A New Google Chrome Extension for Drupal.org Issue Links

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I'd like to briefly share a new handy Chrome Extension that I recently created: Drupal Issue Chrome

chrome. noun. features added to something to make it nicer, but which don't affect the core functionality.

This extension will render links to Drupal.org issues in order to clearly indicate node id, title, and issue status. It closely mimics Drupal.org's own rendering of links to issues, bringing the same formatting to ANY website.

For example, an anchor link with the href and text content "https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/issues/1308152" would become "#1308152: Add stream wrappers to access extension files" and would be colored appropriately. You may also hover over the issue to see the exact issue status, provided via the anchor title attribute. Take a gander:

Extension Screenshot

If the anchor text and href do not match, the extension will style the link without altering the content:

Google Search Screenshot

Simple, but very handy!

You can install the Drupal Issue Chrome extension here or contribute on GitHub!


I frequently reference Drupal.org issues in my daily routine, especially in JIRA. It's tiresome and inefficient to keep the title and status of those Drupal.org links up-to-date in JIRA.

I wanted to automate the process, but I wasn't interested in writing a JIRA plugin in Java. It occurred to me that it would be both easier to implement and more universally applicable if I could just create a solution as a Chrome extension via Javascript.

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