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Stefan Weber

At the beginning of this year, the new webshop of our client, Transgourmet, came out of private beta phase and has grown into a large-scale E-commerce application.

Transgourmet / Selgros is one of the largest food retailers in Europe. The online shop for the B2B business for Germany was the first to launch within the corporate strategy to consolidate all web activities in a unified architecture. Over the next few years, all web properties in Europe will be migrated to the new architecture.

Websites and content are delivered using Drupal. Inside the websites, decoupled E-commerce applications are loaded to allow a seamless user experience from website to shop.

The shop apps connect with E-commerce APIs for product information and to headless Drupal for loading marketing content. The first shop integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud, currently, we are porting the apps to integrate to Commerce Tools.

In this session, Stefan will give an overview of the architecture of the website and shop integration, and highlight the most important features of the large scale shops. He will also showcase the shop and do some live demonstrations.

Last but not least he will show how consolidating all web properties fits the corporate digitalization strategy of Transgourmet /Selgros.

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