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When most people consider Drupal hosting, they're looking for a reliable host they hope isn't going to shut down over night. It's typically your larger run-of-the-mill hosting provider running an install script that will simply load a basic Drupal install.

For myself, I've always opted to manage my own hosting. This meant taking care of setting up, securing and optimizing either a dedicated server box or the current trend of using a VPS (virtual private server) which uses virtualization technology to fully leverage all the resources of a really beefy server.

Recenly, however, while spending a fair amount of time becoming familiar with the Varnish reverse proxy server (which is very nice by the way), I decided I was spending too much time with my own "Drupal hosting". I wanted to create more videos and more valuable content - I enjoy doing it.

There are a good number of smart people and companies in the world of Drupal, many of them providing high quality services to some really BIG companies. My search for a Drupal hosting company was personally based out of frustration. While researching, I found a number of links about the latest "hot new web server" call nginx. I was intrigued.

My search brought me to a number of posts on Drupal.org by user Omega8cc. For every post I came across, it was evident that Omega8 was doing everything possible to be helpful.

This caused me to click on Omega8's signature, which took me to their home page for Drupal hosting. Based on my current level of frustration with having accidentally messed up network settings on a server box while adding a new IP (never lock yourself out of your own server if you can avoid it!), I contacted Omega8 and asked to test out their services.

Long story short, I couldn't be happier. Watch the video to get a real sense of why I'm so impressed with this Drupal hosting company. They exist in the world of Drupal so you know they're doing everything they can to make Drupal perform like it should.

And this is only the start of it. Wait until I make some videos about using Aegir and being able to quickly, and easily, create any number of Drupal sites your heart desires!

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