Improving Drupal and Gatsby Integration - The Gatsby Boina Starter

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This is the latest post of the “Improving Drupal and Gatsby Integration” series. This time I will be talking about the Gatsby Boina Starter; we are contributing to make your Drupal-Gatsby integration easier. The Boina starter ships with the main Gatsby configuration files you might need to get up and running on your Gatsby site.

What does this Gatsby Boina Starter provide among others features:

  • React components to render home, blog and taxonomy pages.
  • Source plugin for pulling data (including images) into Gatsby from Drupal sites.
  • Support for image markdown preprocessing on Drupal body fields.
  • Pre-configured RSS feed available at `/drupalplanet.xml` (make sure you use the `drupal` tag on your blog pages or make the proper changes on your `.env` files.
  • This starter is based on a theme which allows you to keep receiving updates and override look and feel.

Where do I find this project?

Github repository is located at

Project dependencies

Download Project Dependencies

gatsby new boina
cd boina

Copy environment file

cp .env.dist .env.development

NOTE: You should use .env.production for the production environment.

Update environment variables

# drupal

The DRUPAL_HOST variable contains the URL for your Drupal backed server. We highly recommend you to use the Drupal Boina Distribution. But in case you want to try right away. Don't worry we prepare a demo server running our Boina Distribution at 

Start Gatsby in development mode

gatsby develop

Open your browser and point to http://localhost:8000/

How Gatsby Boina looks like?

If you want to take a look at an example of the running Gatsby site looks like try this

Are you excited as we are with GatsbyJS and this new API Driven approach?

We invite you to check back as this series continues, exploring more tools we are building to contribute back to Drupal and Gatsby ecosystems that will allow you to implement a Drupal and Gatsby integration without needing to DIY.

Want to learn how to take advantage of these modules?

We can show you how these modules can improve your Drupal and Gatsby integration.

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