An Intro to Decoupled Drupal Podcast with Acquia

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Our Director of Engineering, Matt Davis, sat down with two decoupled leaders on the Acquia team, Sam Nagle (Senior Solutions Architect) and Ron Northcutt (Principal Solutions Architect), to break down decoupled drupal.

We had our friends with the It's A Look podcast help us break this subject down in a fun and easy to understand way -- they did not disappoint! We go over:

  • The future of digital experiences
  • What is decoupled drupal (7:30)
  • When does it make sense to decouple (13:15)
  • When does it not make sense to decouple (14:55)
  • An intro to Decoupled Blocks (16:10)
  • Comparing traditional, decoupled and hybrid approaches (17:10)
  • Two specific examples of decoupled experiences (22:15)
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