sep 19 2012
Sep 19

On behalf of the SF Bay Area Drupal community, I want to invite everyone to attend this year's Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) hosted on the beautiful campus of the University of California at Berkeley from Thursday, November 1st through Sunday, November 4th. Now in its sixth year, BADCamp is the flagship Drupal event of the San Francisco Bay Area and is expected to draw almost 2000 attendees for four days of summits, sessions, sprints, and social events.

Everyone involved in BADCamp has been working hard for the last six months to make something really special happen this November and we invite everyone in the Drupal community to join the magic by to attend BADCamp 2012!

This year BADCamp will be offering 6+ tracks of amazing Drupal sessions (submit one today!), offering a dozen training sessions from some of the best companies in the industry, holding eight different summits on a variety of cutting edge topics, hosting a wide range of code sprints, and throwing a great pirate themed party on Saturday night - all taking place in the world class San Francisco Bay Area!

BADCamp Summits - Thursday and Friday
On Thursday and Friday, BADCamp will feature topic specific "summits" focusing on a wide range of different topics. Although Drupal is growing rapidly and our community is expanding, day long summits are BADCamp's way of keeping the small event feel and giving attendees a chance to connect with folks like them in an intimate and focused session led by some of the most knowledgable folks in that space. This year BADCamp will offer the following summits:

  • New in 2012! Drupal DevOps Summit - A full day of discussion and strategizing on cutting edge system administration and operations practices to make Drupal scale to millions and connect with a wide range of emerging technologies.
  • New in 2012! Drupal Business Owners Summit - BADCamp's take on the traditional "business summit" which will focus on connecting Drupal business owners together to make better Drupal businesses and help make Drupal a better place for everyone.
  • New in 2012! Drupal UX/UI Summit - A focused summit on all things related to UX/UI, with a strong focus on UX/UI improvements in Drupal 8
  • New in 2012! Drupal Product Summit - A discussion of all things related to Drupal distributions and products from a range of experts in the Drupal distribution and product space.
  • New in 2102! Drupal Mobile Summit - A gathering of designers, engineers, and sitebuilders to jam about mobile - what it can do, what we've done, and where we're going to bring Drupal to every device.
  • Drupal Non Profit Summit - A space for non-profit tech people to connect with each other and share knowledge about the pros, cons, highs, and lows of using Drupal in the non-profit world.
  • Drupal Higher Education Summit - A day filled with university folks sharing their stories about how higher education uses Drupal to improves the lives of faculty, students, and staff across the country.
  • Core Developer Summit - An intense day of focused work and planning for everyone interested in core development (new people welcome!) and how to make Drupal 8 the best it can be.

BADCamp Training - Thursday and Friday
On Thursday and Friday, leading Drupal training providers will help BADCamp attendees learn more about Drupal. We are offering the following classes:

  • Drupal Immersion for Beginners
  • Drupal Community Tools: From IRC to Git
  • PHP for Non-Programmers
  • Multilingual Drupal Sites
  • Drupal E-Commerce
  • Theme Development
  • Node.js

BADCamp Sessions and BoFs - Saturday and Sunday
On both Saturday and Sunday, BADCamp will feature sessions and BoFs from leading lights in the Drupal community about a wide range of topics - including a strong focus on the latest and greatest efforts for Drupal 8. We just started accepting sessions, but you can check out our proposed session list and submit your own today. BoFs will be handled on a first come, first served basis during the conference so be sure to check the our whiteboards for the latest and greatest.

In addition, there will also be a large exposition hall for all our wonderful sponsors, several evening parties to chat Drupal and otherwise with your fellow attendees, plenty of code sprints hosted in our ChX coder lounge, and a wider range of associated events happening at the social event of the season, BADCamp 2012.

BADCamp is a volunteer run and free to attend event put on by the San Francisco Bay Area Drupal community to help make Drupal an even better community and content management system. It is most important that you come to the camp and have a good time, but if you are able to please sponsor the event as an individual or company. If you have any questions about anything BADCamp, please contact us and see everyone this November!

Nov 29 2011
Nov 29

Harrah's--New Orleans, LA
Thursday, December 8, 2011 at 9:00am until Friday, December 9, 2011 at 5:00pm..

Are you Drupal-curious or a die-hard Drupal fan? The best and brightest web developers, designers and those smart business owners, corporate and enterprise execs will gather to see how Drupal can bring the heat like Frank’s Louisiana Red Hot Sauce and enjoy the warm weather and charm of The Big Easy, New Orleans.

If you are a web developers or website designer who wants to spice up your Drupal experience, you will benefit from the informative and interactive workshops, sessions and panels from some of the most influential people in the Drupal Community.

Register for now for the Drupal on the Bayou Summit and be there training, workshops and sessions that will help you to take your Drupal skills to the next level. *Group discounts and student discounts available.

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