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Talking Drupal #329 - The Penguin Corps

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Today we are talking about The Penguin Corps with Stu Keroff and Students from the Penguin Corps.



  • Stephen - AZ trip
  • Nic - Computer build
  • Stu - Back to school
  • Favorite things
  • Rania Grade 7
    • Walking up and down stairs 10 times to get to sleep
  • Michael - Grade 7
    • Sports, Basketball or Swim
  • Cam - Grade 7
    • Working on cars, 1986 Ford Mustang
  • Geoffrey - Grade 6
  • Nithya - Grade 6
  • Penguin Corps
  • How it got started
  • Getting support
  • Why Linux
  • Computers in the classroom
  • Importance
  • Digital Divide
  • Hardware
  • Donations
  • Beyond the classroom
  • Corporate support



Stu Keroff - @studoeslinux


Nic Laflin - www.nLighteneddevelopment.com @nicxvan
John Picozzi - www.epam.com @johnpicozzi
Stephen Cross - @stephencross

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