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History of Drupal logos

I was recently asked to bring back memories of early Drupal history, especially the birth of the Drupal logo. For research I found a goldmine: Drupal CVS commit history http://drupalcode.org (renamed from cvs.drupal.org). Combining that with CHANGELOG.txt and my hazy memory here's the short unofficial story of Drupal logo – in full color.

Note that I included some personal notes but I do not want to over-emphasize my role: biggest credit for creating early Drupal visual image goes to Steven Wittens aka Unconed and there are tons of others not mentioned. Thanks for you all!

Also, if you have any corrections to this history – or some funny details to add, let me know via e-mail, Twitter or the comment form below. 


May 9 2000 (Unconfirmed)

drop.org was born with Dries post "drop.org has been activated, Natrak smoothly switched things /…/ Oh, I installed a new poll and whilst doing so I discovered a few poll problems I'll have to fix /…/"

May 18 2000 (Unconfirmed)

First commit to Drupal CVS repository http://drupalcode.org/…al/index.php?… (I tracked index.php – are there older files?)

May 27 2000

First commit of drop.org logo in Jeroen theme. The logo was created Jeroen Bensch (Dries nephew he shared the dorm with) using Gimp, drawing all the details pixel by pixel. He later comments "I should've rounded the corners better with some shading in between the pixels on the border, but OK, what did I know".

Here's the CVS commit: http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?…

I addition to pipes metaphor and "Tears of technology", also by Jeroen, the "black drop" (is it really oil?) makes its entrance in commit a day later. http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?…

Sept 26 2000

Half year later, Marvin theme was created (or actually renamed from some ealier theme) with Dries CVS comment "Updated and renamed my 2 themes: I removed redundant boxes and tried to work towards simplicity." Here's the "black drop" is placed inside "DROP" type. http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?…

Oct 10 2000

Unconed theme was committed with the logo above http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?… with cryptic CVS message by Dries "… and the winner is …" (?)

Included with the same day commit was an interesting theme screenshot http://drupalcode.org/…es/theme.gif?… – something like a an early precursor of current theme screenshot infrastructure we are having now.

This image was removed from theme in Feb 28 2001 with a Stevens note: "removed that stupid theme.gif that looked cool, but was unimplementable in NS". NS stands for Netscape.

And yes, there is that notorious Lara Croft post ;)

Dec 6 2000

Oldest copy of drop.org preserved in archive.org http://web.archive.org/…ww.drop.org/ using Marvin theme. Note that I cut out the top part: archive.org copy uses the newer, incorrect logo.


Jan 15 2001

Drupal 1.0.0 was released

Mar 2 2001

Proto-3D-drop (most likely) by Steven/Unconed makes its way to drop.org logo http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?…

Also, "Powered by Drupal button" was introduced with the same 3D-drop http://drupalcode.org/…bydrupal.png?…

March 15 2001

Drupal 2.0.0 was released. Personal note: A bit ealier I started visiting Drop.org and testing out Drupal. I wrote my first review of Drupal 2.0 (in Estonian) in March 19 2001.

Sept 12 2001

First sighting of Druplicon in Drupal CVS in Marvin theme, replacing black drop inside "drop.org" and upgrading a typeface. http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?… with CVS comment "Added new Drupal logo made by UnConeD."

Another version for Unconed theme three days later Sept 15 2001 http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?…

There is also a yellow version of Druplicon from the same time found in Goofy theme: http://drupalcode.org/…s/drupal.png?…

Druplicon was also introduced in new "powered by" button http://drupalcode.org/…bydrupal.png?…

History of the Druplicon logo page states: "Kristjan Jansen (Kika) came up with the idea of putting two sideways drops together to form an infinity symbol". I can not recall that I was involved with those infinity eyes at that early in time, I have gut feeling Steven was creating it on his own.

Sept 15 2001

Drupal 3.0.0, was released

Nov 1 2001

Another version of Druplicon was added to Trillian theme http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.gif?… but the whole theme was removed a month later Dec 27 2001 with a straightforward comment "Removed theme "Trillian": it sucked."

Mid-Dec 2001

http://drupal.org was getting separated from drop.org, some content migrated and first project issue created by ax in Dec 17 2001 http://drupal.org/node/6

Dec 12 2001

Commit of giant misc/druplicon.png http://drupalcode.org/…ruplicon.png?…


Jan 21 2002

First usable copy drupal.org in archive org http://web.archive.org/….drupal.org/ Drupal.org looked like this already a month ago when it was created.

Jun 1 2002

References to drop.org were dropped in Drupal CVS: http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.png?…

with CVS comment "Got rid of the drop.org logo's in the themes and replaced them with the Drupal logo." This is the point where Drupal finally got a life of his own. Note that Druplicon got some finer gradients by Steven/Unconed but basic shape was still the same.

Jun 15 2002

Drupal 4.0.0 was released

Personal note: This is likely the point of time where I was pushing my "more serious" designs of Drupal logo (see the blog post http://kika.trip.ee/…llostlogos) . Here are the designs form Oct 2002:

Dec 24 2002

Commit of druplicon-small.gif http://drupalcode.org/…on-small.gif?… – likely not the first commit but a reorg?


1 Feb 2003

Drupal 4.1.0 was released

4 Jun 4 2003

CVS commit was about spicing up the logos of Marvin: http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.png?…

and Unconed: http://drupalcode.org/…ges/logo.png?…

with CVS comment "GUI improvements: new logos for theme Marvin and theme UnConeD. Logos by Kristjan Jansen." Same Druplicon, new typeface (it was most likely Dax)

1 Aug 2003

Drupal 4.2.0 was released

1 Nov 2003

Drupal 4.3.0 was released


15 Feb 2004

Reorg of Drupal theme directories in CVS reveals a Drupal logo version http://drupalcode.org/…ruplicon.gif?…

The toned down and shadowy version was was likely meant for Bluemarine. Original Bluemarine logo commit has been lost but there is something like this http://drupalcode.org/…ine/logo.png?…

1 April 2004

Drupal 4.4.0 was released

June 7 2004

Michael Angeles aka jibbajabba, famous UX guy created several designs for Drupal t-shirts for a LinuxTag conference.

There is another cool one: Personal Expression.

June 2004

Personal note: My love for Dax culminated a year later with creating Drupal promotional materials http://kika.trip.ee/node/190 in mid-June, 2004. As you can see from poster and brochure PDFs, 3D Druplicon was already there. This means "3D Druplicon" as we know him now was created by Unconed/Steven around 1st part of 2004.

Jul 5 2004

Some weeks later, a marketing materials contrib repo was created by ber with CVS comment "/…/ These are various files that are a result of Gerhards (vdst.net) and Kristjans (kika.trip.ee) hard work and Stevens (acko.net) nice 3D work /…" with some notable stuff inside:

1. Old Druplicon with my spiced up typo and effects, likely based to my Feb 2004 experiments http://drupalcode.org/….default.png?…

2. Steven's 3D Druplicon, already mentioned: http://drupalcode.org/…on.small.png?…

Also, in the same day referring drupal.org page was created by ber http://web.archive.org/…rg/node/9068 Updated version of this page can be found is http://drupal.org/node/9068

Jul 27 2004

Michael Angeles / jibbajabba, famous UX guy was expressing his concern with Drupal logo hackerish feel and proposed some alternatives http://urlgreyhot.com/…pal_identity

Oct 18 2004

Drupal 4.5.0 was released


Apr 15 2005

Drupal 4.6.0 was released

May 12 2005

Another commit of Druplicon "crystal" look by diepoog in CVS http://drupalcode.org/…al.small.png?… Note that it is based on 2D or "Cell" Druplicon, 3D has not yet hit the masses, they co-existed for a long time.

May 22 2005

Chris Messina, Open Web legend jumps on board and creates some classic Drupal artwork. Flickr set can be found here.

Jul 27 2005

First commit of 3D Druplicon to Drupal CVS, to /misc directory http://drupalcode.org/…ruplicon.png?…


Jan 15 2006

Drupal gets 5 years old and he gets a birthday cake by Dries and Karlijn.

Around these times Druplicon mania really got started, check out the related post in drupal.org by ber. Druplicon was spotted in most unimaginable places, from pumpkins to bacon.

May 1 2006

Drupal 4.7.0 was released


Jan 15 2007

Drupal 5.0 was released

Dec 13 2007

"3D Druplicon" is introduced to Drupal core themes by kkaefer http://drupalcode.org/…ine/logo.png?… with CVS comment "update bluemarine, chameleon and marvin themes with the current 3d Druplicon, instead of the old 2d one", related issue here http://drupal.org/node/200334.


Feb 13 2008

Drupal 6.0 was released

Aug 2008

Mark Boulton creates a Drupal workmark, part of Drupal.org redesign project.

Early version:

Final version:

Dec 20 2009

First sighting of Drupal tattoo.


Drupal 10th birthday is not far away. It's time to start gathering together the memorabilia. We are old enough to let nostalgia loose.

One more thing: dear git-migration team, can we keep alive the read-only copy of Drupal CVS repository, there are tons of gold still to be dug.



I think the first appearance of Druplicon in Drupal core is http://drupalcode.org/viewvc/drupal/drupal/misc/druplicon.png?revision=1.4&view=markup on Jul 27 2005, more or less exactly one year after appearance in marketing docs and themes.

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