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The next phase: Treehouse Agency is merging with Phase2 Technology

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Eight years ago, I stepped out of the corporate world and started Treehouse Agency, envisioning a model of web development centered around the client relationship. Over the next couple of years, others joined me as not only employees, but also as friends. With these friends, we grew from a couple of developers building websites to a 15-person agency building some of today’s biggest and most sophisticated Drupal implementations.

Today, it is with great excitement that I tell you we will continue our tradition of growing with friends–many, many more of them. As of today, Treehouse Agency is merging with Phase2 Technology, an agency that shares our dedication to top-tier open source platform development in the government, publishing, and non-profit sectors.

In recent years we have found ourselves working in friendly competition with each other, developing parallel reputations and complementary skillsets. Treehouse and Phase2 are a very natural fit for each other in terms of our skills, values, culture and client verticals.

In the coming weeks, our companies will integrate our operations, and the combined company will carry the Phase2 Technology name; I will join Phase2 as President, overseeing financial and human capital, including talent and culture development.

I look forward to the many exciting opportunities this merger brings to the table. We look forward to offering a more comprehensive selection of services to clients, growing thought leadership, and strengthening contrib projects including modules, core development, and Phase2′s collection of distributions.

I never imagined when I started Treehouse that it would grow into what it has become today; to be joining forces with a company like Phase2–which I and many of my colleagues have grown to respect so much–is amazing to me.

Thank you to all of those who have supported Treehouse over the years: clients, colleagues, and of course the amazing team that make us what we are today.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we are just getting started.

For the official details, you can read the press release here. At DrupalCon? Swing by booth #419 and say hello!!!
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