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Using the Goose load testing framework to troubleshoot Quick Edit

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In a previous Tag1 Team Talk, we discussed How to analyze Goose load testing results using New Relic. During testing, a bug was discovered! This team talk goes into detail about what the bug was, how they narrowed down the scope of the problem, and how to fix it.

In this test, Goose found a problem with Drupal’s Quick Edit feature. Quick Edit is a staple of content creators, enabling them to make changes directly in content, even if that content is wrapped in blocks or other Drupal layout features.

Once again, join Goose creator and CEO of Tag1 Consulting Jeremy Andrews, VP of Software Engineering and Goose contributor Fabian Franz, and Managing Director Michael Meyers as they dig into the results of a Goose Attack, and how this Goose test found something that other analyses did not.

For a transcript of this video, see Transcript - Using Goose to troubleshoot Quick Edit.

For more Goose content, visit http://tag1.com/goose.

Background image from the Untitled Goose Game, created by House House, available from their presskit.

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