Improving Speaker Diversity in Drupal Events

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Partnering with Drupal Diversity & Inclusion

As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of the Drupal and WordPress communities, Pantheon partnered with the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion group to provide public speaking skills workshops aimed at underrepresented and marginalized people in the Drupal sphere. The thought of being the center of attention on a big stage can bring out imposter syndrome and self-doubt in many of us, but for people who are underrepresented at the event, the effect is often intensified.

These workshops allowed us to bridge our two favorite open-source projects, by bringing Jill Binder from WordPress into the Drupal world. I attended the original workshops in September—Jill’s calm expertise helped a group of Drupalists around the world overcome imposter syndrome, develop topic ideas, practice delivery, write catchy titles, polish up our speaker bios, and more. Our speakers reported increased confidence after the session, and many of them are already preparing to submit their talks to DrupalCon and their local tech events.

Next Steps

If you want to see these results in your own community, you’re in luck. We’re planning to scale the work by training people to give these workshops to their own communities! 

That workshop is happening Saturday, November 16 from 1-4 pm EST.

This low-cost, three-hour session will empower you to teach this workshop in your hometown and beyond. These workshops work best when led by somebody from an underrepresented or marginalized group in order to better connect with participants. If that sounds like you, great! If not, work to find somebody in your local community who would be interested in leading a workshop. If you’re an event organizer who wants to increase the number of speakers from marginalized and underrepresented groups at your event, sign up today.  

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