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The fruitful July: Drupal news wrap-up for 07/2017

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Hey, everyone! Summer moves on — together with its lovely sunsets, yummy fruit and berries and so much more. This just inspires us to grab a basket and gather some fresh, ripe, and tasty... Drupal news for you! ;) You’ll see that July 2017 has been really very fruitful for Drupal, because the community has been creating great stuff with a special, summer inspiration. So discover the new releases of Drupal modules, take a glimpse at Drupal 8.4 as Drupal 8.3’s successor, and find some other nice surprises. Enjoy your July’s Drupal basket!

What’s been new with Drupal in July 2017

New releases of some Drupal modules

Drupalers have been working like busy bees, so the second summer month of 2017 has given us dozens of new module releases to fit every taste, or, should we say, every website’s needs. These are just a handful of examples:

  • This summer, honey is getting sweeter and spam prevention stronger thanks to the updates in the 8.x-1.27 version of the Honeypot module.
  • Do not miss Commerce 8.x-2.0-Rc1 with lots of enhancements in payment gateways, checkout, taxes and more.
  • PayPal integration has become easier due to PaymentsPro improvements in the Commerce Paypal’s 8.x-1.0-beta1 release.
  • The AdvAgg 8.x-3.0 is now even better at optimizing and compressing JS and CSS, as well as cooperating with other modules.
  • The Social Login module, allowing users to sign up and sign in from social networks, has become stronger now that a PHP syntax error is fixed in 8.x-1.6.
  • A couple of new caching capabilities have come to the CDN 8.x-3.1 bringing it in line with the standards.
  • Creating search functionality has become handier both for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 websites, since the Search API has two new releases with updates and fixes: 7.x-1.22 and 8.x-1.3.
  • Generating a GraphQL schema for Drupal 8 is a snap with the new and fresh GraphQL 8.x-3.0-Alpha1.
  • You’ll enjoy working with JSON thanks to a bunch of improvements in JSON API 8.x-1.1.

Docker for Drupal 2.3.0

Another great news for those who are using Docker in Drupal development. The new version of the popular stack, Docker for Drupal 2.3.0, is out in July 2017 with lots new Docker images, a handy UI, security updates and bug fixes.

Sessions selected for DrupalCon Vienna

It’s always hard to select the best from the best. But the organizers of DrupalCon Vienna did it! Discover the selected sessions for this international meetup that will gather drupalers from across the globe on September 26-29, 2017.

Drupal 8.4.0 is coming closer

Everyone expects Drupal 8.4 with big impatience. Though the release itself is scheduled for October, “the fruit” is almost “ripe” — this summer’s giving us the alpha and beta versions of Drupal 8.4.

The alpha-1 version of Drupal 8.4 has just come out. And, by the end of summer, we are most likely to see Drupal 8.4 beta.

So what will be improved in Drupal 8.4.0? A handful of awesome modules should move from alpha to beta or reach stability. These are Layout Discovery, Inline Form Errors, DateTime Range, Workflow, Content Moderation, Migrate / Migrate UI, Settings Tray, and Place Block. Great improvements also await media handling in Drupal. And it’s just the beginning!

A little about victories

One of the best Premier League clubs have stricken the best goal in their career — London’s Arsenal have launched their new website in Drupal 8. It features news, history, ticket info, live results, online store and much more. New victories await both Drupal and Arsenal, and we are glad to see the collection of awesome sports websites built with Drupal got another representative with a true winning spirit.


We have told you briefly what’s new with Drupal in July 2017. Hopefully, this has been appetizing inspiring enough for you to get new cool features or an entirely new fabulous site. And our expert Drupal team will help you make it all come true!

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