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8 Benefits to Implementing a Technical SEO Strategy

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In Annertech's Technical SEO Service for Drupal Websites, we talked about what we do during a technical SEO implementation. But let us now look at the longer-term benefits of implementing one for your organisation.

1. Increase Reach Across all Channels

When your content is created in such a way as to allow Google, Bing and others to easily discover it, index it, and display it, it stands to reason that more people will also find it. With this increase in reach across different channels, you have the inevitable increase in potential sales and engagement.

2. Increase Search Engine Ranking

Following-on from the last point, if Google can easily understand your content, it stands a much better chance of appearing higher in search results, up to and including “Position Zero”. This means not just being at the top of general search results, but also featuring within the "People also ask" and "Featured snippets" section. Being placed here is Google gold dust.

3. Rich Snippets in Search Results

When your content appears in search results, you want more than a title with a short description; you want images, video, ratings, call to actions, etc. Anything that makes the search result showing your website more enticing than your competitors is a real bonus. Remember, a more enticing or prominent result will mean more engagement.

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