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Drupal 8 & 9: Make beautiful Views Exposed Filters form with a custom twig template and bootstrap formatting

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Sometimes we need to build a rather complex search form with many options. We want to have total control under output, so we will override the default template by own because standard Drupal templates do not allow to the use the complex formatting. However, we can easily override the template with our custom theme or module.
All we need to know the ID of the form and the appropriate name of the template. For this, you can check using the following code: dump($form['#id']); and dump($form['#theme']); inside hook_form_alter() or hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().

In my example, we have: views-exposed-form-class-schedule-block-1 and views_exposed_form__class_schedule__block_1 , you should replace both with your values.

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